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Current Roster Change Portals:

May 24[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Europe2spooky4moFlayn eSports Danish EditionTop
EuropeMonkey (Kasper Jensen)Flayn eSports Danish EditionJungle
EuropeArcis ErolleFlayn eSports Danish EditionMid
EuropeGuffe (Gustav Jantzen)Flayn eSports Danish EditionBot
EuropeSnillerFlayn eSports Danish EditionSupport
KoreaMental (Jin Jeong-yong)AwesomeJungle
Team Front - May 24 (approx.),
aerg1, and
Teesum leave.
North AmericaJaytonTeam FrontTop
North AmericaFrostForestTeam FrontJungle
North AmericaShochiTeam FrontMid
North Americaaerg1Team FrontBot
North AmericaTeesumTeam FrontSupport
Galakticos - May 24, Ozgur (Manager) leaves.
FALKN - May 24, Nawbe (Technical Director) joins.
EuropeNawbeFALKNTechnical Director
Relic Esports - May 24,
Satanico leaves.
EuropeSatanicoRelic EsportsMid
Rejects Gaming - May 24,
Satanico joins.

Vango leaves.
EuropeVangoRejects GamingMid
EuropeSatanicoRejects GamingMid
EuropeMaikokoroRSC Anderlecht EsportsMidtrue
KV Mechelen Esports - May 24, Roster is officially announced.
The French Zoo - May 24, Roster for the EU Face-Off is announced to be
Noi, and Duke (Coach).
SuperMassive Academy - May 24,
Ksaez leaves.
TurkeyKsaezSuperMassive AcademyMid
Dark Passage - May 24,
Ksaez joins.
TurkeyKsaezDark PassageMid
Flamengo Esports - May 24,
Bvoy joins.
BrazilBvoyFlamengo EsportsBot
Black Lion - May 24,
TemptAzn and
Heimdall leave.
EuropeTemptAznBlack LionTop
EuropeHeimdallBlack LionSupport
EuropeTemptAznPENTA 1860 AcademyTop
EuropeAkremiPENTA 1860 AcademyJungle
EuropekyuuPENTA 1860 AcademyMid
EuropeCrossoverPENTA 1860 AcademyBot
EuropeHeimdallPENTA 1860 AcademySupport
Black Lion - May 24,
Razergy leaves.
EuropeRazergyBlack LionBot
Zero Tenacity - May 24,
Vioreleeee, and Reveal (Coach) join.
EuropeKakanZero TenacityTop
EuropeKASAPINAZero TenacityJungle
EuropeApplesZero TenacityMid
EuropeRazergyZero TenacityBot
EuropeVioreleeeeZero TenacitySupport
EuropeRevealZero TenacityCoach
5 Ronin - May 24,
Korpse's departure is confirmed.
TurkeyKorpse5 RoninSupport
5 Ronin - May 24,
Matilda and
Chosen leave.
TurkeyMatilda5 RoninTop
TurkeyChosen5 RoninJungle
Nuclear Storm Gaming - May 24, Nuclear Storm Gaminglogo std.pngNuclear Storm Gaming is disbanded.
Azules Esports - May 24, Serafin (Assistant Coach), Hohl (Data Analyst), and Helior (Esports Manager) join. N N (Sub/Mid to Positional Coach) changes position. Athoz (Assistant Coach) leaves.
Latin AmericaN NAzules EsportsMidtrueAzules EsportsPositional Coach
Latin AmericaAthozAzules EsportsAssistant Coach
Latin AmericaSerafinAzules EsportsAssistant Coach
Latin AmericaHeliorAzules EsportsEsports Manager
Latin AmericaHohlAzules EsportsData Analyst
Prodigy Esports - May 24,
fNb will remain with the team for Split 2.
BrazilfNbProdigy EsportsTopProdigy EsportsTop
5 Ronin - May 24, Brolia (Coach to Support) changes position.
TurkeyBrolia5 RoninCoach5 RoninSupport
White Bears eSports - May 24, Dark Raiden (Analyst) leaves.
Latin AmericaDark RaidenWhite Bears eSportsAnalyst
FroztFire Team - May 24, Raiden (Assistant Coach) joins.
Latin AmericaRaiden (Lukas Uribe)FroztFire TeamAssistant Coach
Latin AmericaNottinghamUniversidad Católica EsportsSupport
ANEW Esports - May 24, Kelyx (Manager to Esports Director) changes position. Crono (Owner) leaves.
North AmericaCronoANEW EsportsOwner
North AmericaKelyxANEW EsportsManagerANEW EsportsEsports Director
Life Support - May 24,
Vakin joins as substitute.
North AmericaVakinLife SupportJungletrue
Wildcard Gaming - May 24,
Joey joins.

