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EUphoria Podcast
General Information
HostMartin "Deficio" Lynge
Daniel "Drakos" Drakos
Indiana "Froskurinn" Black
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"EUphoria Podcast" is a Riot-produced weekly podcast hosted by Martin "Deficio" Lynge and Daniel "Drakos" Drakos, usually accompanied by guests. It has been described as an EU-centric version of The Dive podcast, as EUphoria is generally LEC-content driven.

After Deficio's departure from the EU team, Indiana "Froskurinn" Black took his place as second host.

The show is on both YouTube and Soundcloud. The Soundcloud files can be located here.

Episode List[edit]

Season Four[edit]

# Date VOD Length Title Guest Description
10 2019-08-21 VOD 97m SPY, S04, RGE & VIT (Playoffs Special Part 1) Jactroll, Duke, Dylan Falco, & Finn In this special episode, we hear from Splyce, Schalke 04, Rogue and Team Vitality regarding Playoffs.
9 2019-08-17 VOD 70m Schalke 04 Upset Drakos and Froskurinn talk to Upset about all things Schalke 04.
8 2019-08-07 VOD 64m Splyce Xerxe & Norskeren Drakos and Froskurinn invite Xerxe and Norskeren to talk about streetwear, life after esports and the latest with Splyce.
N/A 2019-08-05 VOD 32m PapaSmithy (Special Episode) PapaSmithy Drakos sits down with PapaSmithy to talk about all things LEC!
7 2019-07-31 VOD 65m New Misfits Kirei & LIDER Drakos and Froskurinn invite Kirei and LIDER to talk about the new Misfits roster.
6 2019-07-24 VOD 64m Unofficial Mid-split Awards N/A Froskurinn gives out mid-split awards, update the power rankings and talk about the Reddit community with Vedius and Ender.
5 2019-07-17 VOD 59m Origen Kold & Guilhoto Drakos and Froskurinn talk to Kold and Guilhoto about Origen's latest performance.
4 2019-07-10 VOD 72m Fnatic Bwipo Drakos catches up with Bwipo to talk about Rift Rivals and Fnatic.
N/A 2019-06-26 VOD 71m Rift Rivals & Big Bet Energy Combined podcast with The Dive The Divephoria is back with Kobe and Azael being joined by Vedius and Drakos to talk all things NA vs EU Rift Rivals.
3 2019-06-19 VOD 79m Summer Split Tier List w/ Ender Ender Drakos and Froskurinn rank all the LEC teams with Ender.
2 2019-06-12 VOD 68m Perkz Perkz Drakos and Froskurinn talk to Perkz about all things mid lane and bot lane.
1 2019-06-05 VOD 82m Top 20 Player Rankings N/A Drakos and Froskurinn battle it out to determine the top 20 players of the LEC.

Season Three[edit]

# Date VOD Length Title Guest Description
N/A 2019-05-15 VOD 96m MSI Knockout Stage Combined podcast with The Dive This week on Divephoria an old face returns to the desk as Kobe is joined by Jatt, along with Spawn and Drakos, to talk all things Mid-Season Invitational and the upcoming Semifinals.
N/A 2019-05-08 VOD 83m Groups are Here Combined podcast with The Dive This week on The Dive the gang are joined by Drakos and Froskurinn to go deep on the upcoming Mid-Season Invitational Group Stage.
14 2019-04-24 VOD 98m MSI Azael, Raz, and Vedius Drakos and Froskurinn invite Azael, Raz and Vedius to talk about MSI.
13 2019-04-12 VOD 67m Rotterdam Special ocelote, xPeke, PapaSmithy, Wadid, sOAZ, kaSing, Xerxe, Dylan Falco, YoungBuck, Selfmade, and YamatoCannon Drakos and Froskurinn go on a mission to call as many people as possible to ask them about their thoughts on LEC Spring Finals.
12 2019-04-03 VOD 73m Road to Finals Ender Ender joins Drakos and Froskurinn to talk about Playoffs.
11 2019-03-27 VOD 100m Playoffs Special Part 2 Vitality, Fnatic, & G2 Esports In this special episode, we hear from Vitality, Fnatic and G2 Esports regarding Playoffs.
10 2019-03-20 VOD 83m Playoffs Special Part 1 SK Gaming, Origen, & Splyce In this special episode, we hear from SK Gaming, Origen and Splyce regarding Playoffs.
9 2019-03-13 VOD 63m Buff Jungles Xerxe & Caedrel Xerxe and Caedrel join Drakos to talk about Splyce and Excel’s recent performances and play a game of Celebrity Heads.
8 2019-03-06 VOD 71m LEC is Anime Jankos & Mikyx Jankos and Mikyx join Drakos and Froskurinn to talk about G2's recent performances, discuss overrated players and provide anime recommendations.
7 2019-02-27 VOD 71m Mid-Split Power Rankings YamatoCannon & Attila YamatoCannon and Attila chat with Drakos about Vitality’s recent performances and update the power rankings.
6 2019-02-20 VOD 72m Fnatic Broxah & Bwipo Broxah and Bwipo share their thoughts on Fnatic’s recent performances.
5 2019-02-14 VOD 68m Women in Esports Sjokz Froskurinn and Sjokz share their honest experience of working in esports.
4 2019-02-06 VOD 68m Best and Worst Bot Lanes Norskeren & Upset Norskeren and Upset join Drakos and Froskurinn to talk about all things bot lane.
3 2019-01-30 VOD 56m Trust Exercises sOAZ & Maxlore sOAZ and Maxlore join Drakos and Froskurinn to talk about team synergies, importance of good food, team trust exercise fails and top 5 junglers and top-laners in LEC.
2 2019-01-23 VOD 59m LEC Superteams Wunder Wunder joins Drakos and Froskurinn to talk about his history and the current state of G2 Esports.
1 2019-01-17 VOD 78m Worst Tier List of All Time Deficio & Vedius Drakos and Froskurinn create the "worst tier list of all time" with the help of this week's guests Deficio and Vedius.

