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GL 2019 Closing Season
Golden League.png
Tournament Information
Riot Games
Location & Dates
 Latin America
Event TypeOnline
CountryColombia Colombia
Start Date2019-06-03
End Date2019-07-16
Streams Twitch
ScheduleSpoiler-Free Schedule
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The Golden League is the biggest League of Legends championship and one of the most important esports events in Colombia. The teams compete for a prize pool and the chance to fight for a spot in the LLA. It's organized by the Spanish Liga de Videojuegos Profesional.



  • Eight teams participate
  • 8 weeks.
  • Double Round Robin.
  • Each match is best of one.
  • Regular Season Placement:
    • 1st-6th place advance to the Playoffs, with 1st and 2nd receiving byes.


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GL 2019 Closing Standings
1Infinity Esports Colombialogo std.pngInfinity Esports Colombia12 - 286%2L
2VAULTlogo std.pngVAULT10 - 471%6W
3MAD Lions E.C. Colombialogo std.pngMAD Lions E.C. Colombia19 - 564%2W
4Loto Gaminglogo std.pngLoto Gaming8 - 657%2W
5Wild Jaguarslogo std.pngWild Jaguars8 - 657%3W
6DP5 Makioslogo std.pngDP5 Makios6 - 843%3L
7Chi Armylogo std.pngChi Army2 - 1214%2L
8Kaizen Esportslogo std.pngKaizen Esports21 - 137%3L
1 Week 1: MAD Lions E.C. Colombia was forced to surrender due to not completing the roster for the game.[1]
2 Week 2: Kaizen Esports was forced to surrender due to technical issues.[2]

Match Schedule[edit]

