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Player has retired.
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Background Information
NameStrong Belwas
Country of BirthEstonia Estonia
Favorite Champs
Social Media & Links
Infobox Facebook Fanpagelogo std.png
Team History
??? ???? - Jun 2012
Logo std.pngLuna Gaming
Jun 2012 - Jul 2012
Logo std.pngTeamless
??? 2013 - ??? 2013
Eglogo std.pngEvil Geniuses

Strong "frogurt" Belwas is a retired League of Legends esports player, previously jungler for Evil Geniuses.



  • He is considered to be one of the best
    Twisted Fate
    players in Europe.
  • Subbed for as their jungler when Snoopeh was in Las Vegas for the Riot World Invitational.
  • Also known as "the loch ness monster" of EUW solo queue for appearing rarely in high elo.
  • Once stole Baron Nashor with Alistars Trample ability.

Tournament Results[edit]

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Minimum place

Frogurt Tournament Results
DatePlEventLast ResultRoster
2013-04-242 EUW Challenger Series #1
1 : 3Sinners Never Sleeplogo std.pngSNS
Atnlogo std.pngaTn Kerp,  frogurt,  Araneae,  Forellenlord,  Creaton,  jree
2013-03-202 Solomid EU Invitational 2
1 : 2Mymlogo std.pngMYM
Atnlogo std.pngaTn Kerp,  Araneae,  frogurt,  Forellenlord,  Metalx,  Fisch,  Jree
2012-10-022 ESL Major Series 10
0 : 2Fnaticlogo std.pngFNC
Atnlogo std.pngaTn Kerp,  Frogurt,  ForellenLord,  Metalx,  Leofromkorea
2012-09-173 EmpireTV Challenge
1 : 2Fnaticlogo std.pngFNC
Moscow Fivelogo std.pngM5 GoSu Pepper,  Diamondprox,  frogurt,  Darien,  Alex Ich,  Forellenlord,  Genja,  SuportForTheWin,  XL Winner
2012-08-034 IPL Elites - Europe
0 : 2Fnaticlogo std.pngFNC
Logo std.pngTEAM Youngbuck,  frogurt,  Tabzz,  Metalx,  Kerp
2012-07-257 - 8 Absolute Arena Invitational
0 : 1Fnaticlogo std.pngFNC
Logo std.pngTEAM Kerp,  YoungBuck,  frogurt,  Tabzz,  Metalx,  Lounet,  LoordN
2012-07-195 - 6 League of Champions July
0 : 1Team Curselogo std.pngCrs EU
Logo std.pngTEAM Kerp,  frogurt,  Tabzz,  Metalx,  Lounet
2012-05-142 Solomid EU Invitational 1
2 : 3Natus Vincerelogo std.pngNa'Vi
CLGlogo2 std.pngCLG EU Wickd,  frogurt,  Froggen,  yellowpete,  Krepo
2012-04-253 - 4 All or Nothing 2
1 : 2Absolute Legendslogo std.pngAL
Logo std.pngLUNA ImbaaaSheep,  frogurt,  Kerp,  RHadox,  Phar


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