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Espresso Snax (Item)

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Espresso Snax
Espresso Snax.png
So... much... caffeine! O_O The King bounces around, knocking back enemies and gains a shield.
Throws the Snax, which the Poro King catches in his mouth. Eating the Espresso Snax causes the Poro King to leap toward a nearby location, aiming to hit as many enemies as possible. After a brief delay, he then leaps back to his original location. Enemies hit take 40 − 190 (based on level) physical damage and are knocked aside. He also gains a decaying shield for 20% of his maximum health, lasting 4 seconds. (30 seconds cooldown).
Additional Information
LimitationsCan only be used within 850 units of the Poro King.
Map AvailabilityHA
Total Cost: Special Goldcurrency.png


  • This item is exclusive to the Legend of the Poro King game-mode.
  • Along with the 3 other Snax, this item replaces the  Poro-Snax in the trinket slot.
  • You can swap between Snax freely in the in-game shop (follows ARAM restrictions, leaving base leaves you unable to switch Snax).

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