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{{RosterChangeData/Line|team=LGD |region=cn |source={{Source|link= |title=LGD Gaming's Weibo Post |language=Chinese | }}
|pre={{RCPlayer|player=ZanDarC |role=hc |status= }}{{RCPlayer|player=Kim Teemo |role=Assistant Coach |status= }}
|pre={{RCPlayer|player=ZanDarC |role=hc |status= }}{{RCPlayer|player=Kim Teemo |nolink=yes |role=Assistant Coach |status= }}
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Current Roster Change Portals:

May 03[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Vital Point Esports - May 3 (approx.),
Good Sir,
Nemesis King,
Poofu, and
wuyangg leave.
North AmericaGood SirVital Point EsportsJungle
North AmericaNemesis KingVital Point EsportsMid
North AmericaPoofuVital Point EsportsBot
North AmericawuyanggVital Point EsportsSupport
Obnoxious Gaming - May 3,
Valkyrie leaves.
EuropeValkyrie (Alexander Bachmann)Obnoxious GamingTop
MAMMOTH - May 3,
Mboma's contract expires but departure is not confirmed.
Edelweiss Europe - May 3,
Rencha, and Euphoria (Head Coach,Analyst) join.
EuropeKaemEdelweiss EuropeTop
EuropeBellaEdelweiss EuropeJungle
EuropeSzeherezadkaEdelweiss EuropeMid
EuropeStratospandaEdelweiss EuropeBot
EuropeRenchaEdelweiss EuropeSupport
EuropeEuphoriaEdelweiss EuropeHead Coach/Analyst
Team WeForge - May 3,
Yokohiro leaves.
EuropeYokohiroTeam WeForgeMid
EuropeAthorZephyr EsportTop
EuropeStormaxZephyr EsportJungle
EuropeBeletteZephyr EsportMid
EuropeHydraleZephyr EsportBot
EuropeHazenZephyr EsportSupport
GAM Esports - May 3, Izumin (COO) joins. Yuna (Head Coach), Tinikun (Assistant Coach), Iris (Analyst), and Arik (Team Manager) leave.
VietnamYunaGAM EsportsHead Coach
VietnamTinikunGAM EsportsAssistant Coach
VietnamArikGAM EsportsTeam Manager
VietnamIrisGAM EsportsAnalyst
VietnamIzuminGAM EsportsCOO
vcs - May 3, Percent Esportslogo std.pngPercent Esports qualifies for the VCS 2020 Summer Season, while FTV Esportslogo std.pngFTV Esports is relegated.
SK Gaming - May 3,
Sacre is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
EuropeSacreSK GamingTopSK GamingTop
FTV Esports - May 3, Team disbands.
Akeno, Harry (Head Coach), and Đặng Thanh Trà (Coach) leave.
VietnamRika (Vũ Tuấn Mạnh)FTV EsportsTop
VietnamKuroko (Trần Tuấn Anh)FTV EsportsJungle
VietnamPotmFTV EsportsJungle
VietnamFroggyFTV EsportsMid
VietnamVictoryFTV EsportsMid
VietnamPolice (Huỳnh Thiếc Tuấn)FTV EsportsBot
VietnamAkenoFTV EsportsSupport
Vietnam1GroundFTV EsportsSupport
VietnamHarry (Trương Hữu Lợi)FTV EsportsHead Coach
VietnamĐặng Thanh TràFTV EsportsCoach
nDurance Gaming - May 3, Zvir (Team Manager) leaves.
EuropeZvirnDurance GamingTeam Manager
Obnoxious Gaming - May 3,
Bendix leaves.
EuropeBendixObnoxious GamingMid
Team Singularity - May 3,
reje and
Flaystation leave.
EuroperejeTeam SingularityBot
EuropeFlaystationTeam SingularitySupporttrue
eMonkeyz - May 3,
Freshx leaves.
Nikola leaves.
Asura (Korean Team) - May 3, Team disbands.
IDK, and ForBiD (Head Coach) leave.
KoreaHinuAsura (Korean Team)Top
KoreaReGankAsura (Korean Team)Jungle
KoreaRoiAsura (Korean Team)Mid
KoreaIDKAsura (Korean Team)Support
KoreaForBiDAsura (Korean Team)Head Coach
RunAway - May 3,
PluTo and Woong (Coach) join.

