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Golden Guardians
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Team Information
Org LocationUnited States United States
 North America
Head CoachNick "Inero" Smith
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Current Roster
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Golden Guardians is an American esports organization operated by the NBA team Golden State Warriors.


2018 Season[edit]

Spring Split[edit]

Golden Guardians was one of four new teams awarded a slot in the newly franchised LCS. The roster for their first split consisted of former Team Liquid top laner and support Lourlo and Matt, former Cloud9 jungler Contractz, veteran mid laner Hai, and rookie AD carry Deftly, with former TSM and Liquid coach Locodoco. They were the only team in the 2018 Spring Split to have a roster consisting solely of North American players, but were also predicted to be a bottom tier team partly for that reason. These predictions proved prescient once the season began, as Golden Guardians were the last NALCS team to record a win to start the season, and finished the first half 1-8. Locodoco was also fired by the team after only two weeks of play, allegedly due to making inappropriate remarks to a female Riot employee, and was replaced by assistant coach Akiri. The team did show some improvements in the second half of the season, recording wins over the stronger Team Liquid and Echo Fox, but failed to reverse their early season misfortunes, finishing tenth with a 4-14 record, well out of the playoff picture.


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  • 2018
  • 2019

Player Roster[edit]


Contract Expiration Notice: To prevent over-reporting of changes, we are keeping players with expired contracts listed here until either (a) an announcement is made from the player or the team about their departure; (b) the player joins another team; or (c) the 2020 season begins & the player is not re-added to the GCD, whichever happens first.
R C ID Name Role Contract Ends Joined

Hauntzer Kevin Yarnell 2Top Laner 2020-11-17 2018-11-29

Closer Can Çelik 3Jungler 2022-11-15 2019-11-20

Froggen Henrik Hansen 4Mid Laner 2020-11-17 2018-12-06

Goldenglue Greyson Gilmer 5Mid Laner 2021-11-16 2019-11-20

FBI Victor Huang 6Bot Laner 2021-11-16 2019-07-05

Huhi Choi Jae-hyun (최재현) 7Support 2020-11-17 2019-07-05

Keith Yuri Jew 8Support 2020-11-17 2019-11-22

Olleh Kim Joo-sung (김주성) 9Support 2020-11-17 2018-11-30
Note: Teams are free to switch players between their LCS and Academy League rosters as long as their roster for each game complies with the rules outlined in this article. Therefore, more players are eligible to start than are listed on this page - we will only list those that do play.


R C ID Name Role Next Team Joined Left

Contractz Juan Garcia 12Jungler 100 Thieveslogo std.png100 Thieves Academy 2017-12-132017-12-13 2019-12-022019-12-02

Deftly Matthew Chen 14Bot Laner Cloud9logo std.pngCloud9 Academy 2017-12-132017-12-13 2019-07-172019-07-17

Lourlo Samson Jackson 11Top Laner Echo Foxlogo std.pngEcho Fox 2017-12-132017-12-13 2018-12-062018-12-06

Matt Matthew Elento 15Support Team Liquid Academylogo std.pngTeam Liquid Academy 2017-12-132017-12-13 2018-12-062018-12-06

Mickey Son Young-min (손영민) 13Mid Laner APK Princelogo std.pngAPK Prince 2018-04-232018-04-23 2018-10-272018-10-27

Xpecial Alex Chu (朱啓恩) 25Sub/Sup Harrisburg Universitylogo std.pngHarrisburg University 2018-04-232018-04-23 2018-08-212018-08-21

Hai Hai Lam 13Mid Laner Radiancelogo std.pngRadiance 2017-12-132017-12-13 2018-04-232018-04-23



C ID Name Position

Hunter Leigh Head of Esports

Spellsy Daniel Biery 90Director of Operations

Mark Mark Register Director of Video Production

Crystal Au Art Director
Rachel Ho Social Media Manager

Danan Danan Flander General Manager

Jonathon Jonathon McDaniel Assistant General Manager

Inero Nick Smith 90Head Coach

ChuChuZ Aaron Bland 90Assistant Coach

Jimmy Jimmy Harrison 90Player Performance Coach

Potluck Nicholas Pollock 90Two-Way Player Coach

Spookz Samuel Broadley 90Two-Way Player Coach
Ji Eun Ji Eun Shin Team Operations Specialist