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Patch: 9.10
Week 1
Tue 4 Jun - Wed 5 JunWed 5 Jun - Thu 6 JunWed 5 Jun - Thu 6 Jun2019,6,05,00,00 - 2019,6,06,03,00
Tue 2019-06-04
Wed 2019-06-05
Wed 2019-06-05
CHIChi Armylogo std.png01DP5 Makioslogo std.pngDP5M
LTGLoto Gaminglogo std.pngWFFMAD Lions E.C. Colombialogo std.pngMLC1
INF.CInfinity Esports Colombialogo std.png10Kaizen Esportslogo std.pngKZN
VLTVAULTlogo std.png10Wild Jaguarslogo std.pngWJ
Wed 2019-06-05
Thu 2019-06-06
Thu 2019-06-06
DP5MDP5 Makioslogo std.png01Chi Armylogo std.pngCHI
MLCMAD Lions E.C. Colombialogo std.png01Loto Gaminglogo std.pngLTG
KZNKaizen Esportslogo std.png01Infinity Esports Colombialogo std.pngINF.C
WJWild Jaguarslogo std.png10VAULTlogo std.pngVLT
Patch: 9.11
Week 2
Mon 10 Jun - Tue 11 JunTue 11 Jun - Wed 12 JunTue 11 Jun - Wed 12 Jun2019,6,11,00,00 - 2019,6,12,03,00
Mon 2019-06-10
Tue 2019-06-11
Tue 2019-06-11
INF.CInfinity Esports Colombialogo std.png10Wild Jaguarslogo std.pngWJ
DP5MDP5 Makioslogo std.png01MAD Lions E.C. Colombialogo std.pngMLC
2KZNKaizen Esportslogo std.pngFFWVAULTlogo std.pngVLT
CHIChi Armylogo std.png01Loto Gaminglogo std.pngLTG
Tue 2019-06-11
Wed 2019-06-12
Wed 2019-06-12
WJWild Jaguarslogo std.png01Infinity Esports Colombialogo std.pngINF.C
MLCMAD Lions E.C. Colombialogo std.png10DP5 Makioslogo std.pngDP5M
VLTVAULTlogo std.png10Kaizen Esportslogo std.pngKZN
LTGLoto Gaminglogo std.png10Chi Armylogo std.pngCHI
Patch: 9.11
Week 3
Mon 17 Jun - Tue 18 JunTue 18 Jun - Wed 19 JunTue 18 Jun - Wed 19 Jun2019,6,18,00,00 - 2019,6,19,03,00
Mon 2019-06-17
Tue 2019-06-18
Tue 2019-06-18
DP5MDP5 Makioslogo std.png10Kaizen Esportslogo std.pngKZN
CHIChi Armylogo std.png01Infinity Esports Colombialogo std.pngINF.C
MLCMAD Lions E.C. Colombialogo std.png10Wild Jaguarslogo std.pngWJ
LTGLoto Gaminglogo std.png10VAULTlogo std.pngVLT
Tue 2019-06-18
Wed 2019-06-19
Wed 2019-06-19
KZNKaizen Esportslogo std.png01DP5 Makioslogo std.pngDP5M
INF.CInfinity Esports Colombialogo std.png10Chi Armylogo std.pngCHI
WJWild Jaguarslogo std.png10MAD Lions E.C. Colombialogo std.pngMLC
VLTVAULTlogo std.png10Loto Gaminglogo std.pngLTG
Patch: 9.12
Week 4
Mon 24 Jun - Tue 25 JunTue 25 Jun - Wed 26 JunTue 25 Jun - Wed 26 Jun2019,6,25,00,00 - 2019,6,26,03,00
Mon 2019-06-24
Tue 2019-06-25
Tue 2019-06-25
KZNKaizen Esportslogo std.png01Wild Jaguarslogo std.pngWJ
CHIChi Armylogo std.png01MAD Lions E.C. Colombialogo std.pngMLC
DP5MDP5 Makioslogo std.png10Loto Gaminglogo std.pngLTG
INF.CInfinity Esports Colombialogo std.png10VAULTlogo std.pngVLT
Tue 2019-06-25
Wed 2019-06-26
Wed 2019-06-26
WJWild Jaguarslogo std.png10Kaizen Esportslogo std.pngKZN
