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Current Roster Change Portals:

Jun 07[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
EuropeSosibrosVoid Esports DACHTop
EuropeXeno (German Player)Void Esports DACHJungle
EuropeLeemonadeVoid Esports DACHMid
EuropeKami (Alexander Meier)Void Esports DACHBot
EuropeLaw (Marko Grujic)Void Esports DACHSupport
Team Infamous - June 7,
The Blind Boy joins.

Slowla moves to starting roster.
Kami moves to substitute.
Yoft leaves.
EuropeKami (Eke Eli)Team InfamousMidTeam InfamousMidtrue
EuropeSlowlaTeam InfamousMidtrueTeam InfamousMid
EuropeYoftTeam InfamousToptrue
EuropeThe Blind BoyTeam InfamousTop
Team 7AM - June 7, JRPresland (Team Operations to Management) changes position.
EuropeJRPreslandTeam 7AMTeam OperationsTeam 7AMManagement
Karma Clan Esports - June (approx.), Cocas (Head Coach) joins.
EuropeCocasKarma Clan EsportsHead Coach
Zero Tenacity - June 7, Reveal (Coach) leaves.
EuropeRevealZero TenacityCoach
Enclave Gaming - June 7,
Rabstar, and Reveal (Head Coach) join.

Shogun rejoins.

Wysek and
Eternity leave.
EuropeWysekEnclave GamingJungle
EuropeEternityEnclave GamingMid
EuropeRafaEnclave GamingJungle
EuropeJacob (Jacob Nielsen)Enclave GamingMid
EuropeRabstarEnclave GamingBot
EuropeShogunEnclave GamingSupport
EuropeRevealEnclave GamingHead Coach
Flayn eSports - June 7, Fuat (Coach) joins.
EuropeFuatFlayn eSportsCoach
QLASH Spain - June 7,
Pimen leaves.
EuropePimenQLASH SpainMid
EuropeJaqenpiratesports AcademyTop
EuropeSh4dowUSpiratesports AcademyJungle
EuropeDomolespiratesports AcademyMid
EuropeHarpoonpiratesports AcademyBot
EuropeElQuertospiratesports AcademySupport
EuropeIncapiratesports AcademyCoach
Munster Rugby Gaming Academy - June 7, Reclamation (Head Coach) joins.
EuropeReclamationMunster Rugby Gaming AcademyHead Coach
Killabeez - June 7,
ImAntizero leaves.
Zero Tenacity - June 7,
Kakan leaves.
EuropeKakanZero TenacityTop
MnM Gaming Academy - June 7,
Dreampire, Jamada (Head Coach), and Fresh (Team Manager) join.

Regan and
Yanako join as substitutes.
EuropeEragon (Adam Harney)MnM Gaming AcademyTop
EuropeGadunikerMnM Gaming AcademyJungle
EuropeVangoMnM Gaming AcademyMid
EuropeHarry (Harry Buckle)MnM Gaming AcademyBot
EuropeDreampireMnM Gaming AcademySupport
EuropeYanakoMnM Gaming AcademySupporttrue
EuropeReganMnM Gaming AcademySupporttrue
EuropeJamadaMnM Gaming AcademyHead Coach
EuropeFreshMnM Gaming AcademyTeam Manager
MnM Gaming - June 7,
Kalhira, AnOnPsyCkO (Head Coach), and SH4DOW (Strategic Coach) join.

Monk rejoins.

Weka joins as substitute.

Mattheos rejoins as substitute.
EuropeKakanMnM GamingTop
EuropeAesthetic (Frank Norqvist)MnM GamingJungle
EuropeMonk (Joosep Kivilaan)MnM GamingMid
EuropeBarcode (Sander Laidre)MnM GamingBot
EuropeKalhiraMnM GamingSupport
EuropeWekaMnM GamingToptrue
EuropeMattheosMnM GamingJungletrue
EuropeAnOnPsyCkOMnM GamingHead Coach
EuropeSH4DOWMnM GamingStrategic Coach
OKGG White - June 7,
Manumatador leaves.
EuropeManumatadorOKGG WhiteJungle
Team Sampi - June 7,
Dread leaves.
EuropeDread (Jan Hrbáč)Team SampiMid
Cyber Gaming - June 7,
Zeussak, and Micro (Coach) join.

