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Date Team/Tournament Text
2019-02-19 Esports Performance Centerlogo std.pngEsports Perf Center Team rebrands to Devils.onelogo
2019-02-19 Misfits Gaminglogo std.pngMisfits Gaming Moose moves to Interim Head Coach. Jesiz moves to Player Development Coach.
2019-02-19 Future Perfect Demacialogo std.pngFuture Perfect Demacia Khomzar is set to leave.
2019-02-18 Sour Savourylogo std.pngSour Savoury Roster is set to leave its organization.
2019-02-18 Östersunds FK Esportslogo std.pngÖstersunds FK Utama joins as head coach. MrBaneBlade leaves coaching role.
2019-02-17 Illuminar Gaminglogo std.pngIlluminar Gaming Glebo joins. Raven moves to sub.
2019-02-17 Vikingekrig Esportslogo std.pngVikingekrig Esports Murloc joins as head coach.
2019-02-16 K1ck Blacklogo std.pngK1CK eSports Club Furuy and Lastwolf join. Sinistro moves to sub. Worst leaves.
2019-02-15 MCon esportslogo std.pngmCon esports Tjeesing leaves.
2019-02-15 Splycelogo std.pngSplyce Stress joins as Social Media Manager.
2019-02-14 Bulldog Esportslogo std.pngBulldog Esports Gofio joins as head coach.
2019-02-13 ESubaLogo std.pngeSuba Saulius and PiOk join. Tarky rejoins. Random and kamilius move to sub.
2019-02-13 Vikingekrig Esportslogo std.pngVikingekrig Esports Wondro, Lachtan, and Risdrengen join. Adiss and slivovica join as subs. Rau moves to sub. Gaax leaves.
2019-02-13 Extatuslogo std.pngeXtatus Jellou, Sirinox, and Sufon join. Mortsche and Shiage rejoin. Maus moves to sub. Wondro, Skot, and Taylor leave.
2019-02-13 Inside Gameslogo std.pngInside Games Flux, DyBer, Patoš, Kyoshi, and Domec join. Haklbery joins as sub. SeMike and Sufon leave.
2019-02-13 Inaequalislogo std.pngInaequalis Croka and Špalda join as subs.
2019-02-13 Wind and Rainlogo std.pngWind and Rain Nordic PiOk leaves.
2019-02-12 Sklogo std.pngSK Gaming Brokenshard moves back to head coach.
2019-02-12 Rogue (2018 European Team)logo std.pngRogue Finn and Vander join from Rogue Esports Club.
2019-02-12 Rogue (2018 European Team)logo std.pngRogue Esports Club Profit joins from Rogue. Raxxo joins.
2019-02-12 Excel Esportslogo std.pngExcel UK Exile joins from Excel Esports.
2019-02-11 RIFT Esportslogo std.pngRIFT Esports Grisen rejoins. Rufus leaves.
2019-02-11 MAD Lions E.C.logo std.pngMAD Lions Moopz leaves coaching role.
2019-02-11 Fnaticlogo std.pngFnatic Academy Team rebrands to Fnatic Risinglogo std.pngFnatic Rising. Shikari, Dan, MagiFelix, xMatty, and Prosfair join. Jandro joins as head coach.
2019-02-10 Black Lionlogo std.pngBlack Lion Alca joins.