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The following chart shows up to the most recent 200 games available. Unlike the Match History tab, scoreboards are not required to be present on the wiki for games to show up here. Click toggles to show-hide games based on the side that this team was on or result.



DateEventRoundTeam 1Team 2SideResultScore
2019,9,07,10,00LST 2019 Summer PlayoffsQuarterfinalsDeToNator (Southeast Asian Team)logo std.pngDeToNatorTeam Empire (Malaysian Team)logo std.pngAxis EmpireSeriesLoss0 - 2
2019,9,01,13,00LST 2019 SummerWeek 7SteelWolves Gaialogo std.pngSteelWolves GaiaDeToNator (Southeast Asian Team)logo std.pngDeToNatorSeriesWin1 - 2
2019,8,31,13,00LST 2019 SummerWeek 7DeToNator (Southeast Asian Team)logo std.pngDeToNatorMEGAlogo std.pngMEGASeriesLoss0 - 2
2019,8,17,10,00LST 2019 SummerWeek 5DeToNator (Southeast Asian Team)logo std.pngDeToNatorArmored Projectlogo std.pngArmored ProjectSeriesWin2 - 1
2019,8,11,13,00LST 2019 SummerWeek 4Insurgentlogo std.pngInsurgentDeToNator (Southeast Asian Team)logo std.pngDeToNatorSeriesWin0 - 2
2019,8,04,10,00LST 2019 SummerWeek 3DeToNator (Southeast Asian Team)logo std.pngDeToNatorWIN Esportslogo std.pngWIN EsportsSeriesLoss0 - 2
2019,7,28,10,00LST 2019 SummerWeek 2DeToNator (Southeast Asian Team)logo std.pngDeToNatorTeam Empire (Malaysian Team)logo std.pngAxis EmpireSeriesWin2 - 0
2019,7,20,10,00LST 2019 SummerWeek 1DeToNator (Southeast Asian Team)logo std.pngDeToNatorLiyab Esportslogo std.pngLiyab EsportsSeriesLoss0 - 2
2019,6,29,09,00LST '19 Summer TH QualRound 4DeToNator (Southeast Asian Team)logo std.pngDeToNatorMythus Esportslogo std.pngMythus EsportsSeriesWin2 - 0
2019,6,29,07,30LST '19 Summer TH QualRound 2DeToNator (Southeast Asian Team)logo std.pngDeToNatorUnderdoglogo std.pngUnderdogBlueWin1 - 0
2019,6,29,06,00LST '19 Summer TH QualRound 1DeToNator (Southeast Asian Team)logo std.pngDeToNatorTime Forcelogo std.pngTime ForceBlueWin1 - 0
2019,4,07,13,00LST 19 Sp Thailand QualFinalsMEGAlogo std.pngMEGADeToNator (Southeast Asian Team)logo std.pngDeToNatorSeriesLoss2 - 0
2019,4,07,10,00LST 19 Sp Thailand QualSemifinalsDeToNator (Southeast Asian Team)logo std.pngDeToNatorOutsiderslogo std.pngOutsidersSeriesWin2 - 1
2019,4,05,14,00LST 19 Sp Thailand QualDay 3DeToNator (Southeast Asian Team)logo std.pngDeToNatorCounterPickTeamlogo std.pngCounterPickTeamBlueWin1 - 0
2019,4,05,11,00LST 19 Sp Thailand QualDay 3Kine Clublogo std.pngKine ClubDeToNator (Southeast Asian Team)logo std.pngDeToNatorRedWin0 - 1
2019,3,29,15,00LST 19 Sp Thailand QualDay 1CounterPickTeamlogo std.pngCounterPickTeamDeToNator (Southeast Asian Team)logo std.pngDeToNatorRedWin0 - 1
2019,3,29,11,00LST 19 Sp Thailand QualDay 1DeToNator (Southeast Asian Team)logo std.pngDeToNatorKine Clublogo std.pngKine ClubBlueWin1 - 0