VLTVAULTlogo std.png01Infinity Esports Colombialogo std.pngINF.C
MLCMAD Lions E.C. Colombialogo std.png10Chi Armylogo std.pngCHI
LTGLoto Gaminglogo std.png01DP5 Makioslogo std.pngDP5M
Patch: 9.12
Week 5
Mon 1 Jul - Tue 2 JulTue 2 Jul - Wed 3 JulTue 2 Jul - Wed 3 Jul2019,7,02,00,00 - 2019,7,03,03,00
Mon 2019-07-01
Tue 2019-07-02
Tue 2019-07-02
CHIChi Armylogo std.png01VAULTlogo std.pngVLT
LTGLoto Gaminglogo std.png10Wild Jaguarslogo std.pngWJ
KZNKaizen Esportslogo std.png01MAD Lions E.C. Colombialogo std.pngMLC
DP5MDP5 Makioslogo std.png01Infinity Esports Colombialogo std.pngINF.C
Tue 2019-07-02
Wed 2019-07-03
Wed 2019-07-03
VLTVAULTlogo std.png10Chi Armylogo std.pngCHI
WJWild Jaguarslogo std.png10Loto Gaminglogo std.pngLTG
MLCMAD Lions E.C. Colombialogo std.png10Kaizen Esportslogo std.pngKZN
INF.CInfinity Esports Colombialogo std.png10DP5 Makioslogo std.pngDP5M
Patch: 9.13
Week 6
Mon 8 Jul - Tue 9 JulTue 9 Jul - Wed 10 JulTue 9 Jul - Wed 10 Jul2019,7,09,00,00 - 2019,7,10,03,00
Mon 2019-07-08
Tue 2019-07-09
Tue 2019-07-09
DP5MDP5 Makioslogo std.png10Wild Jaguarslogo std.pngWJ
CHIChi Armylogo std.png01Kaizen Esportslogo std.pngKZN
INF.CInfinity Esports Colombialogo std.png10Loto Gaminglogo std.pngLTG
MLCMAD Lions E.C. Colombialogo std.png01VAULTlogo std.pngVLT
Tue 2019-07-09
Wed 2019-07-10
Wed 2019-07-10
WJWild Jaguarslogo std.png10DP5 Makioslogo std.pngDP5M
KZNKaizen Esportslogo std.png01Chi Armylogo std.pngCHI
LTGLoto Gaminglogo std.png01Infinity Esports Colombialogo std.pngINF.C
VLTVAULTlogo std.png10MAD Lions E.C. Colombialogo std.pngMLC
Patch: 9.13
Week 7
Mon 15 Jul - Wed 17 JulTue 16 Jul - Thu 18 JulTue 16 Jul - Thu 18 Jul2019,7,16,00,00 - 2019,7,18,00,00
Mon 2019-07-15
Tue 2019-07-16
Tue 2019-07-16
KZNKaizen Esportslogo std.png01Loto Gaminglogo std.pngLTG
INF.CInfinity Esports Colombialogo std.png01MAD Lions E.C. Colombialogo std.pngMLC
DP5MDP5 Makioslogo std.png01VAULTlogo std.pngVLT
CHIChi Armylogo std.png01Wild Jaguarslogo std.pngWJ
Tue 2019-07-16
Wed 2019-07-17
Wed 2019-07-17
LTGLoto Gaminglogo std.png10Kaizen Esportslogo std.pngKZN
MLCMAD Lions E.C. Colombialogo std.png10Infinity Esports Colombialogo std.pngINF.C
VLTVAULTlogo std.png10DP5 Makioslogo std.pngDP5M
Wed 2019-07-17
Thu 2019-07-18
Thu 2019-07-18
WJWild Jaguarslogo std.png10Chi Armylogo std.pngCHI3
Patch: 9.13
Wed 17 JulThu 18 JulThu 18 Jul2019,7,18,02,00 - 2019,7,18,02,00
Wed 2019-07-17
Thu 2019-07-18
Thu 2019-07-18
WJWild Jaguarslogo std.png01Loto Gaminglogo std.pngLTG
1 MAD Lions E.C. Colombia was forced to surrender due to not completing the roster for the game.[1]
2 Kaizen Esports was forced to surrender due to technical issues.[2]
3 Week 7: Match rescheduled due to broadcast issues.

