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GL 2020 Opening Season
Golden League.png
Tournament Information
Riot Games
Location & Dates
 Latin America
Event TypeOnline
CountryColombia Colombia
Start Date2020-02-17
End Date2020-04-06
ScheduleSpoiler-Free Schedule
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WinnerZeu5 Bogotalogo std.pngZeu5 Bogota
SecondOnoda Esportslogo std.pngOnoda Esports
ThirdExilium Gaminglogo std.pngExilium Gaming
FourthEthernum Esportslogo std.pngEthernum Esports

The Golden League is the biggest League of Legends championship and one of the most important esports events in Colombia. The teams compete for a prize pool and the chance to fight for a spot in the LLA. It's organized by the Spanish Liga de Videojuegos Profesional.



  • Eight teams participate
  • 7 weeks.
  • Double Round Robin.
  • Each match is best of one.
  • Regular Season Placement:
    • 1st-6th place advance to the Playoffs, with 1st and 2nd receiving byes.


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1 Ethernum Esports acquire the spot of Infinity Esports Colombia.[1]
2 RusherX Gaming acquire the spot of Wild Jaguars.[2]
3 DP5 Makios rebrands to Hunters Esports.[3]
4 VAULT rebrands to Onoda Esports.[4]
5 MAD Lions Colombia rebrands to Zeu5 Bogota.[5]


GL 2020 Opening Standings
1Zeu5 Bogotalogo std.pngZeu5 Bogota12 - 286%4W
2Onoda Esportslogo std.pngOnoda Esports12 - 286%10W
3Exilium Gaminglogo std.pngExilium Gaming8 - 657%1W
4Ethernum Esportslogo std.pngEthernum Esports6 - 843%2W
5Loto Gaminglogo std.pngLoto Gaming6 - 843%3L
6RusherX Gaminglogo std.pngRusherX Gaming5 - 936%1L
7Hunters Esportslogo std.pngHunters Esports4 - 1029%2L
8Godlike Goatslogo std.pngGodlike Goats3 - 1121%6L
1st Place Tiebreaker

Match Schedule[edit]

