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Cup # Date PlacementIcon1.png First PlacementIcon2.png Second
ESM LoL Cup 1 2019-04-27 Rocalyslogo std.pngRocalys Project Conquerorslogo std.pngProject Conquerors
ESM LoL Cup 2 2019-05-11 Omerix Esportlogo std.pngOmerix Esport Logo std.pngGodzilla
ESM LoL Cup 3 2019-05-15 Cancelled
ESM LoL Cup 4 2019-05-25 Logo std.pngMemeVictis Elyandra eSportlogo std.pngElyandra eSport
ESM LoL Cup 5 2019-06-01 Logo std.pngMemeVictis LEF Ragnaroklogo std.pngLEF Ragnarok
ESM LoL Cup 6 2019-06-08 Logo std.pngMemeVictis Kentylogo std.pngKenty
ESM LoL Cup 7 2019-06-15 Logo std.pngKauno Svara Konix eSportlogo std.pngKonix eSport
ESM LoL Cup 8 2019-06-22 Logo std.pngKauno Svara Level Up esportslogo std.pngLevel Up esports
ESM LoL Cup 9 2019-06-29 Logo std.pngHere we go again Logo std.pngGooDoGods
ESM LoL Cup 10 2019-07-13 ENsurelogo std.pngeNsure Team Oplonlogo std.pngTeam Oplon
ESM LoL Cup 11 2019-07-20 Logo std.pngGodzilla Konix eSportlogo std.pngKonix eSport
ESM LoL Cup 12 2019-07-27 Logo std.pngInfinite Eclipse Hillerød eSportlogo std.pngHillerød eSport
ESM LoL Cup 13 2019-08-03 WiLD MultiGaminglogo std.pngWiLD MultiGaming Logo std.pngHere we go again
ESM LoL Cup 14 2019-08-10 Logo std.pngPingouin Opportunity Esportlogo std.pngOpportunity Esport
ESM G2 Challenge 2019-08-19 Defusekidslogo std.pngDefusekids Logo std.pngBrigantini
ESM LoL Cup 15 2019-08-24 Logo std.pngBrigantini UniQ Esports Clublogo std.pngUniQ Esports Club
ESM LoL Cup 16 2019-08-31 Logo std.pngBrigantini Logo std.pngGooDoGods
ESM LoL Cup 17 2019-09-07 Level Up esportslogo std.pngLevel Up esports Extatuslogo std.pngeXtatus
ESM LoL Cup 18 2019-09-14 Logo std.pngPOLSKA GUROM Logo std.pngDogs Esports
ESM LoL Cup 19 2019-09-21 Logo std.pngTerrorTobisWrath Logo std.pngEastern Gentlemen
ESM LoL Cup 20 2019-09-28 Logo std.pngTerrorTobisWrath Logo std.pngRKTL V2
ESM LoL Cup 21 2019-10-12 Logo std.pngGooDoGods Logo std.pngStarGuardians