VODs & Match Links[edit]

As of November 2019, to view Riot's Match History pages, log into your League of Legends account; if you are logged out, the page will display a 500 error.

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VODs & Match Links
Week 1
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorBlueRedSide SelMHVODsMVP
Chi Armylogo std.pngCHIDP5 Makioslogo std.pngDP5M0 - 1ElTioSteveiCharlieCHIDP5MCHILinkPBStartDanijrm
Loto Gaminglogo std.pngLTGMAD Lions E.C. Colombialogo std.pngMLCW - FF
Infinity Esports Colombialogo std.pngINF.CKaizen Esportslogo std.pngKZN1 - 0CantorLenoreINF.CKZNINF.CLinkPBStartLeftALone
VAULTlogo std.pngVLTWild Jaguarslogo std.pngWJ1 - 0CantorLenoreWJVLTVLTLinkPBStartZeypher
DP5 Makioslogo std.pngDP5MChi Armylogo std.pngCHI0 - 1CantorLenoreCHIDP5MDP5MLinkPBStartAmon
MAD Lions E.C. Colombialogo std.pngMLCLoto Gaminglogo std.pngLTG0 - 1CantorLenoreLTGMLCMLCLinkPBStartAthyz
Kaizen Esportslogo std.pngKZNInfinity Esports Colombialogo std.pngINF.C0 - 1ElTioSteveiCharlieINF.CKZNKZNLinkPBStartWikko
Wild Jaguarslogo std.pngWJVAULTlogo std.pngVLT1 - 0ElTioSteveiCharlieVLTWJWJLinkPBStartKunou
Week 2
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorBlueRedSide SelMHVODsMVP
Infinity Esports Colombialogo std.pngINF.CWild Jaguarslogo std.pngWJ1 - 0ElTioSteveiCharlieWJINF.CINF.CLinkVodHate
DP5 Makioslogo std.pngDP5MMAD Lions E.C. Colombialogo std.pngMLC0 - 1ElTioSteveiCharlieMLCDP5MDP5MLinkVodSuppa
Kaizen Esportslogo std.pngKZNVAULTlogo std.pngVLTFF - W
Chi Armylogo std.pngCHILoto Gaminglogo std.pngLTG0 - 1CantorLenoreLTGCHICHILinkVodMurillo
Wild Jaguarslogo std.pngWJInfinity Esports Colombialogo std.pngINF.C0 - 1CantorLenoreWJINF.CWJLinkVodWikko
MAD Lions E.C. Colombialogo std.pngMLCDP5 Makioslogo std.pngDP5M1 - 0CantorLenoreMLCDP5MMLCLinkVodChomi
VAULTlogo std.pngVLTKaizen Esportslogo std.pngKZN1 - 0ElTioSteveiCharlieKZNVLTVLTLinkVodUnicornG
Loto Gaminglogo std.pngLTGChi Armylogo std.pngCHI1 - 0ElTioSteveiCharlieLTGCHILTGLinkVodMurillo
Week 3
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorBlueRedSide SelMHVODsMVP
DP5 Makioslogo std.pngDP5MKaizen Esportslogo std.pngKZN1 - 0CantorLenoreKZNDP5MDP5MLinkVodLuprin
Chi Armylogo std.pngCHIInfinity Esports Colombialogo std.pngINF.C0 - 1CantorLenoreINF.CCHICHILinkVodDarp
MAD Lions E.C. Colombialogo std.pngMLCWild Jaguarslogo std.pngWJ1 - 0ElTioSteveiCharlieWJMLCMLCLinkVodHobbler
Loto Gaminglogo std.pngLTGVAULTlogo std.pngVLT1 - 0ElTioSteveiCharlieVLTLTGLTGLinkVodIRuby
Kaizen Esportslogo std.pngKZNDP5 Makioslogo std.pngDP5M0 - 1CantorLenoreKZNDP5MKZNLinkVodFlai
Infinity Esports Colombialogo std.pngINF.CChi Armylogo std.pngCHI1 - 0CantorLenoreCHIINF.CINF.CLinkVodLeftALone
Wild Jaguarslogo std.pngWJMAD Lions E.C. Colombialogo std.pngMLC1 - 0ElTioSteveiCharlieMLCWJWJLinkVodKovako
VAULTlogo std.pngVLTLoto Gaminglogo std.pngLTG1 - 0ElTioSteveiCharlieVLTLTGVLTLinkVodZeypher
Week 4
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorBlueRedSide SelMHVODsMVP
Kaizen Esportslogo std.pngKZNWild Jaguarslogo std.pngWJ0 - 1ElTioSteveLenoreWJKZNKZNLinkPBShieldworm
Chi Armylogo std.pngCHIMAD Lions E.C. Colombialogo std.pngMLC0 - 1ElTioSteveLenoreMLCCHICHILinkPBHobbler
DP5 Makioslogo std.pngDP5MLoto Gaminglogo std.pngLTG1 - 0CantoriCharlieLTGDP5MDP5MLinkStartDya