Snowpowder moves to starting roster.
Reaver leaves.
KoreaPluTo (Lee Ui-hyeon)RunAwaySupport
KoreaWoong (Kim Seon-woong)RunAwayCoach
Latin AmericaHannah BakerDeliverance EsportsSupport
LDLC OL - May 3, Jesiz (Coach) joins.
EuropeJesizLDLC OLCoach
Newstar - May 3,
Sami joins.
Latin AmericaSami (Nicolás Veliz)NewstarJungle
RMIT Redbacks - May 3, Team is formed.
G-Pride - May 3,
Ganks leaves.
Latin AmericaGanksG-PrideJungle

May 04[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Riot Games Inc. - May 4, Jatt (Caster) leaves.
North AmericaJattRiot Games Inc.Caster
Obnoxious Gaming - May 4, Supp Ins (Manager) leaves.
EuropeSupp InsObnoxious GamingManager
Boavista FC - May 4, Bp (Head Coach) leaves.
EuropeBp (Bruno Pombal)Boavista FCHead Coach
OKGG Black - May 4,
Dariush and
Sorax leave.
EuropeSoraxOKGG BlackSupport
EuropeDariushOKGG BlackTop
EuropeOcadanOlympe eSportsTop
EuropeDjokzOlympe eSportsJungle
EuropeDiamanteOlympe eSportsMid
EuropeCosméOlympe eSportsBot
EuropeBenjyyOlympe eSportsSupport
Enclave Gaming - May 4, FluffiestOdin (Team Manager) and OneRingWraith (Team Manager) join.
EuropeFluffiestOdinEnclave GamingTeam Manager
EuropeOneRingWraithEnclave GamingTeam Manager
WLGaming Esports - May 4,
DoubleAiM leaves.
EuropeDoubleAiMWLGaming EsportsJungle
eMonkeyz - May 4, Sleepy (Head Coach) joins. Orthran (Head Coach) leaves.
EuropeOrthraneMonkeyzHead Coach
EuropeSleepy (Álvaro Onteniente)eMonkeyzHead Coach
Team Singularity - May 4, Greenish (Team Manager) leaves.
EuropeGreenishTeam SingularityTeam Manager
G2 Esports - May 4, Greenish (Esports Operations Manager) joins.
EuropeGreenishG2 EsportsEsports Operations Manager
Movistar Riders Academy - May 4, Pawned (Head Coach) leaves.
EuropePawnedMovistar Riders AcademyHead Coach
eMonkeyz - May 4, Pawned (Coach) joins. Eloden (Assistant Coach) leaves.
EuropeElodeneMonkeyzAssistant Coach
Team Liquid - May 4, Jatt (Head Coach) joins.
North AmericaJattTeam LiquidHead Coach
Latin AmericaLukasNegroUniversidad Católica EsportsTop
Latin AmericaZaphyrUniversidad Católica EsportsMid
Burning Core - May 4,
Roki retires.
Newstar - May 4,
AZR joins.
Latin AmericaAZRNewstarBot
Supernova - May 4,
EvanRL and
PapaChau join.

OddOrange moves to starting roster.
Srtty, and
Jurassiq leave.
North AmericaOddOrangeSupernovaJungletrueSupernovaJungle
North AmericaFrostynomadSupernovaJungle
North AmericaNuclear (Zachary Rainey)SupernovaBot
North AmericaChimeSupernovaSupport
North AmericaJurassiqSupernovaBottrue
North AmericaSrttySupernovaToptrue
North AmericaEvanRLSupernovaBot
North AmericaPapaChauSupernovaSupport
100 Thieves Next - May 4,
Aki no Ki joins.
Auto (Bot to Support) changes position.
Poome moves to substitute.
North AmericaAuto100 Thieves NextBot100 Thieves NextSupport
North AmericaPoome100 Thieves NextSupport100 Thieves NextSupporttrue
North AmericaAki no Ki100 Thieves NextBot
CLOWNS - May 4,
Duoking leaves.
North AmericaDuokingCLOWNSSupport
Sad Squidward - May 4,
Riku and
Qitong join as substitutes.
North AmericaQitongSad SquidwardSupporttrue
North AmericaRiku (Henry Nguyen)Sad SquidwardBottrue
Life Support - May 4,
aaron and
KingGeorgie leave.
North Americaaaron (Aaron Ho)Life SupportBottrue
North AmericaKingGeorgieLife SupportBottrue
Auxesis Green - May 4,
Pandafox leaves.
EuropePandafoxAuxesis GreenSupport

