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"First Blood" is a talk show co-hosted by Richard Lewis, Brokenshard, and NintendudeX. Each week it has an additional guest. The show contrasts itself to Summoning Insight in that while the latter is focused on analysis, First Blood is more focused on news and the current state of the scene.

Episode List[edit]

# Date Participants Links Length Topics
22 2016-01-04 Richard Lewis, Brokenshard, and Dentist VOD 117m Chat about happenings in the LoL scene during December, such as Ember releasing player salaries
21 2015-12-10 Richard Lewis, Brokenshard, and NintendudeX VOD 100m Discussing what they missed after coming back from a long hiatus.
20 2015-05-03 Richard Lewis, Brokenshard, and Dentist VOD 92m Coaching in eSports, Cloud9 and Incarnation, Forgiven and SK, Altec Leaving Winterfox, buyouts and organization management, Krepo Retires, Elements Lineup.
19 2015-04-02 Richard Lewis, Brokenshard, and SoulDra VOD 185m Featuring Gamers2's coach SoulDra. Reddit drama, Gamers2, April Fool's day, EU rumors, and more.
18 2015-03-21 Richard Lewis and LS VOD 120m Featuring the coach for Gravity, Nick "LS" De Cesare. Coaching in NA, LS's team history, IEM, and individual team discussions.
17 2015-02-17 Richard Lewis, Bryce Blum, Anna Baumann, Sam VOD 116m ...
16 2015-02-11 Richard Lewis, Brokenshard, Dentist, Weldon, Sam VOD 135m ...
15 2015-02-05 Richard Lewis, Brokenshard, Sky, Kubz VOD 183m ...
14 2015-01-23 Richard Lewis and Bryce Blum VOD 167m Ever wondered what an e-sports lawyer does? Or what they make of an LCS contract? How do they feel about these recent rule changes? We spoke with one on air to find out.
13 2015-01-19 Richard Lewis, Brokenshard, Flyy, Nukeduck, Pr0lly VOD 172m Roster swaps, LCS predictions, LPL and more.
12 2015-01-08 Richard Lewis, Brokenshard, and Impaler VOD 163m Roster swaps, LCS predictions
11 2014-12-29 Richard Lewis, Brokenshard, NintendudeX, P1noy VOD 137m Roster swaps, IEM results
10 2014-12-12 Richard Lewis, Brokenshard, Flyy, Pr0lly VOD 125m Pr0lly's time on compLexity, ROCCAT, IEM, Nukeduck and Mithy, SHC, Fnatic, CLG, Curse
9 2014-12-06 Richard Lewis, Brokenshard, Kubz, Elementz VOD 169m EU expansion, Scripting Accusations, Witchhunting, Patch 4.20, Korean Preseason, NA Expansion Predictions
8 2014-11-26 Richard Lewis, Brokenshard, Kubz, Flyy VOD 189m EU Roster swaps, NA & EU expansion tournaments, IEM San Jose & Cologne
7 2014-11-20 Richard Lewis, Brokenshard, NintendudeX, Kubz VOD 169m Roster swaps, the drama surrounding Kubz, Team Fusion & Team Confusion issue, expansion tournament, LCS coaches, Riot rulings
6 2014-11-12 Richard Lewis, Brokenshard, NintendudeX, Gilius VOD 128m Fnatic, Voyboy, DDoSing, Brokenshard, ZionSpartan, Team Fusion, Saintvicious, Deft to EDG, Reason Gaming
5 2014-11-5 Richard Lewis, Brokenshard, NintendudeX, VandeR VOD 151m Roster Moves, possible EG/CW disbandings, compLexity rosters, IEM San Jose
4 2014-10-29 Richard Lewis, Brokenshard, NintendudeX, Wickd VOD 157m Team Coast roster changes, Tabzz/Rekkles situation, more roster swap drama, importance of coaches
3 2014-10-23 Richard Lewis, Brokenshard, NintendudeX, CandyPanda VOD 169m World finals, roster swap drama
2 2014-10-15 Richard Lewis, Brokenshard, NintendudeX, Gleeb VOD 124m Recent roster changes, Worlds, Gleeb on TSM
1 2014-10-08 Richard Lewis, Brokenshard, and NintendudeX VOD 172m Recent drama, roster changes, Worlds results