Season 2.5[edit]

# Date VOD Length Title Guest Description
3 2018-12-13 VOD 69m Spider-Man & the Best of EULCS Quickshot & Vedius Drakos and Froskurinn are joined by Trevor "Quickshot" Henry and Andrew "Vedius" Day to talk about the Best of the EULCS and the new Spider-Man movie!
2 2018-11-29 VOD 69m Roster Rumours YamatoCannon Join Drakos and Froskurinn as they welcome Jakob "YamatoCannon" Mebdi to the EUphoria Podcast, discussing the recent Roster Rumours in the LEC!
1 2018-11-21 VOD 58m LEC & New Teams Quickshot Join Drakos and Froskurinn as they welcome Trevor "Quickshot" Henry to the EUphoria Podcast, discussing the new LEC brand and the 10 teams for 2019!

Season Two[edit]

# Date VOD Length Title Guest Description
13 2018-09-29 VOD 98m Froskurinn Froskurinn This week's special guest in the final #EUphoria Podcast of 2018: Indiana "Froskurinn" Black!
12 2018-09-05 VOD 68m Predictions Nisqy & kaSing Drakos talks about the Finals and the Gauntlet match-ups with Yasin "Nisqy" Dincer and Raymond "kaSing" Tsang! Plus: a bonus gift for the #EUphoria fans!
11 2018-08-29 VOD 85m Memory Lane Quickshot Drakos and Deficio take a trip down memory lane with Trevor "Quickshot" Henry!
10 2018-08-22 VOD 87m EU LCS Awards YamatoCannon Award season is back! Drakos and Deficio present made-up EU LCS Awards with Jakob "YamatoCannon" Mebdi and have a chat about all things Team Vitality.
9 2018-08-15 VOD 92m Rekkles Rekkles Rekkles shares an honest conversation with Drakos and Deficio.
8 2018-08-08 VOD 92m Ultimate Player Rankings Hans Sama & Jesiz Join Drakos and Deficio as they chat with Jesse "Jesiz" Le and Steven "Hans Sama" Liv over anime, Misfit's recent losses and how they rank all the players in EU LCS!
7 2018-08-01 VOD 76m Road to Playoffs kaSing & Nukeduck Join Deficio with guests Raymond "kaSing" Tsang and Erlend "Nukeduck" Holm, as they talk about stories behind their names, make playoff predictions and agree on a duck costume bet on the upcoming G2 vs. FNC matchup!
6 2018-07-25 VOD 93m Unleashing the Beast Bwipo & Broxah Join Drakos and his guests Gabriël "Bwipo" Rau and Mads "Broxah" Brock-Pedersen, as they discuss the whereabouts of Rekkles, Caps in Solo Queue, funny pre-game rituals, the future of Fnatic and update the EU LCS tier list.
5 2018-07-18 VOD 72m Braum Mains and Spicy Bets Jankos & Wadid Join Drakos and Deficio, with guests Marcin "Jankos" Jankowski (G2 Esports) and Bae-in "Wadid" Kim (G2 Esports), as they reveal tips on Braum, share personal stories, talk about G2's recent performances and venture on a super spicy bet.
4 2018-07-12 VOD 73m Denmark vs. Sweden and the Best Team in Europe Sencux & Memento The "Return of Deficio", an updated tier list, Memento's gift, a visit from Rekkles and more!
N/A 2018-07-03 VOD 78m NA vs EU Rift Rivals Combined podcast with The Dive This week on The Dive we have a very special Divephoria episode as the gang are joined by Drakos and Deficio from the EUphoria podcast in Europe. They’re joining forces to talk all things Rift Rivals.
3 2018-06-27 VOD 65m The State of Splyce Sjokz & Odoamne New dog champs, Belgian mayonnaise, upcoming Rift Rivals, crazy "cheerleader" bets and more!
2 2018-06-20 VOD 68m New Video Set Amazing & Vedius Join Drakos as he welcomes Amazing and Vedius to the new EUphoria Podcast set, sharing thoughts on the funneling compositions and the future of Schalke 04.
1 2018-06-14 VOD 80m What's Happening with Maxlore? Maxlore Join Drakos and Deficio as they introduce a new look for the EUphoria Video Podcast! With this week's guest Nubar "Maxlore" Sarafian, they chat about his new beard, impacts of Patch 8.11 and contemplate on the pre-season power rankings of EU LCS.