SeMike, and
Lipánek rejoin.

Lylajn leaves.
EuropeLylajnCyber GamingJungle
EuropeodstranovacCyber GamingTop
EuropeSeMikeCyber GamingJungle
EuropeDread (Jan Hrbáč)Cyber GamingMid
EuropeLipánekCyber GamingBot
EuropeZeussakCyber GamingSupport
EuropeMicro (Richard Mendl)Cyber GamingCoach
DRX - June 7, DRXlogo std.pngDragonX renames to DRXlogo std.pngDRX.
KT Rolster - June 7, Cheonju renames to Acorn.
DRX - June 7, Bubbling (Coach to Trainee Coach) changes position.
KoreaBubblingDRXCoachDRXTrainee Coach
Hanwha Life Esports - June 7, Vsta (Bot to Sub/Sup) changes position.
KoreaVstaHanwha Life EsportsBotHanwha Life EsportsSupporttrue
Afreeca Freecs - June 7, Rigby (Coach)'s joining is confirmed.
KoreaRigbyAfreeca FreecsCoach
Afreeca Freecs - June 7,
Ben moves to starting roster.
ALL IN, and
Jelly move to substitutes.
Hoon becomes inactive.
KoreaDread (Lee Jin-hyeok)Afreeca FreecsJungleAfreeca FreecsJungletrue
KoreaALL INAfreeca FreecsMidAfreeca FreecsMidtrue
KoreaJelly (Son Ho-gyeong)Afreeca FreecsSupportAfreeca FreecsSupporttrue
KoreaBenAfreeca FreecsSupporttrueAfreeca FreecsSupport
KoreaHoon (Lee Jang-hoon)Afreeca FreecsToptrueAfreeca FreecsToptrue
SeolHaeOne Prince - June 7, APK Princelogo std.pngAPK Prince renames to SeolHaeOne Princelogo std.pngSeolHaeOne Prince.
LGD Gaming Young Team - June 7, bai (Head Coach) joins.
Cult and
Fdy's joining is confirmed.
Deceit (Support to Team Assistant) changes position.
Chance and Vbow (Coach,Leader) leave.
West's departure is confirmed.
ChinaChance (Pei Piao)LGD Gaming Young TeamSupport
ChinaDeceitLGD Gaming Young TeamSupportLGD Gaming Young TeamTeam Assistant
ChinaWestLGD Gaming Young TeamBot
ChinaVbowLGD Gaming Young TeamCoach/Leader
Chinabai (Yu Tan-Hao)LGD Gaming Young TeamHead Coach
ChinaCultLGD Gaming Young TeamTop
ChinaFdyLGD Gaming Young TeamBot
Boavista FC - June (approx.),
Galaxy joins.
Bp (Coach) rejoins.
Kiddo leaves.
EuropeKiddoBoavista FCSupporttrue
EuropeGalaxy (Jorge Molina)Boavista FCMid
EuropeBp (Bruno Pombal)Boavista FCCoach
LB Gurb Nation - June (approx.),
Hunter and
Ugandan Royalty join.
Meech (Support to Bot) changes position.
Swida leaves.
North AmericaMeechLB Gurb NationSupportLB Gurb NationBot
North AmericaSwidaLB Gurb NationBot
North AmericaUgandan RoyaltyLB Gurb NationSupport
North AmericaHunter (Hunter Meyer)LB Gurb NationJungle
NOCTA - June 7,
Arvey joins.
Latin AmericaArveyNOCTATop