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Patch: 10.3
Week 1
Mon 17 Feb - Tue 18 FebTue 18 Feb - Wed 19 FebTue 18 Feb - Wed 19 Feb2020,2,18,00,00 - 2020,2,19,03,00
Mon 2020-02-17
Tue 2020-02-18
Tue 2020-02-18
ExGExilium Gaminglogo std.png10Hunters Esportslogo std.pngHT
ONODAOnoda Esportslogo std.png01Zeu5 Bogotalogo std.pngZ5
LTGLoto Gaminglogo std.png10Godlike Goatslogo std.pngGLG
RXGRusherX Gaminglogo std.png01Ethernum Esportslogo std.pngETN
Tue 2020-02-18
Wed 2020-02-19
Wed 2020-02-19
HTHunters Esportslogo std.png01Exilium Gaminglogo std.pngExG
Z5Zeu5 Bogotalogo std.png01Onoda Esportslogo std.pngONODA
GLGGodlike Goatslogo std.png01Loto Gaminglogo std.pngLTG
ETNEthernum Esportslogo std.png01RusherX Gaminglogo std.pngRXG
Patch: 10.3
Week 2
Mon 24 Feb - Tue 25 FebTue 25 Feb - Wed 26 FebTue 25 Feb - Wed 26 Feb2020,2,25,00,00 - 2020,2,26,03,00
Mon 2020-02-24
Tue 2020-02-25
Tue 2020-02-25
LTGLoto Gaminglogo std.png10Hunters Esportslogo std.pngHT
ONODAOnoda Esportslogo std.png10Ethernum Esportslogo std.pngETN
RXGRusherX Gaminglogo std.png01Zeu5 Bogotalogo std.pngZ5
ExGExilium Gaminglogo std.png01Godlike Goatslogo std.pngGLG
Tue 2020-02-25
Wed 2020-02-26
Wed 2020-02-26
HTHunters Esportslogo std.png01Loto Gaminglogo std.pngLTG
ETNEthernum Esportslogo std.png10Onoda Esportslogo std.pngONODA
Z5Zeu5 Bogotalogo std.png10RusherX Gaminglogo std.pngRXG
GLGGodlike Goatslogo std.png01Exilium Gaminglogo std.pngExG
Patch: 10.4
Week 3
Mon 2 Mar - Fri 20 MarTue 3 Mar - Sat 21 MarTue 3 Mar - Sat 21 Mar2020,3,03,00,00 - 2020,3,21,02,00
Mon 2020-03-02
Tue 2020-03-03
Tue 2020-03-03
ExGExilium Gaminglogo std.png10Ethernum Esportslogo std.pngETN
RXGRusherX Gaminglogo std.png01Godlike Goatslogo std.pngGLG
ONODAOnoda Esportslogo std.png10Hunters Esportslogo std.pngHT
LTGLoto Gaminglogo std.png01Zeu5 Bogotalogo std.pngZ5
Tue 2020-03-03
Wed 2020-03-04
Wed 2020-03-04
ETNEthernum Esportslogo std.png01Exilium Gaminglogo std.pngExG
Fri 2020-03-20
Sat 2020-03-21
Sat 2020-03-21
HTHunters Esportslogo std.png01Onoda Esportslogo std.pngONODA
Z5Zeu5 Bogotalogo std.png10Loto Gaminglogo std.pngLTG
GLGGodlike Goatslogo std.png01RusherX Gaminglogo std.pngRXG
Patch: 10.4
Week 4
Mon 9 Mar - Tue 10 MarTue 10 Mar - Wed 11 MarTue 10 Mar - Wed 11 Mar2020,3,09,23,00 - 2020,3,11,02,00
Mon 2020-03-09
Tue 2020-03-10
Tue 2020-03-10
ExGExilium Gaminglogo std.png10Loto Gaminglogo std.pngLTG
ETNEthernum Esportslogo std.png01Zeu5 Bogotalogo std.pngZ5
ONODAOnoda Esportslogo std.png10RusherX Gaminglogo std.pngRXG
HTHunters Esportslogo std.png10Godlike Goatslogo std.pngGLG
Tue 2020-03-10
Wed 2020-03-11
Wed 2020-03-11
LTGLoto Gaminglogo std.png10Exilium Gaminglogo std.pngExG
Z5Zeu5 Bogotalogo std.png10Ethernum Esportslogo std.pngETN
RXGRusherX Gaminglogo std.png01Onoda Esportslogo std.pngONODA
GLGGodlike Goatslogo std.png10Hunters Esportslogo std.pngHT
Patch: 10.5
Week 5
Mon 16 Mar - Tue 17 MarTue 17 Mar - Wed 18 MarTue 17 Mar - Wed 18 Mar2020,3,16,23,00 - 2020,3,18,02,00
Mon 2020-03-16
Tue 2020-03-17
Tue 2020-03-17
ONODAOnoda Esportslogo std.png10Godlike Goatslogo std.pngGLG
LTGLoto Gaminglogo std.png01Ethernum Esportslogo std.pngETN
ExGExilium Gaminglogo std.png01Zeu5 Bogotalogo std.pngZ5
RXGRusherX Gaminglogo std.png10Hunters Esportslogo std.pngHT
Tue 2020-03-17
Wed 2020-03-18
Wed 2020-03-18
GLGGodlike Goatslogo std.png01Onoda Esportslogo std.pngONODA
ETNEthernum Esportslogo std.png10Loto Gaminglogo std.pngLTG
Z5Zeu5 Bogotalogo std.png01Exilium Gaminglogo std.pngExG
HTHunters Esportslogo std.png10RusherX Gaminglogo std.pngRXG
Patch: 10.5
Week 6
Mon 23 Mar - Tue 24 MarTue 24 Mar - Wed 25 MarTue 24 Mar - Wed 25 Mar2020,3,23,23,00 - 2020,3,25,02,00
Mon 2020-03-23
Tue 2020-03-24
Tue 2020-03-24
GLGGodlike Goatslogo std.pngFFWZeu5 Bogotalogo std.pngZ5
HTHunters Esportslogo std.png10Ethernum Esportslogo std.pngETN
ONODAOnoda Esportslogo std.png10Exilium Gaminglogo std.pngExG
RXGRusherX Gaminglogo std.png01Loto Gaminglogo std.pngLTG
Tue 2020-03-24
Wed 2020-03-25
Wed 2020-03-25
Z5Zeu5 Bogotalogo std.png10Godlike Goatslogo std.pngGLG
ETNEthernum Esportslogo std.png01Hunters Esportslogo std.pngHT
ExGExilium Gaminglogo std.png01Onoda Esportslogo std.pngONODA
LTGLoto Gaminglogo std.png01RusherX Gaminglogo std.pngRXG
Patch: 10.6
Week 7
Mon 30 Mar - Fri 3 AprTue 31 Mar - Fri 3 AprTue 31 Mar - Sat 4 Apr2020,3,31,00,00 - 2020,4,03,21,00
Mon 2020-03-30
Tue 2020-03-31
Tue 2020-03-31
HTHunters Esportslogo std.png01Zeu5 Bogotalogo std.pngZ5
ExGExilium Gaminglogo std.png01RusherX Gaminglogo std.pngRXG
ETNEthernum Esportslogo std.pngWFFGodlike Goatslogo std.pngGLG
ONODAOnoda Esportslogo std.png10Loto Gaminglogo std.pngLTG
Fri 2020-04-03
Fri 2020-04-03
Sat 2020-04-04
Z5Zeu5 Bogotalogo std.png10Hunters Esportslogo std.pngHT
RXGRusherX Gaminglogo std.png01Exilium Gaminglogo std.pngExG
GLGGodlike Goatslogo std.png01Ethernum Esportslogo std.pngETN
LTGLoto Gaminglogo std.png01Onoda Esportslogo std.pngONODA
Patch: 10.6
Mon 6 AprTue 7 AprTue 7 Apr2020,4,06,22,00 - 2020,4,06,22,00
Mon 2020-04-06
Tue 2020-04-07
Tue 2020-04-07
ONODAOnoda Esportslogo std.png01Zeu5 Bogotalogo std.pngZ5
Note: The Week 7 Day 2 matches, originally scheduled for March 31, were rescheduled to April 3 due to internet problems in Colombia.[6]