May 05[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
RMIT Redbacks - May 5,
Frosts, and
Dottie join.
OceaniaLandonRMIT RedbacksTop
OceaniaWashRMIT RedbacksJungle
OceaniaChungyRMIT RedbacksMid
OceaniaFrostsRMIT RedbacksBot
OceaniaDottieRMIT RedbacksSupport
Maximal - May 5,
Jahseh leaves after loan to Percent Esports ends.
Percent Esports - May 5,
Jahseh joins permanently after loan from Maximal ends.
VietnamJahsehPercent EsportsJunglePercent EsportsJungle
Team Singularity - May 5,
Kroghsen leaves.
EuropeKroghsenTeam SingularityMid
Team MCES - May 5,
Yuuki60 leaves.
EuropeYuuki60Team MCESBot
Sector One - May 5, Bjorn (Head Coach) leaves.
EuropeBjornSector OneHead Coach
Campus Party Sparks - May 5,
PesE leaves.
EuropePesECampus Party SparksToptrue
Out of the Blue - May 5,
Valynora and
Shiny leave.
EuropeValynoraOut of the BlueMid
EuropeShiny (Laure Delaroche)Out of the BlueSupport
MENAiMokiGalaxy Racer Esports MENA FemaleTop
MENASylvari FlamGalaxy Racer Esports MENA FemaleJungle
MENARoseGalaxy Racer Esports MENA FemaleMid
MENAsins (Reem Faisal)Galaxy Racer Esports MENA FemaleSupport
MENAValynoraGalaxy Racer Esports MENA FemaleMid
MENAShiny (Laure Delaroche)Galaxy Racer Esports MENA FemaleSupport
Arena Quesito - May 5,
Rubenxico leaves.
EuropeRubenxicoArena QuesitoTop
Furious Gaming - May 5,
Zeicro is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
Latin AmericaZeicroFurious GamingBotFurious GamingBot
New Indians GG - May 5,
Regi leaves.
Latin AmericaRegiNew Indians GGMid
Mad Kings - May 5,
Amarant and
Snoopy leave.
Latin AmericaAmarantMad KingsJungle
Latin AmericaSnoopy (Renato Chávez)Mad KingsBot
Dark Matter - May 5,
Gabex joins.

Saint Daniel moves to substitute.
North AmericaSaint DanielDark MatterSupportDark MatterSupporttrue
North AmericaGabexDark MatterSupport
MAMMOTH - May 5,
Styled, and
Nausicaa are removed from the GCD.
XTEN Esports - May 5,
Frozen and David (Head Coach) are removed from the GCD.
Latin AmericaDavidXTEN EsportsHead Coach
Latin AmericaFrozen (Kim Tae-il)XTEN EsportsMid
Latin AmericaMyCurseODIN GamingMid
Latin AmericaRodlifeODIN GamingMid
Latin AmericaiGevezeODIN GamingBot
Latin AmericaTe Enamoro GuapaODIN GamingBot
Latin AmericaN4v1nODIN GamingBottrue
Latin AmericaiGevezeNew Indians GG AcademyBot
Barrage Esports - May 5,
Flaresz leaves.
EuropeFlareszBarrage EsportsTop
Bawk Bawk - May 5, Logo std.pngLost Draft renames to Bawk Bawklogo std.pngBawk Bawk.
Anzu Esports Club - May 5, Kiros (Head Coach) leaves.
Latin AmericaKirosAnzu Esports ClubHead Coach
Another Troll Team - May 5, Kiros (Assistant Coach) leaves.
Latin AmericaKirosAnother Troll TeamAssistant Coach
Rejects Gaming - May 5,
2Cups, and
Gosberg leave.
EuropeHitokiriRejects GamingTop
Europe2CupsRejects GamingMid
EuropeGosbergRejects GamingBot

May 06[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Gaming Team Kravaře - May 6,
Knedlaaa, and Romča (Coach) join.

