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Esports Salon
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General Information
HostDuncan "Thorin" Shields
CountryUnited Kingdom
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Esports Salon is a round-table discussion styled talk show that covers particular topics mediated by Duncan "Thorin" Shields.

Episode List[edit]

# Date Guests Link Length Description
19 2019-06-30 Ryan Morrison, Bryce Blum and Richard Lewis VOD 106m A Few Good Contracts
18 2018-07-11 Peter Warman, Jordan Fragen, and Luke Cotton VOD 77m Importance of Data
17 2018-06-25 Bryce Blum, SirScoots, and Anna Baumann VOD 110m Player Contracts
16 2018-06-14 Carmac, Noah Whinston, and SirScoots VOD 75m Closed Leagues
15 2018-05-27 Fwiz, Noah Whinston, and theflyingdj VOD 84m Broadcast Rights
14 2018-01-14 Sideshow, Yiska, and RadoN VOD 71m Journalism in Overwatch
13 2017-12-07 lurppis and theflyingdj VOD 68m Roster Locks
12 2017-12-01 Matt Kline and Tom Newman VOD 91m Creating Supplementary Content
11 2017-11-09 Travis Gafford, Joe Ragazzo, and Riad Chikhani VOD 113m Monetising Content
10 2017-09-11 Jatt, ddk, and Blitz VOD 122m Casting Bias
9 2017-07-18 Travis Gafford, Harsha, and Sideshow VOD 132m OWL Knowns and Unknowns
8 2017-06-08 Reginald, ocelote, and HotshotGG VOD 105m LCS Franchising Era
7 2017-06-01 flame, Shakarez, and Sam Delorme VOD 116m Struggles of a Content Creator
6 2017-05-22 Jack, Noah Whinston, and MonteCristo VOD 92m Franchising and Region-Locking
5 2016-12-05 missharvey, masq, and Requine VOD 122m Women in Esports
4 2016-11-11 Drexxin, Skim, and Richard Lewis VOD 138m Esports journalism and the industry
3 2016-10-26 MonteCristo, Semmler, and Capitalist VOD 144m Riot's control over their commentators, freelancing vs. salaried work and how they see the industry developing for broadcast talent
2 2016-05-20 Bryce Blum, hastr0, and SirScoots VOD 226m Riot's control of LCS spots and the introduction of WESA in CS:GO.
1 2015-12-28 Bryce Blum, Noah Whinston, and Lazerchickn VOD 131m Transparency with player salaries in the esports industry and the impact of venture capital-backed teams entering the LCS.

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