Glimpse of the Void

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Buff was removed in Patch 7.9.
Glimpse of the Void
Doom's Eve.png
This unit has the following bonuses:
  • 5% damage reduction while no allied champions nearby, and gain corruption charges continuously.
  • Corruption: At 100 charges, your next basic attack discharges all stacks of Corruption, dealing 15 - 270 magic damage (at levels 1-18, damage halved for ranged champions).
Additional Information
Map AvailabilitySR
SourceKilling [[
Lost On DeathNo

The Glimpse of the Void is a neutral buff granted upon killing the [[
]]. This buff is not to be confused with the passive effect of  Eye of the Herald, Glimpse of the Void's successor.



  • This buff used to have great synergy with the Mastery Runic Affinity.png Runic Affinity mastery as it upgraded the buff's duration by 3 minutes.
  • This buff was renamed from  Doom's Eve in Patch 6.9.

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Patch History[edit]

Patch 7.9

Rift Herald has new visuals, a new fighting style, and can be summoned to wreak havoc to turrets.

We always wanted Rift Herald to be a compelling objective up toward top, but she’s historically failed to earn her place on the map. So, we revisited the encounter and its rewards for midseason. With a brand new fighting style (but same lack of protective eyewear), Rift Herald will feel like a more epic fight. Once defeated, the big changes come into play. She is imprisoned in a trinket that can be crushed to summon her. Once unleashed, she marches down to the nearest lane, ignoring enemy champions in her mindless drive to slam turrets (and inhibitors and the Nexus) into little pieces until killed. So maybe try to kill her while you still have a base left.

REMOVED Glimpse of the Void has been replaced by the
Eye of the Herald

Patch 6.9
Now only spawns once. Rift Herald’s buff lasts an incredibly long time, persists through death, and provides amazing dueling .

Now that Rift Herald’s been out for nearly half a year, it’s time to reevaluate our goals. Originally added to introducnew dynamic between both halves of the Rift, Herald hasn’t quite made the splash we hoped for. Instead of driving action to the top side of the map, the Doom's Eve buff comes with too many conditions to be universally appreciated. Do i take this before or after taking a turret? Do I take it instead of a turret? When you trade lane pressure to take something that gives lane pressure, things get pretty muddy.
That brings us to today. When optimized, junglers solo Rift Herald with very little help or notice from their team and farm camps until it’s time to group. This wouldn’t matter much, except that no one seems to care about taking it. ‘Are they bot? Eh, we’ll take Herald a guess.’ Even after RH falls, there's no clear game impact a someone’s just ambiguously stronger foshort period of time. With Midseason incoming and an objective falling short of strategic significance, we went back to the drawing board.
With 6.9, we’re eliminating the confusion and refocusing Rift Herald to be an objective you really don’t want to give away for free. Enabling snowballing and split-pushers alike, Herald is a one-time event that puts the team it falls to firmly in the driver’s seat for the early stages of the game.

UPDATED Glimpse of the Void

NAME : [Doom’s Eve] Glimpse of the Void
DURATION : [2:00] 20:00
CORRUPTED BLOOD Glimpse of the Void is not lost on death or obtaining Hand of Baron
CORRUPTION : While no allied champions are near you, you gain 5% damage reduction against champions and continuously build charges of Corruption. At 100 charges, your next basic attack discharges all stacks of Corruption, dealing 15-270 magic damage (at levels 1-18, damage halved for ranged champions).

Patch 5.22
Even a Baron has its subjects.

As it stands, the bottom lane is the only 'correct' area of early game focus, warping teams' choices of summoner spells, champions and strategies in a never-ending arms race that's culminated in the modern-era Teleport-pocalypse. With so many team resources tied up in this problem, we set out to see if we could even up the map.
Enter the Rift Herald.
As an objective, Herald gives a reason to dominate the top lane and something to miss if you Teleport away. Providing a powerful buff that enables split-pushing (as well as an encounter as difficult as any in League at the moment), its presence adds relevance to the northern side of the map, giving teams alternative strategies to pursue or a counter-move to make when the going gets tough down south.

BREAK THE PINATA : Slaying Rift Herald grants 50 gold to your team and Doom's Eve to whoever lands the killing blow for 2 minutes.
DOOM'S EVE : Rift Herald's slayer gains the following bonuses:
  • 10% increased damage
  • 40 movement speed
  • Enhanced Baron Recall
HERALD'S LEGION : Minions near Rift Herald's slayer gain the following bonuses:
  • 40% increased attack speed
  • 100 extra range (on Cannon Minions)