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Date Team/Tournament Text

Crvena zvezda Esportslogo std.pngCrvena zvezda Esports qualifies for EU Masters 2019 Summer.
2019-08-18 ToxicFalcons eSportslogo std.pngToxicFalcons Lunar leaves.
2019-08-18 Team GamerLegionlogo std.pngGamerLegion Fl4mer is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
2019-08-18 Aequilibritas eSportslogo std.pngAeQ eSports D3RK1NG155 leaves.
2019-08-18 PENTA 1860logo std.pngPENTA 1860 consequent leaves.

G2 Esportslogo std.pngG2 Esports qualifies for the 2019 Season World Championship.

ASUS ROG ELITElogo std.pngASUS ROG ELITE qualifies for EU Masters 2019 Summer.
2019-08-17 Vikingekrig Esportslogo std.pngVikingekrig Esports Hardy joins from Vikingekrig Academy.
2019-08-17 Team GamerLegionlogo std.pngGamerLegion Seaz is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
2019-08-17 Aequilibritas eSportslogo std.pngAeQ eSports Sky leaves.
2019-08-16 AS Trenčín esportslogo std.pngAS Trenčín Sawyor joins. SeMike moves to support.
2019-08-16 Vikingekrig Esportslogo std.pngVikingekrig Esports Sawyor leaves.
2019-08-16 The Planlogo std.pngThe Plan Apples leaves.

The Final Tribelogo std.pngThe Final Tribe and FALKNlogo std.pngFALKN qualify for EU Masters 2019 Summer.
2019-08-16 Ventus Esportslogo std.pngVentus Esports Risdrengen, Divider, Markoon, Godbro, Reje, and Fittle leave. Karolis and Kælegrisen leave manager roles.
2019-08-16 ToxicFalcons eSportslogo std.pngToxicFalcons BE Phoenix, Nikolex, Valyrian, Vrow, and Atrocez join. Ardes and Slyv3r rejoin.
2019-08-16 WiLD MultiGaminglogo std.pngWiLD MultiGaming Sk1nzor joins as a temporary sub.
2019-08-16 Team GamerLegionlogo std.pngGamerLegion Glowing is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
2019-08-16 Ad Hoc Gaminglogo std.pngAd Hoc Gaming SplitDis is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.

Fnatic Risinglogo std.pngFnatic Rising qualifies for EU Masters 2019 Summer.
2019-08-15 MOBA ROGlogo std.pngMOBA ROG Counter leaves.
2019-08-15 PENTA 1860logo std.pngPENTA 1860 Barcode leaves.
2019-08-14 PENTA 1860logo std.pngPENTA 1860 Rabble leaves.
2019-08-14 DIVIZONlogo std.pngDIVIZON sLiM5h4dY leaves.
2019-08-14 Logo std.pngTempered_Fate Unravel and Zeniv leave.