Season One[edit]

# Date VOD Length Title Guest Description
14 2018-05-17 VOD 118m Episode 14 Froskurinn & PapaSmithy Drakos and Deficio chat with Froskurinn and PapaSmithy on what it takes to be a caster, funny player names and make a crazy bet on which team will become the MSI Champions!
13 2018-05-09 VOD 104m Fnatic in the MSI Finals?! Bwipo & Youngbuck In this episode Drakos and Deficio sat together with Fnatic's Gabriël "Bwipo" Rau and their Team Director Joey "Youngbuck" Steltenpool to talk about the upcoming Mid-Season Invitational Group Stage!
12 2018-05-02 VOD 101m EU Masters & Fnatic at MSI Sheepy & YamatoCannon In this episode, Drakos and Deficio meet Sheepy and YamatoCannon to talk about EU Masters and Fnatic's upcoming MSI tournament. Sheepy also shares his experience of dubbing Deadpool 2 and we get some thoughts about Korean imports and Academy teams.
11 2018-04-04 VOD 81m Splitpush & Teamfight Comps KaSing & Jiizuke Special Guests in the EUphoria Podcast this week: KaSing (and his famous laugh) and the "Italian Stallion" Jiizuke! They share their views on past Semifinals and make predictions for the Finals. Plus: an exciting new bet!
N/A 2018-04-03 VOD 80m Special Episode: Long-term Partnerships and Future of EU LCS Ocelote, Ben Spoont, & Marc Schnell Daniel Drakos sat down with Carlos "Ocelote" Rodríguez Santiago (CEO of G2 Esports), Ben Spoont (CEO of Misfits Gaming) and Riot's Marc Schnell to discuss the recently announced format changes of the EU LCS.
10 2018-03-28 VOD 105m Made-Up EU LCS Awards Perkz & Rekkles In this episode of the EUphoria Podcast we learn who is the biggest EU LCS Solo Queue troll, who the most handsome player is and what makes Rekkles believe they can win Semis. Plus: a Bonus Bet and Perkz casting!
9 2018-03-21 VOD 95m Dog Champs sOAZ & Odoamne Drakos and Deficio sat down with sOAZ and Odoamne to talk about their work-life balance, the nature of playing top lane, changes in the gaming houses and predictions for playoffs!
8 2018-03-14 VOD 96m History & All Pro Team Gilius Drakos and Deficio talk to Gilius about his Twitter activity, recent performances and how he reacts to reddit comments. We get a glimpse of his history from before the LCS, learn about his "All Pro" team and witness his bet with Deficio!
7 2018-03-07 VOD 92m EU LCS Chokes and History Jankos Drakos and Deficio chat with veteran jungler Jankos about his history in the EU LCS, the "3rd Place Player Syndrome" and G2’s team dynamics!
6 2018-02-28 VOD 95m Splyce and the Playoffs Race KaSing Drakos and Deficio chat with veteran support player KaSing about his history in the EU LCS, the "KaSing Effect" and Splyce's race to Playoffs.
5 2018-02-21 VOD 91m Fnatic, Old and New Rekkles Drakos and Deficio chat with Fnatic’s veteran star player Rekkles about EU LCS history, past successes and the shifting Spring Split power rankings.
4 2018-02-14 VOD 82m Top Lane Meta & Misfits' Performance Alphari Drakos and Deficio talk to Alphari about Top Lane meta, Misfits' disappointing performance so far and how he ranks the EU Top Laners.
3 2018-02-07 VOD 87m Off-Season Decisions and UoL's Season Start Kold Drakos and Deficio sit down with Kold to discuss the current jungle meta, the Unicorns' difficult season start and his thoughts on Exileh.
2 2018-02-01 VOD 99m Episode 2 YamatoCannon Drakos and Deficio sit down with YamatoCannon to discuss the current meta, and Vitality’s successful start of the split.
1 2018-01-05 VOD 85m Pilot Episode Perkz Drakos and Deficio sit down with Perkz to discuss the EU LCS, the current meta, G2's new roster and much more on our pilot episode of the "EUphoria Podcast"!

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