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Background Information
NameChristopher Allen
Country of Birth
United States
BirthdayFebruary 9, 1993 (age 27)
North America
Soloqueue IDsIAmDisciple, SCC ONLY TEEMO, DiscipleCast (EUW)
Social Media & Links
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Christopher "Disciple" Allen is a League of Legends esports personality.


Christopher "Disciple" Allen started playing computer games with Age of Empires II: Age of Kings. After dabbling with Heroes of Newerth in 2011 and Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty in 2012, he settled on League of Legends as his game of choice. After over two thousand normal and one thousand ranked games later, he's here to stay.

Christopher first developed public speaking skills at an early age, giving talks and presentations in church and school on a frequent basis. This eventually translated to speech and debate skills, competing in the National Forensics League in high school on a national level -- specializing in original oratory, public forum debate, poetry, and radio broadcasting. At university, Christopher coached the Provo High School speech and debate team until its eventual dissolution due to lack of administrative support.

Christopher got his first taste at commentating while making informative League of Legends update videos, which he continues to do on his YouTube channel. Upon invitation to the College of Casting, he began casting small online and collegiate tournaments. Since then, Christopher has been casting consistently for the College of Casting, NESL, and LoLPro


  • His favorite champion is Aatrox, who he prefers to play mid with Barrier and Ignite.
  • Christopher is a musician who sings and plays nine instruments, including guitar, ukulele, and cajon.
  • After placing second at the Arizona NFL National Qualifiers, he competed in Original Oratory at the 2011 Nationals in Dallas, TX.
  • He also plays Dota2, Dawngate, and Hearthstone.

Shoutcasted Tournaments (Online)[edit]

  • July 21 - XsV Talent Gaming (also on June 23 and July 7)
  • July 30 - Microsoft Riot Rumble
  • Aug. 22 - Amazon Rumble (also on July 31 and Aug 7)
  • Sep. 15 - NESL Go4LoL (also on Sep. 8 (EUW) and Sep. 1)
  • Sep. 18 - NESL Premiere Series (also on Sep. 5)
  • Oct. 20 - IvyLoL Premiere League
  • Oct. 23 - Teams of Legend (EUW) (also Oct. 16)
  • Oct. 28 - UCR Collegiate Tournament (also on Sep. 8)
  • Nov. 10 - LoLPro NA 1v1 Challenge Tournament 1 (also on Sep. 21 (EUW) and Oct. 13/14)
  • Nov. 26 - NESL Pro Series (also on Oct. 24 and 26 and Nov. 22)

Shoutcasted Tournaments (Live)[edit]

  • Aug. 31 - Salt Lake Comic Con LoL Tournament
  • Oct. 18 - BYU IT LoL Tournament
  • Nov. 16 - University of Utah LoL Harrowing Tournament

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