Infinity Esports Colombialogo std.pngINF.CVAULTlogo std.pngVLT1 - 0CantoriCharlieVLTINF.CINF.CLinkPBWikko
Wild Jaguarslogo std.pngWJKaizen Esportslogo std.pngKZN1 - 0CantoriCharlieKZNWJWJLinkPBKovako
VAULTlogo std.pngVLTInfinity Esports Colombialogo std.pngINF.C0 - 1CantoriCharlieVLTINF.CVLTLinkPBHate
MAD Lions E.C. Colombialogo std.pngMLCChi Armylogo std.pngCHI1 - 0ElTioSteveLenoreMLCCHIMLCLinkPBHobbler
Loto Gaminglogo std.pngLTGDP5 Makioslogo std.pngDP5M0 - 1ElTioSteveLenoreLTGDP5MLTGLinkPBDanijrm
Week 5
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorBlueRedSide SelMHVODsMVP
Chi Armylogo std.pngCHIVAULTlogo std.pngVLT0 - 1CantorLenoreCHIVLTCHILinkPBZeypher
Loto Gaminglogo std.pngLTGWild Jaguarslogo std.pngWJ1 - 0CantorLenoreWJLTGLTGLinkPBOrtiz
Kaizen Esportslogo std.pngKZNMAD Lions E.C. Colombialogo std.pngMLC0 - 1ElTioSteveiCharlieKZNMLCKZNLinkPBHobbler
DP5 Makioslogo std.pngDP5MInfinity Esports Colombialogo std.pngINF.C0 - 1ElTioSteveiCharlieINF.CDP5MDP5MLinkPBWikko
VAULTlogo std.pngVLTChi Armylogo std.pngCHI1 - 0ElTioSteveiCharlieCHIVLTVLTLinkPBUnicornG
Wild Jaguarslogo std.pngWJLoto Gaminglogo std.pngLTG1 - 0ElTioSteveiCharlieLTGWJWJLinkPBShieldworm
MAD Lions E.C. Colombialogo std.pngMLCKaizen Esportslogo std.pngKZN1 - 0CantorLenoreKZNMLCMLCLinkPBSuppa
Infinity Esports Colombialogo std.pngINF.CDP5 Makioslogo std.pngDP5M1 - 0CantorLenoreDP5MINF.CINF.CLinkPBWhiplash
Week 6
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorBlueRedSide SelMHVODsMVP
DP5 Makioslogo std.pngDP5MWild Jaguarslogo std.pngWJ1 - 0CantorLenoreWJDP5MDP5MLinkPBLuprin
Chi Armylogo std.pngCHIKaizen Esportslogo std.pngKZN0 - 1CantorLenoreCHIKZNCHILinkPBGuzke
Infinity Esports Colombialogo std.pngINF.CLoto Gaminglogo std.pngLTG1 - 0ElTioSteveiCharlieINF.CLTGINF.CLinkPBDarp
MAD Lions E.C. Colombialogo std.pngMLCVAULTlogo std.pngVLT0 - 1ElTioSteveiCharlieMLCVLTMLCLinkPBZeypher
Wild Jaguarslogo std.pngWJDP5 Makioslogo std.pngDP5M1 - 0ElTioSteveiCharlieDP5MWJLinkPBAione
Kaizen Esportslogo std.pngKZNChi Armylogo std.pngCHI0 - 1ElTioSteveiCharlieCHIKZNLinkPBHugrock
Loto Gaminglogo std.pngLTGInfinity Esports Colombialogo std.pngINF.C0 - 1CantorLenoreINF.CLTGLinkPBDarp
VAULTlogo std.pngVLTMAD Lions E.C. Colombialogo std.pngMLC1 - 0CantorLenoreMLCVLTLinkPBScythes
Week 7
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorBlueRedSide SelMHVODsMVP
Kaizen Esportslogo std.pngKZNLoto Gaminglogo std.pngLTG0 - 1CantorLenoreLTGKZNLinkVodAthyz
Infinity Esports Colombialogo std.pngINF.CMAD Lions E.C. Colombialogo std.pngMLC0 - 1CantorLenoreMLCINF.CLinkVodHobbler
DP5 Makioslogo std.pngDP5MVAULTlogo std.pngVLT0 - 1ElTioSteveiCharlieVLTDP5MLinkVodScythes
Chi Armylogo std.pngCHIWild Jaguarslogo std.pngWJ0 - 1ElTioSteveiCharlieWJCHILinkVodKovako
Loto Gaminglogo std.pngLTGKaizen Esportslogo std.pngKZN1 - 0ElTioSteveiCharlieKZNLTGLinkVodOrtiz
MAD Lions E.C. Colombialogo std.pngMLCInfinity Esports Colombialogo std.pngINF.C1 - 0ElTioSteveiCharlieINF.CMLCLinkVodSander
VAULTlogo std.pngVLTDP5 Makioslogo std.pngDP5M1 - 0CantorLenoreDP5MVLTLinkVodBread Bandit
Wild Jaguarslogo std.pngWJChi Armylogo std.pngCHI1 - 0CantorLenoreCHIWJLinkVodShieldworm
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorBlueRedSide SelMHVODsMVP
Wild Jaguarslogo std.pngWJLoto Gaminglogo std.pngLTG0 - 1ElTioSteveiCharlieWJLTGLinkVodOrtiz


