Dutch College League Season 6

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Dutch College League Season 6
Dutch College League Premier.png
Tournament Information
OrganizerInside Esports
FormatGroup Stage
Location & Dates
Event TypeOnline
Start Date2020-11-18
End Date2021-04-07
ScheduleSpoiler-Free Schedule
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  • Matches are best of one
  • Double Round Robin
  • Top six teams qualify for Playoffs
    • Top four teams play in the winners' bracket
    • 5th and 6th play in the losers' bracket


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Dutch College League Season 6 Standings
1Esports Team Twentelogo std.pngEsports Team Twente10 - 0100%9W
2Dorans Mannelijk Rozelogo std.pngDorans Mannelijk Roze8 - 280%1L
2Erasmus Esportslogo std.pngErasmus Esports8 - 280%7W
4ESEV Zephyrlogo std.pngZephyr Chimaera6 - 460%1W
5WSG Paragonlogo std.pngWSG Paragon5 - 456%2W
6Northern Lions Esportslogo std.pngNorthern Lions Esports4 - 544%1L
7TSEA Linklogo std.pngTSEA Link Twilight4 - 640%4L
8Blueshell Esportslogo std.pngBlueshell Primus2 - 820%7L
9GEA Fairplaylogo std.pngGEA Fairplay10 - 160%8L
1 Week 6: GEA Fairplay withdrew from the competition prior to Week 6.

Match Schedule[edit]

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Launch Predictions
Week 1
Wed 18 NovWed 18 NovThu 19 Nov2020,11,18,17,15 - 2020,11,18,20,15
Wed 2020-11-18
Wed 2020-11-18
Thu 2020-11-19
TSEA.TTSEA Linklogo std.png01Esports Team Twentelogo std.pngETT
EEErasmus Esportslogo std.png01Dorans Mannelijk Rozelogo std.pngDMR
BS.PBlueshell Esportslogo std.png01ESEV Zephyrlogo std.pngZPR.C
GEAGEA Fairplaylogo std.png01WSG Paragonlogo std.pngPRG.W
Week 2
Wed 25 NovWed 25 NovThu 26 Nov2020,11,25,17,15 - 2020,11,25,20,15
Wed 2020-11-25
Wed 2020-11-25
Thu 2020-11-26
ETTEsports Team Twentelogo std.png10Erasmus Esportslogo std.pngEE
PRG.WWSG Paragonlogo std.png01TSEA Linklogo std.pngTSEA.T
GEAGEA Fairplaylogo std.png01ESEV Zephyrlogo std.pngZPR.C
DMRDorans Mannelijk Rozelogo std.png10Northern Lions Esportslogo std.pngNLE
Week 3
Wed 2 DecWed 2 DecThu 3 Dec2020,12,02,17,15 - 2020,12,02,20,15
Wed 2020-12-02
Wed 2020-12-02
Thu 2020-12-03
ZPR.CESEV Zephyrlogo std.png10Northern Lions Esportslogo std.pngNLE
DMRDorans Mannelijk Rozelogo std.png10TSEA Linklogo std.pngTSEA.T
ETTEsports Team Twentelogo std.png10WSG Paragonlogo std.pngPRG.W
GEAGEA Fairplaylogo std.png01Blueshell Esportslogo std.pngBS.P
Week 4
Wed 9 DecWed 9 DecThu 10 Dec2020,12,09,17,15 - 2020,12,09,20,15
Wed 2020-12-09
Wed 2020-12-09
Thu 2020-12-10
EEErasmus Esportslogo std.png10WSG Paragonlogo std.pngPRG.W
NLENorthern Lions Esportslogo std.png01Esports Team Twentelogo std.pngETT
BS.PBlueshell Esportslogo std.png01Dorans Mannelijk Rozelogo std.pngDMR
