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Flight Path
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TeamFlyQuestlogo std.pngFlyQuest
CountryUnited States
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"Flight Path" is a show featuring the players and staff of FlyQuest; in it, they discuss upcoming matchups and game analysis, usually in a non-serious and lighthearted tone.

Episode List[edit]

# Date VOD Length Title
14 2019-07-04 VOD 4m21s Pobelter and V1per celebrate Independence Day in style
13 2019-06-27 VOD 4m21s Wadid's predictions for Rift Rivals
12 2019-06-21 VOD 4m24s Pobelter picks who he would eat first
11 2019-06-14 VOD 4m12s Piranhas and Pink Dolphins JayJ and Invert head to Brazil
10 2019-06-07 VOD 4m06s WildTurtle and V1per head to China
9 2019-03-21 VOD 3m58s League of Legends March Madness
8 2019-03-14 VOD 4m25s Pobelter and V1per are Lucky Charms
7 2019-03-07 VOD 4m12s Santorin and JayJ visit CBLOL (ft. Shrimp!)
6 2019-02-28 VOD 3m36s WildTurtle and Pobelter Visit a Zoo
5 2019-02-21 VOD 4m09s V1per and Invert shove balls into their mouth
4 2019-02-14 VOD 3m49s Pobelter and JayJ LCS Predictions
3 2019-02-07 VOD 2m58s WildTurtle and Santorin discuss Echo Fox, Team Liquid
2 2019-02-01 VOD 2m23s Pobelter and JayJ go to Space
1 2019-01-24 VOD 3m17s Santorin and V1per Predictions for LCS

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