Gweiss moves to substitute.
CJ leaves.
North AmericaGweiss (Garrett Weiss)Wildcard GamingSupportWildcard GamingSupporttrue
North AmericaCJ (Colton Popowich)Wildcard GamingToptrue
North AmericaJoeyWildcard GamingSupport
Victory Five - May 24,
Aliez leaves.
ChinaAliez (Huang Hao)Victory FiveTop
Suning-S - May 24,
Biubiu and
SamD are loaned to Victory Five.
Suning - May 24,
Weiwei is loaned to Victory Five.
Victory Five - May 24,
Weiwei is loaned from Suning.

Biubiu and
Samd are loaned from Suning-S.

xiaohan and
y4 move to substitutes.
Chinaxiaohan (Pan Han)Victory FiveJungleVictory FiveJungletrue
Chinay4Victory FiveBotVictory FiveBottrue
ChinaBiubiuVictory FiveTop
ChinaWeiweiVictory FiveJungle
ChinaSamdVictory FiveBot
Oh My God - May 24, Pianzhi (Coach) joins.
Aliez and
Sora join as substitutes.

Kane leaves.
ChinaKane (Chen Hao)Oh My GodBottrue
ChinaAliez (Huang Hao)Oh My GodToptrue
ChinaSora (Liu Zhi-Long)Oh My GodSupporttrue
ChinaPianzhiOh My GodCoach
FrostFire (North American Team) - May 24,
Dean rejoins.

Chookies moves to substitute.
Kolthro leaves.
North AmericaKolthroFrostFire (North American Team)Jungletrue
North AmericaChookiesFrostFire (North American Team)SupportFrostFire (North American Team)Supporttrue
North AmericaDean (Dean Wood)FrostFire (North American Team)Support
Team Fish Taco - May 24,
Me Llamo Big D joins as substitute.

Lilswidb rejoins as substitute.

Dragoon and
Kshuna leave.
North AmericaDragoonTeam Fish TacoToptrue
North AmericaKshunaTeam Fish TacoBottrue
North AmericaMe Llamo Big DTeam Fish TacoJungletrue
North AmericaLilswidbTeam Fish TacoSupporttrue
Avant Gaming - May 24,
Api, and
Violet's contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 16 November 2020.
EVOS Esports - May 24,
Divkid is removed from the GCD but is still part of the organization.
VietnamDivkidEVOS EsportsBotEVOS EsportsBot
Team Secret (Vietnamese Team) - May 24,
Akame and
Pampy are removed from the GCD.
VietnamPampyTeam Secret (Vietnamese Team)Midtrue
VietnamAkameTeam Secret (Vietnamese Team)Toptrue
Beast Esports - May 24,
Greety leaves.
Latin AmericaGreetyBeast EsportsSupporttrue
Mad Revolution Gaming - May 24,
Greety, and Lucho (Coach) join.

Misk and
Onemaru leave.
Latin AmericaMiskMad Revolution GamingTop
Latin AmericaOnemaruMad Revolution GamingBot
Latin AmericaForyaxMad Revolution GamingBot
Latin AmericaGreetyMad Revolution GamingSupport
Latin AmericaLuchoMad Revolution GamingCoach
NOCTA - May 24, Tonygaruga (Head Coach) joins.
Tarima and Flash (Head Coach) leave.
Latin AmericaTarimaNOCTATop
Latin AmericaFlash (Daniel Tierrafria)NOCTAHead Coach
Latin AmericaTonygarugaNOCTAHead Coach
Zwan Gaming - May 24,
Vincent, and Freya (Head Coach) join.

Foxy, and Focs (Head Coach) leave.
Latin AmericaKoala (Braulio Hernandez)Zwan GamingTop
Latin AmericaFoxy (Ricardo Ríos)Zwan GamingBot
Latin AmericaFocsZwan GamingHead Coach
Latin AmericaZethZwan GamingTop
Latin AmericaVincent (Daniel Lugo)Zwan GamingJungle
Latin AmericaFreyaZwan GamingHead Coach
Descuydado Esports - May 24,
iFix and
Slashfranco join.
Latin AmericaiFixDescuydado EsportsMid
Latin AmericaSlashfrancoDescuydado EsportsSupport