GEAGEA Fairplaylogo std.png01TSEA Linklogo std.pngTSEA.T
Week 5
Wed 16 DecWed 16 DecThu 17 Dec2020,12,16,17,15 - 2020,12,16,20,15
Wed 2020-12-16
Wed 2020-12-16
Thu 2020-12-17
PRG.WWSG Paragonlogo std.png10ESEV Zephyrlogo std.pngZPR.C
TSEA.TTSEA Linklogo std.png10Blueshell Esportslogo std.pngBS.P
EEErasmus Esportslogo std.png10Northern Lions Esportslogo std.pngNLE
GEAGEA Fairplaylogo std.pngFFWDorans Mannelijk Rozelogo std.pngDMR
Week 6
Wed 27 JanWed 27 JanThu 28 Jan2021,1,27,17,15 - 2021,1,27,20,15
Wed 2021-01-27
Wed 2021-01-27
Thu 2021-01-28
PRG.WWSG Paragonlogo std.png01Dorans Mannelijk Rozelogo std.pngDMR
EEErasmus Esportslogo std.png10ESEV Zephyrlogo std.pngZPR.C
NLENorthern Lions Esportslogo std.png10Blueshell Esportslogo std.pngBS.P
1GEAGEA Fairplaylogo std.pngFFWEsports Team Twentelogo std.pngETT
Week 7
Wed 3 FebWed 3 FebThu 4 Feb2021,2,03,17,15 - 2021,2,03,20,15
Wed 2021-02-03
Wed 2021-02-03
Thu 2021-02-04
NLENorthern Lions Esportslogo std.png10TSEA Linklogo std.pngTSEA.T
BS.PBlueshell Esportslogo std.png01WSG Paragonlogo std.pngPRG.W
ZPR.CESEV Zephyrlogo std.png01Esports Team Twentelogo std.pngETT
GEAGEA Fairplaylogo std.pngFFWErasmus Esportslogo std.pngEE
Week 8
Wed 10 FebWed 10 FebThu 11 Feb2021,2,10,17,15 - 2021,2,10,20,15
Wed 2021-02-10
Wed 2021-02-10
Thu 2021-02-11
BS.PBlueshell Esportslogo std.png01Erasmus Esportslogo std.pngEE
ZPR.CESEV Zephyrlogo std.png10TSEA Linklogo std.pngTSEA.T
DMRDorans Mannelijk Rozelogo std.png01Esports Team Twentelogo std.pngETT
GEAGEA Fairplaylogo std.pngFFWNorthern Lions Esportslogo std.pngNLE
Week 9
Wed 17 FebWed 17 FebThu 18 Feb2021,2,17,17,15 - 2021,2,17,20,15
Wed 2021-02-17
Wed 2021-02-17
Thu 2021-02-18
ETTEsports Team Twentelogo std.png10Blueshell Esportslogo std.pngBS.P
PRG.WWSG Paragonlogo std.png10Northern Lions Esportslogo std.pngNLE
TSEA.TTSEA Linklogo std.png01Erasmus Esportslogo std.pngEE
DMRDorans Mannelijk Rozelogo std.png10ESEV Zephyrlogo std.pngZPR.C
Week 10
Wed 24 FebWed 24 FebThu 25 Feb2021,2,24,17,15 - 2021,2,24,20,15
Wed 2021-02-24
Wed 2021-02-24
Thu 2021-02-25
EEErasmus Esportslogo std.png10TSEA Linklogo std.pngTSEA.T
NLENorthern Lions Esportslogo std.png01WSG Paragonlogo std.pngPRG.W
ZPR.CESEV Zephyrlogo std.png10Dorans Mannelijk Rozelogo std.pngDMR
BS.PBlueshell Esportslogo std.png01Esports Team Twentelogo std.pngETT
Week 11
Wed 3 MarWed 3 MarThu 4 Mar2021,3,03,17,15 - 2021,3,03,20,15
Wed 2021-03-03
Wed 2021-03-03
Thu 2021-03-04
PRG.WWSG Paragonlogo std.pngEsports Team Twentelogo std.pngETT
TSEA.TTSEA Linklogo std.pngDorans Mannelijk Rozelogo std.pngDMR
EEErasmus Esportslogo std.pngBlueshell Esportslogo std.pngBS.P
NLENorthern Lions Esportslogo std.pngESEV Zephyrlogo std.pngZPR.C
Week 12