Week 1
1Infinity Esports Colombialogo std.png2-02-0
1Loto Gaminglogo std.png2-02-0
3Chi Armylogo std.png1-11-1
3DP5 Makioslogo std.png1-11-1
3VAULTlogo std.png1-11-1
3Wild Jaguarslogo std.png1-11-1
7Kaizen Esportslogo std.png0-20-2
7MAD Lions E.C. Colombialogo std.png0-210-21
Week 2
1Infinity Esports Colombialogo std.png2-04-0
1Loto Gaminglogo std.png2-04-0
3VAULTlogo std.png2-03-1
43MAD Lions E.C. Colombialogo std.png2-02-2
52Chi Armylogo std.png0-21-3
52DP5 Makioslogo std.png0-21-3
52Wild Jaguarslogo std.png0-21-3
81Kaizen Esportslogo std.png0-220-42
Week 3
1Infinity Esports Colombialogo std.png2-06-0
21Loto Gaminglogo std.png1-15-1
3VAULTlogo std.png1-14-2
41DP5 Makioslogo std.png2-03-3
4MAD Lions E.C. Colombialogo std.png1-13-3
61Wild Jaguarslogo std.png1-12-4
72Chi Armylogo std.png0-21-5
8Kaizen Esportslogo std.png0-20-6
Week 4
1Infinity Esports Colombialogo std.png2-08-0
22DP5 Makioslogo std.png2-05-3
2Loto Gaminglogo std.png0-25-3
22MAD Lions E.C. Colombialogo std.png2-05-3
52VAULTlogo std.png0-24-4
51Wild Jaguarslogo std.png2-04-4
7Chi Armylogo std.png0-21-7
8Kaizen Esportslogo std.png0-20-8
Week 5
1Infinity Esports Colombialogo std.png2-010-0
2MAD Lions E.C. Colombialogo std.png2-07-3
31Loto Gaminglogo std.png1-16-4
32VAULTlogo std.png2-06-4
53DP5 Makioslogo std.png0-25-5
5Wild Jaguarslogo std.png1-15-5
7Chi Armylogo std.png0-21-9
8Kaizen Esportslogo std.png0-20-10
Week 6
1Infinity Esports Colombialogo std.png2-012-0
21VAULTlogo std.png2-08-4
31MAD Lions E.C. Colombialogo std.png0-27-5
41DP5 Makioslogo std.png1-16-6
41Loto Gaminglogo std.png0-26-6
41Wild Jaguarslogo std.png1-16-6
7Chi Armylogo std.png1-12-10
8Kaizen Esportslogo std.png1-11-11
Week 7
1Infinity Esports Colombialogo std.png0-212-2
2VAULTlogo std.png2-010-4
3MAD Lions E.C. Colombialogo std.png2-09-5
4Loto Gaminglogo std.png2-08-6
51Wild Jaguarslogo std.png2-08-6
62DP5 Makioslogo std.png0-26-8
7Chi Armylogo std.png0-22-12
8Kaizen Esportslogo std.png0-21-13
1 MAD Lions E.C. Colombia was forced to surrender due to not completing the roster for the game.[1]
2 Kaizen Esports was forced to surrender due to technical issues.[2]

