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Fox Tales
General Information
TeamEcho Foxlogo std.pngEcho Fox
CountryUnited States
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"Fox Tales" is a documentary/introduction series that covers one specific Echo Fox player's story. For completion's sake, all episodes are listed here, including Echo Fox players that are involved with different games or esports.

Episode List[edit]

# Date VOD Length Player
11 2019-05-31 VOD 9m14s Lost
10 2019-05-15 VOD 7m30s Panda
9 2019-05-01 VOD 9m45s Yusui
8 2019-04-17 VOD 11m06s Lourlo
7 2019-04-02 VOD 12m14s Solo
6 2019-03-18 VOD 10m11s Apollo
5 2019-02-27 VOD 10m11s Hakuho
4 2019-02-13 VOD 10m50s Rush
3 2019-01-30 VOD 8m26s Fenix
2 2018-08-18 VOD 6m06s Huni
1 2018-07-12 VOD 15m27s Kyle Mason (Gears of War)

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