VODs & Match Links[edit]

As of November 2019, to view Riot's Match History pages, log into your League of Legends account; if you are logged out, the page will display a 500 error.

May 20, 2020 - Match histories are currently not loading for anyone, even logged in.
[show allhide all]
VODs & Match Links
Week 1
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorBlueRedMHVODsMVP
Exilium Gaminglogo std.pngExGHunters Esportslogo std.pngHT1 - 0ElTioSteveiCharlieExGHTLinkVodByako
Onoda Esportslogo std.pngONODAZeu5 Bogotalogo std.pngZ50 - 1ElTioSteveiCharlieONODAZ5LinkVodHobbler
Loto Gaminglogo std.pngLTGGodlike Goatslogo std.pngGLG1 - 0CantorLenoreLTGGLGLinkVodFalconz
RusherX Gaminglogo std.pngRXGEthernum Esportslogo std.pngETN0 - 1CantorLenoreRXGETNLinkVodHate
Hunters Esportslogo std.pngHTExilium Gaminglogo std.pngExG0 - 1SokkaiCharlieHTExGLinkVodGabenx
Zeu5 Bogotalogo std.pngZ5Onoda Esportslogo std.pngONODA0 - 1SokkaiCharlieONODAZ5LinkVodZeypher
Godlike Goatslogo std.pngGLGLoto Gaminglogo std.pngLTG0 - 1SokkaiCharlieGLGLTGLinkVodAthyz
Ethernum Esportslogo std.pngETNRusherX Gaminglogo std.pngRXG0 - 1SokkaiCharlieRXGETNLinkVodSirfliper
Week 2
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorBlueRedMHVODsMVP
Loto Gaminglogo std.pngLTGHunters Esportslogo std.pngHT1 - 0ElTioSteveiCharlieLTGHTLinkVodKurama
Onoda Esportslogo std.pngONODAEthernum Esportslogo std.pngETN1 - 0ElTioSteveiCharlieONODAETNLinkVodDarkin
RusherX Gaminglogo std.pngRXGZeu5 Bogotalogo std.pngZ50 - 1CantorLenoreRXGZ5LinkVodQueso
Exilium Gaminglogo std.pngExGGodlike Goatslogo std.pngGLG0 - 1CantorLenoreExGGLGLinkVodJunder
Hunters Esportslogo std.pngHTLoto Gaminglogo std.pngLTG0 - 1SokkaLenoreLTGHTLinkVodKindle
Ethernum Esportslogo std.pngETNOnoda Esportslogo std.pngONODA1 - 0SokkaLenoreETNONODALinkVodHate
Zeu5 Bogotalogo std.pngZ5RusherX Gaminglogo std.pngRXG1 - 0SokkaLenoreZ5RXGLinkVodChomi
Godlike Goatslogo std.pngGLGExilium Gaminglogo std.pngExG0 - 1SokkaLenoreExGGLGLinkVodNoty
Week 3
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorBlueRedMHVODsMVP
Exilium Gaminglogo std.pngExGEthernum Esportslogo std.pngETN1 - 0ElTioSteveLenoreExGETNLinkVodByako
RusherX Gaminglogo std.pngRXGGodlike Goatslogo std.pngGLG0 - 1ElTioSteveLenoreRXGGLGLinkVodJunder
Onoda Esportslogo std.pngONODAHunters Esportslogo std.pngHT1 - 0CantorLenoreONODAHTLinkVodDarp
Loto Gaminglogo std.pngLTGZeu5 Bogotalogo std.pngZ50 - 1CantorLenoreZ5LTGLinkVodHobb
Ethernum Esportslogo std.pngETNExilium Gaminglogo std.pngExG0 - 1CantoriCharlieExGETNLinkVodJISKRA
Hunters Esportslogo std.pngHTOnoda Esportslogo std.pngONODA0 - 1CantorLenore, iCharlieHTONODALinkVodDarkin
Zeu5 Bogotalogo std.pngZ5Loto Gaminglogo std.pngLTG1 - 0CantorLenore, iCharlieLTGZ5LinkVodWhiplash
Godlike Goatslogo std.pngGLGRusherX Gaminglogo std.pngRXG0 - 1CantorLenore, iCharlieGLGRXGLinkVodDominick
Week 4
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorBlueRedMHVODsMVP
Exilium Gaminglogo std.pngExGLoto Gaminglogo std.pngLTG1 - 0ElTioSteveLenoreExGLTGLinkVodNoty
Ethernum Esportslogo std.pngETNZeu5 Bogotalogo std.pngZ50 - 1ElTioSteveLenoreZ5ETNLinkVodHobb
Onoda Esportslogo std.pngONODARusherX Gaminglogo std.pngRXG1 - 0CantoriCharlieONODARXGLinkVodPan Stealer
