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Player has retired.
7h Estelim 2016 Summer.jpg
Background Information
NameSho Takahashi
Country of BirthJapan Japan
BirthdayJanuary 16, 1995 (age 25)
RoleMid Laner
Soloqueue IDsEstel
Social Media & Links
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Team History
Jul 2014 - Oct 2015
Mid Laner
Det RFlogo std.pngDetonatioN RF
Oct 2015 - May 2017
Mid Laner
7Hlogo std.png7th heaven

Sho "Estelim" Takahashi is a retired League of Legends esports player, previously mid laner for 7th heaven.



Tournament Results[edit]

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Minimum place

Estelim Tournament Results
DatePlEventLast ResultRoster
2017-03-255 LJL 2017 Spring
2 - 8Blanklogo std.pngRR
7Hlogo std.png7h SatoRy,  Savage,  Shinmori,  Estelim,  Rokenia,  NaeMisa,  ThintoN
2016-07-303 LJL 2016 Summer
7 - 3Blanklogo std.pngRR
7Hlogo std.png7h Evi,  Corn,  Awaker,  Estelim,  Broooock,  Rokenia,  YutoriMoyashi,  ThintoN
2016-03-264 LJL 2016 Spring
5 - 5Blanklogo std.pngRR
7Hlogo std.png7h Evi,  Awaker,  Shinmori,  Estelim,  YutoriMoyashi,  ThintoN,  Beni
2016-01-11DQ JCG Premier League 2015 Winter Season
2 : 0KINGDOMlogo std.pngKNG
7Hlogo std.png7h Evi,  Awaker,  Shinmori,  Estelim,  YutoriMoyashi,  Beni,  ThintoN7
2015-07-254 LJL 2015 Season 2
5 - 5Blanklogo std.pngRR
Det RFlogo std.pngRBF YutoriMoyashi,  Rainbrain,  Estelim,  Shinmori,  Zerost,  Awaker,  Magia
2015-06-283 - 4 JCG Premier League 2015 Spring Season
0 : 2Ozone Rampagelogo std.pngOz RPG
Det RFlogo std.pngRBF YutoriMoyashi,  Rainbrain,  Shinmori,  Estelim,  Awaker
2015-03-292 LJL 2015 Season 1
0 : 3DetonatioN Gaminglogo std.pngDFM
Det RFlogo std.pngDeT RF Moyashi,  Evi,  Awakerr,  Estel,  Zerost,  7kane
2014-11-302 JCG Premier League 2014 Season 4
0 : 17Hlogo std.png7h
Det RFlogo std.pngDeT RF Moyashi,  Awaker,  Estelim,  Zerost,  7kane1
2014-07-285 - 8 JCG Premier League 2014 Season 3
1 - 2Blanklogo std.pngRR
Det RFlogo std.pngDeT RF Moyashi,  Awakerr,  Estelim,  Zerost,  7kane1,  rusaluca
2014-05-243 - 4 JCG Premier League 2014 Season 2
0 : 2Rascal Jesterlogo std.pngRJ
Det RFlogo std.pngDeT RF YutoriMoyashi,  keyboard fighter,  Awakerr,  Egg of Estelim,  zakoadc,  Rusalka


  • 2015



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