Wed 10 MarWed 10 MarThu 11 Mar2021,3,10,17,15 - 2021,3,10,20,15
Wed 2021-03-10
Wed 2021-03-10
Thu 2021-03-11
TSEA.TTSEA Linklogo std.pngWSG Paragonlogo std.pngPRG.W
EEErasmus Esportslogo std.pngEsports Team Twentelogo std.pngETT
ZPR.CESEV Zephyrlogo std.pngBlueshell Esportslogo std.pngBS.P
NLENorthern Lions Esportslogo std.pngDorans Mannelijk Rozelogo std.pngDMR
Week 13
Wed 17 MarWed 17 MarThu 18 Mar2021,3,17,17,15 - 2021,3,17,20,15
Wed 2021-03-17
Wed 2021-03-17
Thu 2021-03-18
NLENorthern Lions Esportslogo std.pngErasmus Esportslogo std.pngEE
BS.PBlueshell Esportslogo std.pngTSEA Linklogo std.pngTSEA.T
ETTEsports Team Twentelogo std.pngDorans Mannelijk Rozelogo std.pngDMR
ZPR.CESEV Zephyrlogo std.pngWSG Paragonlogo std.pngPRG.W
Week 14
Wed 24 MarWed 24 MarThu 25 Mar2021,3,24,17,15 - 2021,3,24,20,15
Wed 2021-03-24
Wed 2021-03-24
Thu 2021-03-25
DMRDorans Mannelijk Rozelogo std.pngErasmus Esportslogo std.pngEE
PRG.WWSG Paragonlogo std.pngBlueshell Esportslogo std.pngBS.P
ETTEsports Team Twentelogo std.pngESEV Zephyrlogo std.pngZPR.C
TSEA.TTSEA Linklogo std.pngNorthern Lions Esportslogo std.pngNLE
Week 15
Wed 31 MarWed 31 MarThu 1 Apr2021,3,31,16,15 - 2021,3,31,19,15
Wed 2021-03-31
Wed 2021-03-31
Thu 2021-04-01
BS.PBlueshell Esportslogo std.pngNorthern Lions Esportslogo std.pngNLE
ZPR.CESEV Zephyrlogo std.pngErasmus Esportslogo std.pngEE
ETTEsports Team Twentelogo std.pngTSEA Linklogo std.pngTSEA.T
DMRDorans Mannelijk Rozelogo std.pngWSG Paragonlogo std.pngPRG.W
Week 16
Wed 7 AprWed 7 AprThu 8 Apr2021,4,07,16,15 - 2021,4,07,19,15
Wed 2021-04-07
Wed 2021-04-07
Thu 2021-04-08
DMRDorans Mannelijk Rozelogo std.pngBlueshell Esportslogo std.pngBS.P
ETTEsports Team Twentelogo std.pngNorthern Lions Esportslogo std.pngNLE
TSEA.TTSEA Linklogo std.pngESEV Zephyrlogo std.pngZPR.C
EEErasmus Esportslogo std.pngWSG Paragonlogo std.pngPRG.W
1 GEA Fairplay withdrew from the competition prior to Week 6.
Note: Following the New Year's break, the entirety of the 2nd Round Robin's schedule was remade in order to take into account the depart of GEA Fairplay.

VODs & Match Links[edit]

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VODs & Match Links
Week 1
Team 1Team 2ScoreBlueRedMHVODs
TSEA Linklogo std.pngTSEA.TEsports Team Twentelogo std.pngETT0 - 1TSEA.TETT
Erasmus Esportslogo std.pngEEDorans Mannelijk Rozelogo std.pngDMR0 - 1EEDMR
Blueshell Esportslogo std.pngBS.PESEV Zephyrlogo std.pngZPR.C0 - 1BS.PZPR.C
GEA Fairplaylogo std.pngGEAWSG Paragonlogo std.pngPRG.W0 - 1GEAPRG.W
Week 2
Team 1Team 2ScoreBlueRedMHVODs
Esports Team Twentelogo std.pngETTErasmus Esportslogo std.pngEE1 - 0ETTEE
WSG Paragonlogo std.pngPRG.WTSEA Linklogo std.pngTSEA.T0 - 1PRG.WTSEA.T
GEA Fairplaylogo std.pngGEAESEV Zephyrlogo std.pngZPR.C0 - 1GEAZPR.C