Hunters Esportslogo std.pngHTGodlike Goatslogo std.pngGLG1 - 0CantoriCharlieHTGLGLinkVodDanijrm
Loto Gaminglogo std.pngLTGExilium Gaminglogo std.pngExG1 - 0ElTioSteveiCharlieExGLTGLinkVodAthyz
Zeu5 Bogotalogo std.pngZ5Ethernum Esportslogo std.pngETN1 - 0SokkaLenoreETNZ5LinkVodChomi
RusherX Gaminglogo std.pngRXGOnoda Esportslogo std.pngONODA0 - 1CantoriCharlieRXGONODALinkVodUnicornG
Godlike Goatslogo std.pngGLGHunters Esportslogo std.pngHT1 - 0ElTioSteveiCharlieHTGLGLinkVodJunder
Week 5
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorBlueRedMHVODsMVP
Onoda Esportslogo std.pngONODAGodlike Goatslogo std.pngGLG1 - 0CantorLenoreONODAGLGLinkVodZeypher
Loto Gaminglogo std.pngLTGEthernum Esportslogo std.pngETN0 - 1LenoreiCharlieLTGETNLinkVodFear
Exilium Gaminglogo std.pngExGZeu5 Bogotalogo std.pngZ50 - 1CantoriCharlieExGZ5LinkVodHobb
RusherX Gaminglogo std.pngRXGHunters Esportslogo std.pngHT1 - 0CantorLenoreRXGHTLinkVodScythes
Godlike Goatslogo std.pngGLGOnoda Esportslogo std.pngONODA0 - 1CantoriCharlieGLGONODALinkVodPan Stealer
Ethernum Esportslogo std.pngETNLoto Gaminglogo std.pngLTG1 - 0LenoreiCharlieLTGETNLinkVodAione
Zeu5 Bogotalogo std.pngZ5Exilium Gaminglogo std.pngExG0 - 1CantorLenoreZ5ExGLinkVodGabenx
Hunters Esportslogo std.pngHTRusherX Gaminglogo std.pngRXG1 - 0LenoreiCharlieHTRXGLinkVodKitora
Week 6
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorBlueRedMHVODsMVP
Godlike Goatslogo std.pngGLGZeu5 Bogotalogo std.pngZ5FF - W
Hunters Esportslogo std.pngHTEthernum Esportslogo std.pngETN1 - 0CantorLenore, iCharlieHTETNLinkVodKitora
Onoda Esportslogo std.pngONODAExilium Gaminglogo std.pngExG1 - 0CantorLenore, iCharlieExGONODALinkVodChinguita
RusherX Gaminglogo std.pngRXGLoto Gaminglogo std.pngLTG0 - 1CantorLenore, iCharlieLTGRXGLinkVodMurillo
Zeu5 Bogotalogo std.pngZ5Godlike Goatslogo std.pngGLG1 - 0CantoriCharlieZ5GLGLinkVodHobb
Ethernum Esportslogo std.pngETNHunters Esportslogo std.pngHT0 - 1CantoriCharlieETNHTLinkVodKitora
Exilium Gaminglogo std.pngExGOnoda Esportslogo std.pngONODA0 - 1CantoriCharlieONODAExGLinkVodChinguita
Loto Gaminglogo std.pngLTGRusherX Gaminglogo std.pngRXG0 - 1CantoriCharlieLTGRXGLinkVodGwiwis
Week 7
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorBlueRedMHVODsMVP
Hunters Esportslogo std.pngHTZeu5 Bogotalogo std.pngZ50 - 1CantoriCharlieHTZ5LinkVodChomi
Exilium Gaminglogo std.pngExGRusherX Gaminglogo std.pngRXG0 - 1CantoriCharlieRXGExGLinkVodScythes
Ethernum Esportslogo std.pngETNGodlike Goatslogo std.pngGLGW - FF
Onoda Esportslogo std.pngONODALoto Gaminglogo std.pngLTG1 - 0CantoriCharlieLTGONODALinkVodDarp
Zeu5 Bogotalogo std.pngZ5Hunters Esportslogo std.pngHT1 - 0CantoriCharlieZ5HTLinkVodWhiplash
RusherX Gaminglogo std.pngRXGExilium Gaminglogo std.pngExG0 - 1CantoriCharlieExGRXGLinkVodNoty
Godlike Goatslogo std.pngGLGEthernum Esportslogo std.pngETN0 - 1CantoriCharlieETNGLGLinkVodHate
Loto Gaminglogo std.pngLTGOnoda Esportslogo std.pngONODA0 - 1CantoriCharlieONODALTGLinkVodZeypher
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorBlueRedMHVODsMVP
Onoda Esportslogo std.pngONODAZeu5 Bogotalogo std.pngZ50 - 1LenoreiCharlieONODAZ5LinkVodQueso