Vodka joins as substitute.
EuropeKebabákGaming Team KravařeTop
EuropeSacrifice (Alex Zach)Gaming Team KravařeJungle
EuropeFoolishnessGaming Team KravařeMid
EuropeEskoGaming Team KravařeBot
EuropeKnedlaaaGaming Team KravařeSupport
EuropeVodkaGaming Team KravařeMidtrue
EuropeRomčaGaming Team KravařeCoach
Vector Gaming - May 6,
Splaff leaves.
EuropeSplaffVector GamingMid
Team Secret (Vietnamese Team) - May 6, KingJ (Trainee Coach) leaves.
VietnamKingJTeam Secret (Vietnamese Team)Trainee Coach
Team MCES - May 6,
Kaze leaves.
EuropeKazeTeam MCESTop
MAMMOTH - May 6,
Nausicaa's departure is confirmed.
Kektz leaves.
Nordavind - May 6, Krog (Assistant Coach) leaves.
EuropeKrogNordavindAssistant Coach
K1ck Neosurf - May 6, Mahisto (Team Manager) leaves.
EuropeMahistoK1ck NeosurfTeam Manager
EGN Esports - May 6, Mahisto (Head Coach) joins.
EuropeMahistoEGN EsportsHead Coach
Enclave Gaming - May 6, Governor (Content Creator) leaves.
EuropeGovernorEnclave GamingContent Creator
Barrage Esports - May 6, Governor (Content Creator) rejoins.
EuropeGovernorBarrage EsportsContent Creator
MTW Gaming - May 6,
HauHau leaves.
EuropeHauHauMTW GamingBot
Tempered Fate - May 6,
HauHau joins.
Kurama (Assistant Coach to Assistant Coach/Team Manager) changes position.
EuropeKurama (Maurice Marquardt)Tempered FateAssistant CoachTempered FateAssistant Coach/Team Manager
EuropeHauHauTempered FateBot
GTZ Bulls - May 6,
Heroic leaves.
EuropeHeroicGTZ BullsMid
EGN Esports - May 6,
Heroic joins.
EuropeHeroicEGN EsportsMid
XTEN Esports - May 6, Noblesse (Analyst) leaves.
Frozen and David (Head Coach)'s departures are confirmed.
Latin AmericaFrozen (Kim Tae-il)XTEN EsportsMid
Latin AmericaDavidXTEN EsportsHead Coach
Latin AmericaNoblesseXTEN EsportsAnalyst
EGN Esports - May 6,
Blizz leaves.
EuropeBlizzEGN EsportsMid
G2 Esports - May 6, Caps (Bot to Mid) and PERKZ (Mid to Bot) change positions.
EuropePERKZG2 EsportsMidG2 EsportsBot
EuropeCapsG2 EsportsBotG2 EsportsMid
Team Liquid Academy - May 6,
Cao is removed from the GCD.
North AmericaCaoTeam Liquid AcademySupport
Team Liquid - May 6, Jatt (Head Coach)'s contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 15 November 2022.
FroztFire Team - May 6, Sedrash (Head Coach) leaves.
Latin AmericaSedrashFroztFire TeamHead Coach
Newstar - May 6,
EI Cesar joins as substitute.

Egotistic moves to substitute.
Latin AmericaEgotisticNewstarBotNewstarBottrue
Latin AmericaEI CesarNewstarBottrue
PENTA 1860 - May 6,
Priskornet (temporary substitute) leaves.
EuropePriskornetPENTA 1860Mid
Excel Esports - May 6,
Boaster (Vlogger) is set to leave on May 29.
EuropeBoasterExcel EsportsVlogger/MidtrueExcel EsportsVlogger/Midtrue

