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Face Check
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General Information
HostDoA and Saintvicious
CountryUnited States
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Face Check is a weekly show produced by Vulcun and hosted by Erik "DoA" Lonnquist and Brandon "Saintvicious" DiMarco. The show usually has a guest host who joins in the discussion of current League of Legends pro-scene topics and fantasy esports.

Episode List[edit]

# Date VOD Length Guest
13 2015-11-10 VOD 51m Charlie Lipsie
12 2015-10-27 VOD 63m InnerFlame
11 2015-10-20 VOD 58m Cris
10 2015-10-12 VOD 75m Dentist
9 2015-09-08 VOD 59m HISTORY TEACHER
8 2015-09-01 VOD 62m Brokenshard
7 2015-08-25 VOD 67m Meteos
6 2015-08-18 VOD 67m YamatoCannon
5 2015-08-11 VOD 57m Peter Zhang
4 2015-08-04 VOD 61m Froskurinn
3 2015-07-28 VOD 63m Bjergsen
2 2015-07-21 VOD 62m Dexter
1 2015-07-13 VOD 64m Mash

*While DoA was away casting Worlds 2015, Brokenshard temporarily took his place in episodes 10-13.