Week 1
1Exilium Gaminglogo std.png2-02-0
1Loto Gaminglogo std.png2-02-0
3Ethernum Esportslogo std.png1-11-1
3Onoda Esportslogo std.png1-11-1
3RusherX Gaminglogo std.png1-11-1
3Zeu5 Bogotalogo std.png1-11-1
7Godlike Goatslogo std.png0-20-2
7Hunters Esportslogo std.png0-20-2
Week 2
1Loto Gaminglogo std.png2-04-0
21Exilium Gaminglogo std.png1-13-1
21Zeu5 Bogotalogo std.png2-03-1
41Ethernum Esportslogo std.png1-12-2
41Onoda Esportslogo std.png1-12-2
61Godlike Goatslogo std.png1-11-3
63RusherX Gaminglogo std.png0-21-3
81Hunters Esportslogo std.png0-20-4
Week 3
11Exilium Gaminglogo std.png2-05-1
11Zeu5 Bogotalogo std.png2-05-1
32Loto Gaminglogo std.png0-24-2
31Onoda Esportslogo std.png2-04-2
51Ethernum Esportslogo std.png0-22-4
51Godlike Goatslogo std.png1-12-4
51RusherX Gaminglogo std.png1-12-4
8Hunters Esportslogo std.png0-20-6
Week 4
1Zeu5 Bogotalogo std.png2-07-1
21Exilium Gaminglogo std.png1-16-2
21Onoda Esportslogo std.png2-06-2
41Loto Gaminglogo std.png1-15-3
5Godlike Goatslogo std.png1-13-5
61Ethernum Esportslogo std.png0-22-6
61RusherX Gaminglogo std.png0-22-6
8Hunters Esportslogo std.png1-11-7
Week 5
11Onoda Esportslogo std.png2-08-2
1Zeu5 Bogotalogo std.png1-18-2
31Exilium Gaminglogo std.png1-17-3
4Loto Gaminglogo std.png0-25-5
51Ethernum Esportslogo std.png2-04-6
61Godlike Goatslogo std.png0-23-7
6RusherX Gaminglogo std.png1-13-7
8Hunters Esportslogo std.png1-12-8
Week 6
1Onoda Esportslogo std.png2-010-2
1Zeu5 Bogotalogo std.png2-010-2
3Exilium Gaminglogo std.png0-27-5
4Loto Gaminglogo std.png1-16-6
5Ethernum Esportslogo std.png0-24-8
53Hunters Esportslogo std.png2-04-8
51RusherX Gaminglogo std.png1-14-8
82Godlike Goatslogo std.png0-23-9
Week 7
1Zeu5 Bogotalogo std.png2-012-2
21Onoda Esportslogo std.png2-012-2
3Exilium Gaminglogo std.png1-18-6
41Ethernum Esportslogo std.png2-06-8
51Loto Gaminglogo std.png0-26-8
61RusherX Gaminglogo std.png1-15-9
72Hunters Esportslogo std.png0-24-10
8Godlike Goatslogo std.png0-23-11