Dorans Mannelijk Rozelogo std.pngDMRNorthern Lions Esportslogo std.pngNLE1 - 0DMRNLE
Week 3
Team 1Team 2ScoreBlueRedMHVODs
ESEV Zephyrlogo std.pngZPR.CNorthern Lions Esportslogo std.pngNLE1 - 0ZPR.CNLE
Dorans Mannelijk Rozelogo std.pngDMRTSEA Linklogo std.pngTSEA.T1 - 0DMRTSEA.T
Esports Team Twentelogo std.pngETTWSG Paragonlogo std.pngPRG.W1 - 0ETTPRG.W
GEA Fairplaylogo std.pngGEABlueshell Esportslogo std.pngBS.P0 - 1GEABS.P
Week 4
Team 1Team 2ScoreBlueRedMHVODs
Erasmus Esportslogo std.pngEEWSG Paragonlogo std.pngPRG.W1 - 0EEPRG.W
Northern Lions Esportslogo std.pngNLEEsports Team Twentelogo std.pngETT0 - 1NLEETT
Blueshell Esportslogo std.pngBS.PDorans Mannelijk Rozelogo std.pngDMR0 - 1BS.PDMR
GEA Fairplaylogo std.pngGEATSEA Linklogo std.pngTSEA.T0 - 1GEATSEA.T
Week 5
Team 1Team 2ScoreBlueRedMHVODs
WSG Paragonlogo std.pngPRG.WESEV Zephyrlogo std.pngZPR.C1 - 0PRG.WZPR.C
TSEA Linklogo std.pngTSEA.TBlueshell Esportslogo std.pngBS.P1 - 0TSEA.TBS.P
Erasmus Esportslogo std.pngEENorthern Lions Esportslogo std.pngNLE1 - 0EENLE
GEA Fairplaylogo std.pngGEADorans Mannelijk Rozelogo std.pngDMRFF - W
Week 6
Team 1Team 2ScoreBlueRedMHVODs
WSG Paragonlogo std.pngPRG.WDorans Mannelijk Rozelogo std.pngDMR0 - 1PRG.WDMR
Erasmus Esportslogo std.pngEEESEV Zephyrlogo std.pngZPR.C1 - 0EEZPR.C
Northern Lions Esportslogo std.pngNLEBlueshell Esportslogo std.pngBS.P1 - 0NLEBS.P
GEA Fairplaylogo std.pngGEAEsports Team Twentelogo std.pngETTFF - W
Week 7
Team 1Team 2ScoreBlueRedMHVODs
Northern Lions Esportslogo std.pngNLETSEA Linklogo std.pngTSEA.T1 - 0NLETSEA.T
Blueshell Esportslogo std.pngBS.PWSG Paragonlogo std.pngPRG.W0 - 1BS.PPRG.W
ESEV Zephyrlogo std.pngZPR.CEsports Team Twentelogo std.pngETT0 - 1ZPR.CETT
GEA Fairplaylogo std.pngGEAErasmus Esportslogo std.pngEEFF - W
Week 8
Team 1Team 2ScoreBlueRedMHVODs
Blueshell Esportslogo std.pngBS.PErasmus Esportslogo std.pngEE0 - 1BS.PEE
ESEV Zephyrlogo std.pngZPR.CTSEA Linklogo std.pngTSEA.T1 - 0ZPR.CTSEA.T
Dorans Mannelijk Rozelogo std.pngDMREsports Team Twentelogo std.pngETT0 - 1DMRETT
GEA Fairplaylogo std.pngGEANorthern Lions Esportslogo std.pngNLEFF - W
Week 9
Team 1Team 2ScoreBlueRedMHVODs
Esports Team Twentelogo std.pngETTBlueshell Esportslogo std.pngBS.P1 - 0ETTBS.P
WSG Paragonlogo std.pngPRG.WNorthern Lions Esportslogo std.pngNLE1 - 0PRG.WNLE
TSEA Linklogo std.pngTSEA.TErasmus Esportslogo std.pngEE0 - 1TSEA.TEE
Dorans Mannelijk Rozelogo std.pngDMRESEV Zephyrlogo std.pngZPR.C1 - 0DMRZPR.C
Week 10
Team 1Team 2ScoreBlueRedMHVODs
Erasmus Esportslogo std.pngEETSEA Linklogo std.pngTSEA.T1 - 0EETSEA.T
Northern Lions Esportslogo std.pngNLEWSG Paragonlogo std.pngPRG.W0 - 1NLEPRG.W
ESEV Zephyrlogo std.pngZPR.CDorans Mannelijk Rozelogo std.pngDMR1 - 0ZPR.CDMR