May 07[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Out of the Blue - May (approx.),
Caltys, and Steve (Coach) leave.
EuropeCaltysOut of the BlueBot
EuropeFreyjaOut of the BlueTop
EuropeSteve (Etienne Michels)Out of the BlueCoach
KV Mechelen Esports - May 7,
Lifeless leaves.
EuropeLifelessKV Mechelen EsportsBot
GalactiX Esport - May 7,
Dragon Bleu leaves.
EuropeDragon BleuGalactiX EsportBot
Bilibili Gaming - May 7, Jinjiao (Bot to Support) changes position.
ChinaJinjiaoBilibili GamingBotBilibili GamingSupport
MAMMOTH - May 7,
Styled's departure is confirmed.
EuropeYalosEurope Saviors AnonymousSupport
Team Sampi - May 7,
Dreedy leaves.
EuropeDreedyTeam SampiTop
Nordavind - May 7,
ZombieKungen leaves.
Hybrid Esports - May 7,
Yike and
Björnen Baloo leave.
EuropeYikeHybrid EsportsJungle
EuropeBjörnen BalooHybrid EsportsSupport
Enclave Gaming - May 7,
Air leaves.
EuropeAir (Shenghao He)Enclave GamingMidtrue
Vipers Inc - May 7, Swift (Manager) leaves.
EuropeSwift (Swedish)Vipers IncManagertrue
UniQ Esports Club - May 7,
Baloo, Krog (Head Coach), and Biimsaa (Assistant Coach) join.
Swift (Manager) rejoins.
EuropeZombieKungenUniQ Esports ClubTop
EuropeYikeUniQ Esports ClubJungle
EuropeAir (Shenghao He)UniQ Esports ClubMid
EuropeMirbsUniQ Esports ClubBot
EuropeBalooUniQ Esports ClubSupport
EuropeKrogUniQ Esports ClubHead Coach
EuropeBiimsaaUniQ Esports ClubAssistant Coach
EuropeSwift (Swedish)UniQ Esports ClubManager
EuropeFendrasMovistar Riders AcademySupport
Movistar Riders - May 7,
Fendras leaves.
EuropeFendrasMovistar RidersSupporttrue
eMonkeyz - May 7,
Fendras rejoins.
9z Team - May 7,
Prodigy and
Tsunami are allowed to look for opportunities with other teams. Joe (Head Coach) and Godello (Head Analyst) leave.
Latin AmericaProdigy (Javier Agustín Juárez)9z TeamBot9z TeamBot
Latin AmericaTsunami9z TeamSupport9z TeamSupport
Latin AmericaJoe (Philipe Mazetti)9z TeamHead Coach
Latin AmericaGodello9z TeamHead Analyst
Pentanet.GG Rise - May 7, Team is formed.
Alpha Esports - May 7,
SeNBon, Radiance (Head Coach), and Yuwan (Analyst) leave.
PCSRock (Tsai Chung-Ting)Alpha EsportsTop
PCSCatjugAlpha EsportsJungle
PCSAssassinAlpha EsportsMid
PCSAtlenAlpha EsportsBot
PCSKinoAlpha EsportsSupport
PCSKo1eeeAlpha EsportsJungletrue
PCSSeNBonAlpha EsportsMidtrue
PCSYuwanAlpha EsportsAnalyst
PCSRadiance (Hu Yuan)Alpha EsportsHead Coach
LGD Gaming - May 7, ZanDarC (Head Coach) and Kim Teemo (Assistant Coach) leave.
ChinaZanDarCLGD GamingHead Coach
ChinaKim TeemoLGD GamingAssistant Coach

May 08[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Vector Gaming - May 8,
Praevius leaves.
EuropePraeviusVector GamingSupport
Hanwha Life Esports - May 8,
Tempt leaves.
KoreaTemptHanwha Life EsportsMid
Hanwha Life Esports - May 8,
Lava moves to starting roster.
KoreaLavaHanwha Life EsportsMidtrueHanwha Life EsportsMid
Arctic Academy - May 8,
Doomz joins.

Panda joins as substitute.
EuropeDoomzArctic AcademyMid
EuropePanda (Rafa Hoyo)Arctic AcademyMidtrue
Cream Real Betis - May 8, Cream Esportslogo std.pngCream Mexico renames to Cream Real Betislogo std.pngCream Real Betis following the partnership with Spanish football club Real Betis.
Estadio Quesito - May 8,
Shole leaves for main roster.
EuropeSholeEstadio QuesitoTop
Arena Quesito - May 8,
Shole joins from academy roster.
EuropeSholeArena QuesitoTop
Enclave Gaming - May 8, Wise Traveller (Analyst) leaves.
EuropeWise TravellerEnclave GamingAnalyst
Cybereapers - May 8,
bycheia and Psyduck (Coach) join.

