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The following chart shows up to the most recent 200 games available. Unlike the Match History tab, scoreboards are not required to be present on the wiki for games to show up here. Click toggles to show-hide games based on the side that this team was on or result.



DateEventRoundTeam 1Team 2SideResultScore
2019,9,08,03,00LDL 2019 SummerWeek 11LNG Academylogo std.pngLNG AcademyDominus Esports.Ylogo std.pngDominus Esports.YSeriesWin1 - 2
2019,9,05,09,00LDL 2019 SummerWeek 11Dominus Esports.Ylogo std.pngDominus Esports.YRogue Warriors Sharklogo std.pngRW SharkSeriesLoss0 - 2
2019,8,31,07,00LDL 2019 SummerWeek 10Gama Dreamlogo std.pngGama DreamDominus Esports.Ylogo std.pngDominus Esports.YSeriesLoss2 - 0
2019,8,29,09,00LDL 2019 SummerWeek 10Triumphant Song Gaminglogo std.pngTS GamingDominus Esports.Ylogo std.pngDominus Esports.YSeriesWin0 - 2
2019,8,24,07,00LDL 2019 SummerWeek 9Dominus Esports.Ylogo std.pngDominus Esports.YOh My Dreamlogo std.pngOh My DreamSeriesLoss0 - 2
2019,8,23,05,00LDL 2019 SummerWeek 9Dominus Esports.Ylogo std.pngDominus Esports.YVP Gamelogo std.pngVP GameSeriesWin2 - 1
2019,8,21,07,00LDL 2019 SummerWeek 9Vici Gaming Potentiallogo std.pngVG PotentialDominus Esports.Ylogo std.pngDominus Esports.YSeriesLoss2 - 0
2019,8,18,09,00LDL 2019 SummerWeek 8Dominus Esports.Ylogo std.pngDominus Esports.YD7G Esports Clublogo std.pngD7G EsportsSeriesLoss0 - 2
2019,8,15,07,00LDL 2019 SummerWeek 8Dominus Esports.Ylogo std.pngDominus Esports.YLinGan e-Sportslogo std.pngLinGan e-SportsSeriesLoss1 - 2
2019,8,11,03,00LDL 2019 SummerWeek 7Top Esportslogo std.pngTES ChallengerDominus Esports.Ylogo std.pngDominus Esports.YSeriesWin0 - 2
2019,8,08,05,00LDL 2019 SummerWeek 7Dominus Esports.Ylogo std.pngDominus Esports.YBilibili Gaming Juniorlogo std.pngBLG JuniorSeriesLoss0 - 2
2019,8,03,09,00LDL 2019 SummerWeek 6Victorious Gaminglogo std.pngVictorious GamingDominus Esports.Ylogo std.pngDominus Esports.YSeriesWin1 - 2
2019,7,29,09,00LDL 2019 SummerWeek 6Dominus Esports.Ylogo std.pngDominus Esports.YLegend Esport Gaminglogo std.pngLegend EsportSeriesLoss0 - 2
2019,7,27,09,00LDL 2019 SummerWeek 5Dominus Esports.Ylogo std.pngDominus Esports.YJoy Dreamlogo std.pngJoy DreamSeriesLoss0 - 2
2019,7,25,05,00LDL 2019 SummerWeek 5Dominus Esports.Ylogo std.pngDominus Esports.YTeam WE Academylogo std.pngWE AcademySeriesLoss1 - 2
2019,7,19,09,00LDL 2019 SummerWeek 4Dominus Esports.Ylogo std.pngDominus Esports.YSDX Gaminglogo std.pngSDX GamingSeriesLoss1 - 2
2019,7,17,05,00LDL 2019 SummerWeek 4Young Miracleslogo std.pngYoung MiraclesDominus Esports.Ylogo std.pngDominus Esports.YSeriesLoss2 - 0
2019,7,14,07,00LDL 2019 SummerWeek 3EDward Gaming Youth Teamlogo std.pngEDG Youth TeamDominus Esports.Ylogo std.pngDominus Esports.YSeriesLoss2 - 0
2019,7,12,07,00LDL 2019 SummerWeek 3Young Glorylogo std.pngiG YoungDominus Esports.Ylogo std.pngDominus Esports.YSeriesLoss2 - 0
2019,6,30,03,00LDL 2019 SummerWeek 2Suning-Slogo std.pngSuning-SDominus Esports.Ylogo std.pngDominus Esports.YSeriesLoss2 - 0
2019,6,28,09,00LDL 2019 SummerWeek 2Star Horn Royal Clublogo std.pngRoyal ClubDominus Esports.Ylogo std.pngDominus Esports.YSeriesLoss2 - 0
2019,6,27,05,00LDL 2019 SummerWeek 2FunPlus Phoenix Blazelogo std.pngFunPlus BlazeDominus Esports.Ylogo std.pngDominus Esports.YSeriesLoss2 - 0
2019,6,22,09,00LDL 2019 SummerWeek 1Dominus Esports.Ylogo std.pngDominus Esports.Y87logo std.png87SeriesLoss1 - 2
2019,6,20,07,00LDL 2019 SummerWeek 1Dominus Esports.Ylogo std.pngDominus Esports.YScorpio Gamelogo std.pngScorpio GameSeriesWin2 - 0