Blueshell Esportslogo std.pngBS.PEsports Team Twentelogo std.pngETT0 - 1BS.PETT
Week 11
Team 1Team 2ScoreBlueRedMHVODs
WSG Paragonlogo std.pngPRG.WEsports Team Twentelogo std.pngETTTBDTBDTBD
TSEA Linklogo std.pngTSEA.TDorans Mannelijk Rozelogo std.pngDMRTBDTBDTBD
Erasmus Esportslogo std.pngEEBlueshell Esportslogo std.pngBS.PTBDTBDTBD
Northern Lions Esportslogo std.pngNLEESEV Zephyrlogo std.pngZPR.CTBDTBDTBD
Week 12
Team 1Team 2ScoreBlueRedMHVODs
TSEA Linklogo std.pngTSEA.TWSG Paragonlogo std.pngPRG.WTBDTBDTBD
Erasmus Esportslogo std.pngEEEsports Team Twentelogo std.pngETTTBDTBDTBD
ESEV Zephyrlogo std.pngZPR.CBlueshell Esportslogo std.pngBS.PTBDTBDTBD
Northern Lions Esportslogo std.pngNLEDorans Mannelijk Rozelogo std.pngDMRTBDTBDTBD
Week 13
Team 1Team 2ScoreBlueRedMHVODs
Northern Lions Esportslogo std.pngNLEErasmus Esportslogo std.pngEETBDTBDTBD
Blueshell Esportslogo std.pngBS.PTSEA Linklogo std.pngTSEA.TTBDTBDTBD
Esports Team Twentelogo std.pngETTDorans Mannelijk Rozelogo std.pngDMRTBDTBDTBD
ESEV Zephyrlogo std.pngZPR.CWSG Paragonlogo std.pngPRG.WTBDTBDTBD
Week 14
Team 1Team 2ScoreBlueRedMHVODs
Dorans Mannelijk Rozelogo std.pngDMRErasmus Esportslogo std.pngEETBDTBDTBD
WSG Paragonlogo std.pngPRG.WBlueshell Esportslogo std.pngBS.PTBDTBDTBD
Esports Team Twentelogo std.pngETTESEV Zephyrlogo std.pngZPR.CTBDTBDTBD
TSEA Linklogo std.pngTSEA.TNorthern Lions Esportslogo std.pngNLETBDTBDTBD
Week 15
Team 1Team 2ScoreBlueRedMHVODs
Blueshell Esportslogo std.pngBS.PNorthern Lions Esportslogo std.pngNLETBDTBDTBD
ESEV Zephyrlogo std.pngZPR.CErasmus Esportslogo std.pngEETBDTBDTBD
Esports Team Twentelogo std.pngETTTSEA Linklogo std.pngTSEA.TTBDTBDTBD
Dorans Mannelijk Rozelogo std.pngDMRWSG Paragonlogo std.pngPRG.WTBDTBDTBD
Week 16
Team 1Team 2ScoreBlueRedMHVODs
Dorans Mannelijk Rozelogo std.pngDMRBlueshell Esportslogo std.pngBS.PTBDTBDTBD
Esports Team Twentelogo std.pngETTNorthern Lions Esportslogo std.pngNLETBDTBDTBD
TSEA Linklogo std.pngTSEA.TESEV Zephyrlogo std.pngZPR.CTBDTBDTBD
Erasmus Esportslogo std.pngEEWSG Paragonlogo std.pngPRG.WTBDTBDTBD


Week 1
1Dorans Mannelijk Rozelogo std.png1-01-0
1Esports Team Twentelogo std.png1-01-0
1WSG Paragonlogo std.png1-01-0
1ESEV Zephyrlogo std.png1-01-0
5Northern Lions Esportslogo std.png0-00-0
6Blueshell Esportslogo std.png0-10-1
6Erasmus Esportslogo std.png0-10-1
6GEA Fairplaylogo std.png0-10-1
6TSEA Linklogo std.png0-10-1
Week 2
1Dorans Mannelijk Rozelogo std.png1-02-0
1Esports Team Twentelogo std.png1-02-0
1ESEV Zephyrlogo std.png1-02-0
42TSEA Linklogo std.png1-01-1
43WSG Paragonlogo std.png0-11-1
6Blueshell Esportslogo std.png0-00-1
61Northern Lions Esportslogo std.png0-10-1
82Erasmus Esportslogo std.png0-10-2
82GEA Fairplaylogo std.png0-10-2
Week 3
