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The ESL Pro Series Germany (EPS Germany) is a series of German esport events established in 2002. It features various e-Sport titles. League of Legends was included for the first time in Summer 2011, which was the seventeenth edition of the series.

In 2015 the ESL Pro Series Germany was rebranded to ESL Meisterschaft.

The most successful organization to date in League of Legends is

, which won the tournament four times.


Five weekly cups are held, which function as the group stage qualification via a point-system. The top eight teams qualify for the group stage. The four teams that get out of the group stage compete offline in a single elimination bracket.


Team League Date Winner Runner-Up
Summer 2011 2011-03-142011-06-04
Winter 2011 2011-08-152011-12-04
Spring 2012 2012-02-132012-04-29
Summer 2012 2012-06-112012-09-02
Winter 2012 2012-10-012012-12-09
Spring 2013 2013-02-182013-05-12
Summer 2013 2013-06-172013-09-08
Winter 2013 2013-10-102013-12-08
Spring 2014 2014-02-182014-05-03
Summer 2014 2014-06-172014-09-07
Winter 2014 2014-09-302014-12-14

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