Gin and

Lone Druid join as substitutes.
Adeline (Bot to Mid) changes position.
EuropeLone DruidCybereapersTop/Supporttrue
Absolved Female - May 8,
GreenishQ, and Wise Traveller (Coach) join.
Tabby joins as substitute.
EuropeNaelynnAbsolved FemaleTop
EuropeNumbersAbsolved FemaleJungle
EuropeBambi (Klaudia Borkowska)Absolved FemaleMid
EuropeDejaVooAbsolved FemaleBot
EuropeGreenishQAbsolved FemaleSupport
EuropeTabbyAbsolved Femaletrue
EuropeWise TravellerAbsolved FemaleCoach
1907 Fenerbahçe Academy - May 8,
Neos rejoins.
TurkeyNeos1907 Fenerbahçe AcademyBot
LCL2020 - May 8, Charger is suspended until 2020-07-13 for discussing the intent to matchfix one of their games, after placing bets.
LCL2020 - May 8, JamesPeke is suspended until 2020-07-13 for discussing the intent to matchfix one of their games, after placing bets.
LCL2020 - May 8, Optimas is suspended until 2020-07-01 for placing bets.
LCL2020 - May 8, SimSin is suspended until 2020-07-01 for discussing the intent to matchfix one of their games.
EuropeMeightCrvena zvezda EsportsMid
EuropeVIORELEEEECrvena zvezda EsportsSupport
Newstar - May 8, Demo (Head Coach) joins.
Latin AmericaDemo (Claudio Velásquez)NewstarHead Coach
Rebirth eSports - May 8,
Kiefer leaves.
Latin AmericaKieferRebirth eSportsMid
Infinity Esports (Latin American Team) - May 8, Soren (Head Coach) leaves.
Latin AmericaSoren (Carlos Ibarra)Infinity Esports (Latin American Team)Head Coach
LGD Gaming - May 8,
fenfen leaves.
ChinafenfenLGD GamingMidtrue
CLOWNS - May 8, Wildcard Gaminglogo std.pngWildcard Gaming acquires the roster and BIG League slot of Logo std.pngCLOWNS.
North AmericaTokiCLOWNSTop
North AmericaShorterACECLOWNSJungle
North AmericaSlooshiCLOWNSMid
North AmericaTiaxWillRuleAllCLOWNSBot
Wildcard Gaming - May 8, Wildcard Gaminglogo std.pngWildcard Gaming acquires the roster and BIG League slot of Logo std.pngCLOWNS.
Wildcard Gaming - May 8,
Gweiss, ArgentumSky (Coach), and Lolly (Manager) join.
North AmericaTokiWildcard GamingTop
North AmericaShorterACEWildcard GamingJungle
North AmericaSlooshiWildcard GamingMid
North AmericaTiaxWillRuleAllWildcard GamingBot
North AmericaArgentumSkyWildcard GamingCoach
North AmericaLollyWildcard GamingManager
North AmericaGweiss (Garrett Weiss)Wildcard GamingSupport
RAMS - May 8,
Mauss leaves.
Team Fish Taco - May 8,
wispe joins.
North AmericawispeTeam Fish TacoSupport
Hunters Esports - May 8,
Feeling Good leaves.
Latin AmericaFeeling GoodHunters EsportsBot
QLASH Forge - May 8, QLASH announced they will ceases competitive activites in Italy.
QLASH Forge - May 8,
Khema, and
Solfurion leave.
EuropeSkarQLASH ForgeTop
EuropeKhemaQLASH ForgeJungle
EuropeSolfurionQLASH ForgeJungletrue
Galakticos Academy - May 8,
Phenomenal is added to the GCD.
TurkeyPhenomenalGalakticos AcademyMid
Galakticos Academy - May 8,
Phenomenal's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 15 November 2021.

May 09[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
MAMMOTH - May 9,
Kweku's departure is confirmed.
Invulnerables Esports - May 9,
July, and
Puppe join.

Gooby joins as substitute.
EuropeAqseptInvulnerables EsportsTop
EuropeSidonInvulnerables EsportsJungle
EuropeThePoodleHorseInvulnerables EsportsMid
EuropeJulyInvulnerables EsportsBot
EuropePuppeInvulnerables EsportsSupport
EuropeGoobyInvulnerables EsportsToptrue
Team Liquid - May 9, KappaEquiscu (Athletics Back-End Developer) leaves.
North AmericaKappaEquiscuTeam LiquidAthletics Back-End Developer
Estadio Quesito - May 9,
Goty, and
Bang join.
EuropeGotyEstadio QuesitoMid
EuropeBang (Antonio Carrillo)Estadio QuesitoBot
EuropeLyon (Spanish Player)Estadio QuesitoTop
HG Esports - May 9, Wazu (Team Manager) leaves.
EuropeWazuHG EsportsTeam Manager
Zwan Gaming - May 9,
Fonck, and
Dobart join.

TheSoulKing, and
Knight leave.
Latin AmericaSun (Manfred Fonseca)Zwan GamingTop
Latin AmericaJeff (Jefry Granados)Zwan GamingJungle
Latin AmericaKayseraZwan GamingMid
Latin AmericaIceladenZwan GamingToptrue
Latin AmericaTheSoulKingZwan GamingJungletrue
Latin AmericaKnight (Esteban Salas)Zwan GamingSupporttrue
Latin AmericaFonckZwan GamingBot
Latin AmericaScytheZwan GamingJungle
Latin AmericaDobartZwan GamingSupport
Auxesis Green - May 9,
Levi joins.

Deffaren joins as substitute.
EuropeLevi (Besmir Jakupi)Auxesis GreenSupport
EuropeDeffarenAuxesis GreenSupporttrue
Mad Revolution Gaming - May 9,
PaTwo leaves.
Latin AmericaPaTwoMad Revolution GamingSupport