1Dorans Mannelijk Rozelogo std.png1-03-0
1Esports Team Twentelogo std.png1-03-0
1ESEV Zephyrlogo std.png1-03-0
42Blueshell Esportslogo std.png1-01-1
51TSEA Linklogo std.png0-11-2
51WSG Paragonlogo std.png0-11-2
71Erasmus Esportslogo std.png0-00-2
71Northern Lions Esportslogo std.png0-10-2
91GEA Fairplaylogo std.png0-10-3
Week 4
1Dorans Mannelijk Rozelogo std.png1-04-0
1Esports Team Twentelogo std.png1-04-0
32ESEV Zephyrlogo std.png0-03-0
41TSEA Linklogo std.png1-02-2
51Blueshell Esportslogo std.png0-11-2
52Erasmus Esportslogo std.png1-01-2
72WSG Paragonlogo std.png0-11-3
81Northern Lions Esportslogo std.png0-10-3
9GEA Fairplaylogo std.png0-10-4
Week 5
1Dorans Mannelijk Rozelogo std.png1-05-0
21Esports Team Twentelogo std.png0-04-0
3ESEV Zephyrlogo std.png0-13-1
4TSEA Linklogo std.png1-03-2
5Erasmus Esportslogo std.png1-02-2
61WSG Paragonlogo std.png1-02-3
72Blueshell Esportslogo std.png0-11-3
8Northern Lions Esportslogo std.png0-10-4
9GEA Fairplaylogo std.png0-10-5
Week 6
1Dorans Mannelijk Rozelogo std.png1-06-0
2Esports Team Twentelogo std.png1-05-0
32Erasmus Esportslogo std.png1-03-2
31TSEA Linklogo std.png0-03-2
3ESEV Zephyrlogo std.png0-13-2
6WSG Paragonlogo std.png0-12-4
7Blueshell Esportslogo std.png0-11-4
71Northern Lions Esportslogo std.png1-01-4
9GEA Fairplaylogo std.png0-110-61
Week 7
1Dorans Mannelijk Rozelogo std.png0-06-0
11Esports Team Twentelogo std.png1-06-0
3Erasmus Esportslogo std.png1-04-2
41TSEA Linklogo std.png0-13-3
41ESEV Zephyrlogo std.png0-13-3
6WSG Paragonlogo std.png1-03-4
7Northern Lions Esportslogo std.png1-02-4
81Blueshell Esportslogo std.png0-11-5
9GEA Fairplaylogo std.png0-10-7
Week 8
1Esports Team Twentelogo std.png1-07-0
21Dorans Mannelijk Rozelogo std.png0-16-1
3Erasmus Esportslogo std.png1-05-2
4ESEV Zephyrlogo std.png1-04-3
52Northern Lions Esportslogo std.png1-03-4
51TSEA Linklogo std.png0-13-4
51WSG Paragonlogo std.png0-03-4
8Blueshell Esportslogo std.png0-11-6
9GEA Fairplaylogo std.png0-10-8
Week 9
1Esports Team Twentelogo std.png1-08-0
2Dorans Mannelijk Rozelogo std.png1-07-1
3Erasmus Esportslogo std.png1-06-2
41WSG Paragonlogo std.png1-04-4
4ESEV Zephyrlogo std.png0-14-4
61Northern Lions Esportslogo std.png0-13-5
61TSEA Linklogo std.png0-13-5
8Blueshell Esportslogo std.png0-11-7
9GEA Fairplaylogo std.png0-00-8
Week 10
1Esports Team Twentelogo std.png1-09-0
2Dorans Mannelijk Rozelogo std.png0-17-2
21Erasmus Esportslogo std.png1-07-2
4ESEV Zephyrlogo std.png1-05-4
51WSG Paragonlogo std.png0-04-4
6Northern Lions Esportslogo std.png0-03-5
71TSEA Linklogo std.png0-13-6
8Blueshell Esportslogo std.png0-11-8
9GEA Fairplaylogo std.png0-00-8
1 GEA Fairplay withdrew from the competition prior to Week 6.



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