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Overview   W - L Record    

Elements Profile Mar 15.jpg
LOCATION: Europe Europe
COACHES: Patrick "Nyph" Funke back
MANAGERS: Jacob "Maelk" Toft-Andersen
link=https://www.facebook.com/Elements TwitterIcon.png
CREATED: 2015-01-08

Elements is a European team and is formerly known as Alliance.


Alliance was affected by Riot's New Rule, thus were forced to rebrand to Elements with the same starting lineup for Spring of 2015 that included Wickd, Shook, Froggen, Rekkles, and Nyph. Elements Struggled from the start of the split they Tried several players to try to fix the problems being Kev1n and Krepo. the problems were not ultimatly fixed and El ended the spring split in 7th being safe from relegation but the summer would be a rebuilding season for EL. they would bring in Jwaow in the top lane Dexter in the jungle Bring back Former ADC Tabzz and Rookie Support Player Sprattel with Nyph Moving to the coaching position. This EL roster Struggled and after week 4 Sprattel was Replaced with Nyph with tons of struggles Elements managed to get 7th place for a second split in a row to secure there place in the LCS for 2016. The Long Off Season between 2015 and 2016 was left was nothing for a roster with Mid laner Froggen leaving for NA team Echo Fox and Jwaow going to an EU Challenger team Navi, Dexter Taking a split off and Tabzz playing in EU CS qualifers with Renegades Banditos, EL Tried to sell its LCS Spot to public Knowledge. Failing to Sell in time or just the change of Decisions Kept EL under the same Org. and had the last few weeks to put together a roster. what they got was the left overs of Roccat a reject and a rookie. Elements Line up for the 2016 Spring split was Annouced as Steve_(French) , Gilius, Eika , MrRalleZ , and the Return of Sprattel . The roster was Stated to be one of the worst in the league but started out the first 3 weeks strong with a 3-3 record. how high can the Elements rise.


Player Roster

ID Name Role Next Team
France Steve Etienne Michels Top
Schalke 04
Germany Gilius Berk Demir Jungle
Schalke 04
France Eika Jérémy Valdenaire Mid
Denmark MrRalleZ Rasmus Skinneholm ADC
Schalke 04
Sweden sprattel Hampus Abrahamsson Support
Schalke 04
Poland Padamaru Bartosz Burdajewicz Top
Rzodyn Nie Jest Gorszy
Denmark Froggen Henrik Hansen Mid
Echo Fox
Netherlands Tabzz Erik van Helvert AD
Germany TheMountain Patrick Dasberg Support-Sub
Natus Vincere
Sweden Jwaow Jesper Strandgren Top
Natus Vincere
Sweden Rekkles Martin Larsson AD
Netherlands Shook Ilyas Hartsema Jungle
Copenhagen Wolves
Denmark Wickd Mike Petersen Top
Denial eSports EU
Belgium Krepo Mitch Voorspoels Support Casterlogo std.png Caster
Germany Kev1n Kevin Rubiszewski Top


ID Name Position Next Team
Germany Nyph Patrick Funke Head Coach
Schalke 04
Denmark Maelk Jacob Toft-Andersen Manager
Schalke 04

Team Achievements

In Premier Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2016-03-18 EU LCS.png 7th 2015 EULCS Spring Split 6 - 12 Group Stage/Round Robin (W-L)

In Premier Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2015-07-24 EU LCS.png 7th 2015 EU LCS Summer Split 7 : 11 Group Stage/Round Robin (W-L)
2015-03-27 EU LCS.png 7th 2015 EU LCS Spring Split 7 : 11 Group Stage/Round Robin (W-L)

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