Individual Awards[edit]

"Player of the Game" Standings[edit]

MVP Standings
15Zeu5 Bogotalogo std.png Hobb
23Zeu5 Bogotalogo std.png Chomi
23Ethernum Esportslogo std.png Hate
23Godlike Goatslogo std.png Junder
23Hunters Esportslogo std.png Kitora
Click for Full Standings
23Exilium Gaminglogo std.png Noty
23Onoda Esportslogo std.png Zeypher
82Loto Gaminglogo std.png Athyz
82Exilium Gaminglogo std.png Byako
82Onoda Esportslogo std.png Chinguita
82Onoda Esportslogo std.png Darkin
82Onoda Esportslogo std.png Darp
82Exilium Gaminglogo std.png Gabenx
82Onoda Esportslogo std.png Pan Stealer
82Zeu5 Bogotalogo std.png Queso
82RusherX Gaminglogo std.png Scythes
82Zeu5 Bogotalogo std.png Whiplash
181Ethernum Esportslogo std.png Aione
181Hunters Esportslogo std.png Danijrm
181RusherX Gaminglogo std.png Dominick
181Loto Gaminglogo std.png Falconz
181Ethernum Esportslogo std.png Fear
181RusherX Gaminglogo std.png Gwiwis
181Exilium Gaminglogo std.png JISKRA
181Loto Gaminglogo std.png Kindle
181Loto Gaminglogo std.png Kurama
181Loto Gaminglogo std.png Murillo
181RusherX Gaminglogo std.png Sirfliper
181Onoda Esportslogo std.png UnicornG

Weekly Awards[edit]

Golden Awards[edit]

Week Golden Player Golden Team
KDA Champs Played Player Top Jungle Mid ADC Support



Viewership Statistics[edit]

Data sourced from Esports Charts.

Peak Viewership
Total 3 477
Spanish Streams 3 477 Streams 2 506
Total Time Watched 59 084 Hours
Avg Concurrent Viewers 763