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"Duos" is a Riot-produced series that debuted in 2016. Currently NA LCS – centric, it is anthology series follows pros in their pursuit to become NA LCS champions. What sets it apart from other series is that as the name suggests, it spotlights two players at a time and examines their relationship as teammates, friends or even rivals.

Episode List[edit]

Date VOD Length Team Role Player Name
2016-06-21 VOD 10m21s Counter Logic Gaminglogo std.png Support   Aphromoo Zaqueri Black
Counter Logic Gaminglogo std.png AD Carry   Stixxay Trevor Hayes
2016-06-21 VOD 18m21s Echo Foxlogo std.png Mid   Froggen Henrik Hansen
Apexlogo std 2.png Jungle   Diamondprox Danil Reshetnikov
2016-07-26 VOD 10m35s Immortalslogo std.png Top   Huni Heo Seung-hoon
Immortalslogo std.png Jungle   Reignover Kim Yeu-jin
2016-09-23 VOD 10m46s Team SoloMidlogo std.png AD Carry   Doublelift Yiliang Peng
Team SoloMidlogo std.png Support   Biofrost Vincent Wang
2017-04-11 VOD 11m36s Cloud9logo std.png Top   Impact Jung Eon-yeong
Cloud9logo std.png Top   Ray Jeon Ji-won
2019-02-28 VOD 12m51s OpTic Gaminglogo std.png Mid   Crown Lee Min-ho
Team Liquidlogo std.png Support   CoreJJ Jo Yong-in

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