C ID Name Position Next Team

Morissette Daniel Morissette 90Interim Head Coach Golden Guardianslogo std.pngGolden Guardians Academy

dGon Daniel Gonzales Team Manager Radiancelogo std.pngRadiance

Xpecial Alex Chu 90Assistant Coach Harrisburg Universitylogo std.pngHarrisburg University

Real Sam Joy Assistant Coach None

Zercei Jeff Prasad Assistant Coach None

Tyler Tyler Perron 90Head Coach Echo Foxlogo std.pngEcho Fox

Locodoco Choi Yoon-seop (최윤섭) 90Head Coach None

Player League Participation[edit]

Note that tiebreaker games ARE included in this display even though they are typically not included for regular-season records.


HaiCloud9logo std.pngCloud9logo std.pngCloud9logo std.pngCloud9logo std.pngCloud9logo std.pngCloud9logo std.pngFlyQuestlogo std.pngFlyQuestlogo std.pngGolden Guardianslogo std.png233
LourloTeam Liquidlogo std.pngTeam Liquidlogo std.pngTeam Liquidlogo std.pngTeam Liquidlogo std.pngGolden Guardianslogo std.pngGolden Guardianslogo std.pngEcho Foxlogo std.png194
MattTeam Liquidlogo std.pngTeam Liquidlogo std.pngTeam Liquidlogo std.pngTeam Liquidlogo std.pngGolden Guardianslogo std.pngGolden Guardianslogo std.png178
ContractzCloud9logo std.pngCloud9logo std.pngGolden Guardianslogo std.pngGolden Guardianslogo std.pngGolden Guardianslogo std.pngGolden Guardianslogo std.png163
DeftlyGolden Guardianslogo std.pngGolden Guardianslogo std.pngGolden Guardianslogo std.pngCloud9logo std.png
Golden Guardianslogo std.png
MickeyTeam Liquidlogo std.pngGolden Guardianslogo std.png22
BobqinGolden Guardianslogo std.png2
HauntzerGravitylogo std.pngGravitylogo std.pngTeam SoloMidlogo std.pngTeam SoloMidlogo std.pngTeam SoloMidlogo std.pngTeam SoloMidlogo std.pngTeam SoloMidlogo std.pngTeam SoloMidlogo std.pngGolden Guardianslogo std.pngGolden Guardianslogo std.png262
FroggenEcho Foxlogo std.pngEcho Foxlogo std.pngEcho Foxlogo std.pngEcho Foxlogo std.pngGolden Guardianslogo std.pngGolden Guardianslogo std.png173
OllehImmortalslogo std.pngImmortalslogo std.pngTeam Liquidlogo std.pngTeam Liquidlogo std.pngGolden Guardianslogo std.pngGolden Guardianslogo std.png154
HuhiCounter Logic Gaminglogo std.pngCounter Logic Gaminglogo std.pngCounter Logic Gaminglogo std.pngCounter Logic Gaminglogo std.pngCounter Logic Gaminglogo std.pngCounter Logic Gaminglogo std.png100 Thieveslogo std.pngGolden Guardianslogo std.png213
FBIGolden Guardianslogo std.png11


This table shows up to the 10 most recent results. For complete results, click here.

Minimum place

Golden Guardians Tournament Results - Show Prize as (LocalUSDEuros)
DatePlPrizeEventLast ResultRoster
LCS 2019 Summer
8 - 10Blanklogo std.pngRR

2019-03-300050065 - 6
LCS 2019 Spring Playoffs
2 : 3FlyQuestlogo std.pngFLY

LCS 2019 Spring
9 - 9Blanklogo std.pngRR

NA LCS 2018 Summer
5 - 13Blanklogo std.pngRR

 Ji Eun
NA LCS 2018 Spring
4 - 14Blanklogo std.pngRR

Total Prize:USD 0





  • 2017
  • 2018
  • 2019

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