Individual Awards[edit]

"Player of the Game" Standings[edit]

MVP Standings
15MAD Lions E.C. Colombialogo std.pngHobbler
24Infinity Esports Colombialogo std.pngWikko
24VAULTlogo std.pngZeypher
43Infinity Esports Colombialogo std.pngDarp
43Wild Jaguarslogo std.pngKovako
Click for Full Standings
43Loto Gaminglogo std.pngOrtiz
43Wild Jaguarslogo std.pngShieldworm
82Loto Gaminglogo std.pngAthyz
82DP5 Makioslogo std.pngDanijrm
82Infinity Esports Colombialogo std.pngHate
82Infinity Esports Colombialogo std.pngLeftALone
82DP5 Makioslogo std.pngLuprin
82Loto Gaminglogo std.pngMurillo
82VAULTlogo std.pngScythes
82MAD Lions E.C. Colombialogo std.pngSuppa
82VAULTlogo std.pngUnicornG
171Wild Jaguarslogo std.pngAione
171Chi Armylogo std.pngAmon
171VAULTlogo std.pngBread Bandit
171MAD Lions E.C. Colombialogo std.pngChomi
171DP5 Makioslogo std.pngDya
171DP5 Makioslogo std.pngFlai
171Kaizen Esportslogo std.pngGuzke
171Chi Armylogo std.pngHugrock
171Loto Gaminglogo std.pngIRuby
171Wild Jaguarslogo std.pngKunou
171MAD Lions E.C. Colombialogo std.pngSander
171Infinity Esports Colombialogo std.pngWhiplash

KDA Leaders[edit]

Weekly Awards[edit]

Golden Awards[edit]

Week Golden Player Golden Team
KDA Champs Played Player Top Jungle Mid ADC Support
1 10.7

Infinity Esports Colombialogo std.png⁠   Whiplash Wild Jaguarslogo std.png⁠   JTL Loto Gaminglogo std.png⁠   Athyz Wild Jaguarslogo std.png⁠   Shieldworm DP5 Makioslogo std.png⁠   Dya Infinity Esports Colombialogo std.png⁠   Whiplash
2 5.4

Loto Gaminglogo std.png⁠   IRuby Loto Gaminglogo std.png⁠   IRuby Infinity Esports Colombialogo std.png⁠   Wikko Loto Gaminglogo std.png⁠   Murillo MAD Lions E.C. Colombialogo std.png⁠   Chomi MAD Lions E.C. Colombialogo std.png⁠   Suppa
3 4.7

VAULTlogo std.png⁠   Zeypher Infinity Esports Colombialogo std.png⁠   LeftAlone Loto Gaminglogo std.png⁠   Athyz Infinity Esports Colombialogo std.png⁠   Darp VAULTlogo std.png⁠   Zeypher DP5 Makioslogo std.png⁠   Flai
4 6.1
DP5 Makioslogo std.png⁠   Luprin Wild Jaguarslogo std.png⁠   JTL MAD Lions E.C. Colombialogo std.png⁠   Julaxe DP5 Makioslogo std.png⁠   Luprin DP5 Makioslogo std.png⁠   Dya DP5 Makioslogo std.png⁠   Flai
5 3.2
VAULTlogo std.png⁠   Jujo VAULTlogo std.png⁠   Jujo VAULTlogo std.png⁠   UnicornG Infinity Esports Colombialogo std.png⁠   Darp Infinity Esports Colombialogo std.png⁠   Hate MAD Lions E.C. Colombialogo std.png⁠   Suppa
6 3.6

Twisted Fate
VAULTlogo std.png⁠   Scythes VAULTlogo std.png⁠   Jujo VAULTlogo std.png⁠   UnicornG VAULTlogo std.png⁠   Scythes VAULTlogo std.png⁠   Zeypher Wild Jaguarslogo std.png⁠   Kunou
7 4.2

VAULTlogo std.png⁠   Bread Bandit MAD Lions E.C. Colombialogo std.png⁠   Sander Wild Jaguarslogo std.png⁠   Aione VAULTlogo std.png⁠   Scythes MAD Lions E.C. Colombialogo std.png⁠   Chomi VAULTlogo std.png⁠   Bread Bandit




Viewership Statistics[edit]

Data sourced from Esports Charts.

Peak Viewership
Total 1,365
Twitch.TV Streams 1,221
Total Time Watched 49,456 Hours
Avg Concurrent Viewers 568