Goat Esports

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Goat Esports
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Team Information
Team Location
Costa Rica
Latin America
OwnerIsaac Campos
Head CoachGabriel "Nova" Sibaja
CreatedOrganization 2018-01
LoL Division 2020-03-15
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Goat Esports is a Costa Rican electronic sports organization founded in January 2018 by Isaac Campos Sánchez (President). They were previously known as Goat Riders eSports.


2018 - 2019 Season[edit]

The organization creates its League of Legends team, initiating its competition within Costa Rica's minor league, the Tico Circuit of Legends also known as CTL. At the hands of his coach Silvio "Yoma" Carrasco thus forging his first appearances within the competitive arena.

2020 Season[edit]

For this year, the organization has been chosen to participate in the new format of Liga Tica de Leyendas. Making a renewal of the roster with the acquisition of the academy team of the OG Esports organization, led by their coach Gabriel "Nova" Sibaja, keeping one of the players who competed in the league. Junior last year Kevin "Navi" Artavia, determined to win the league and qualify for the next stage.

Additionally, the organization has the support of its new commercial partner Infinet Media, a Costa Rican company specialized in digital marketing, which seeks to be a pioneer and exponent as a sports marketing agency in Costa Rica and its due expansion at a global level.

In August 2020, organization announced that it was rebranding to Goat Esports.


  • 2020

Player Roster[edit]


R C ID Name Role Next Team Joined Left
Pyro Oscar Reina 11Top None 2020-03-182020-03-18 2020-08-272020-08-27
Dincht Daniel Jiménez 12Jungle None 2020-03-182020-03-18 2020-08-272020-08-27
Drextar Francisco Robles 13Mid None 2020-03-182020-03-18 2020-08-272020-08-27
Roski José Gutiérrez 13Mid None 2020-07-042020-07-04 2020-08-272020-08-27
Derkonsito Matías Álvarez 14Bot None 2020-03-182020-03-18 2020-08-272020-08-27
MrDerpyPotato Carlos Solano 15Support None 2020-03-182020-03-18 2020-08-272020-08-27
Taly Audaly Acevedo 23Sub/Mid None 2020-03-182020-03-18 2020-08-272020-08-27
Navi Kevin Artavia 24Sub/Bot None 2018-03-182018-03-18 2020-08-272020-08-27



C ID Name Position
Isaac Campos Founder, Owner, & CEO
Nova Gabriel Sibaja Head Coach
Inception Daniel Ojeda Assistant Coach


C ID Name Position Next Team
Shiroryuu Manuel Sanabria Analyst Goat Esportslogo std.pngGoat Academy
Yoma Silvio Carrasco Co-Owner & Esports Manager None
Karlos Ávila Co-Owner, Marketing, & Brand Manager None


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Minimum place

Goat Esports Tournament Results - Show Prize as (LocalUSDEuros)
DatePlPrizeEventLast ResultRoster
2020-08-093$2,400$ 2,400$2,400 LTL 2020 Season Playoffs
3 : 1Another Troll Teamlogo std.pngANT
 Pyro,  Dincht,  Roski,  Derkonsito,  DerpyPotato,  Nova
2020-07-203 LTL 2020 Season - Group B
5-3-5Blanklogo std.pngRR
 Pyro,  Dincht,  Drextar,  Taly,  Roski,  Derkonsito,  DerpyPotato,  Nova
Total Prize:USD 2,400