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Background Information
Name: Kang Beom-hyeon (강범현)
Country of Birth: South Korea South Korea
Birthday: November 18, 1994 (1994-11-18) (age 23)
Residency: News Label - Korea.png Korea
Team: Kingzone DragonX
Role: Support
Soloqueue IDs: 나진 꼬릴라, HUYA GorillA, GE GorillA
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Team History
Jun 2013 - Oct 2014
Najin White Shieldlogo std.png NaJin White Shield
Nov 2014 - Nov 2015
KOO Tigerslogo std.png KOO Tigers
Nov 2015 - Jan 2016
KOO Tigerslogo std.png Tigers
Jan 2016 - Nov 2016
ROX Tigerslogo std.png ROX Tigers
Dec 2016 - Jan 2018
LongZhulogo std.png Longzhu Gaming
Jan 2018 - Present
Kingzone DragonXlogo std.png Kingzone DragonX
Kang "GorillA" Beom-hyeon (Hangul: 강범현) is the support for Kingzone DragonX.


Season 3

Kang "GorillA" Beom-hyeon joined NaJin White Shield on June 21st, 2013 as their new starting support. He played in his first tournament at HOT6iX Champions Summer 2013 where Shield made it to the quarterfinals but lost 3-0 to CJ Entus Frost.

2014 Season

The new season started off fairly well for GorillA and his team. They attended PANDORA.TV Champions Winter 2013-2014 where they placed 4th, their highest result ever, after making to the semifinals but losing 3-1 to Samsung Ozone and the KT Rolster Bullets. Their next tournament was HOT6iX Champions Spring 2014 where they made it to the finals of the whole tournament but lost 3-1 to Samsung Blue. The team's final OGN of the year was HOT6iX Champions Spring 2014 where they dropped 3-2 in the quarterfinals to the KT Rolster Arrows. Shield acquired enough circuit points to qualify for the 2014 Season Korea Regional Finals. They pulled off a miracle run and made it through the whole gauntlet, ending with a 3-1 victory against SK Telecom T1 K to qualify for the 2014 Season World Championship. They attended worlds later that year, where they made it out of groups but were beaten 3-0 by OMG in the quarterfinals. On October 31st 2014, it was announced that GorillA parted ways with NaJin White Shield.[1]

2015 Season

On November 14th, 2014, GorillA joined the newly formed HUYA Tigers together with Smeb, Lee, PraY, and kurO.[2][3] The team played in the Champions Spring 2015 Qualifiers along with Incredible Miracle, Prime Clan, and Xenics, where they finished 2-1 and qualified for Champions Spring 2015. The team then renamed to GE Tigers. GE started out unarguably the top team in Korea at SBENU Champions Spring 2015 and earned themselves an invitation to the IEM Season IX World Championship in March. However, after defeating Cloud9 and SK Gaming to win their group, they lost 2-1 to Team WE in the semifinals. This defeat was considered by many casters and analysts to be the biggest upset to date in the entire history of League of Legends competition. They qualified for the finals of the OGN playoffs because of their first place finish in the regular season. Unfortunately, they lost 3-0 to SK Telecom T1 in the finals and placed second. The team renamed to the KOO Tigers prior to the start of SBENU Champions Summer 2015. KOO placed fourth in the regular season and qualified for the playoffs but lost 3-2 in the semifinals to KT Rolster. Because SKT won the finals, KOO still qualified for the 2015 Season World Championship as the second seed due to circuit points. KOO was placed into a group at worlds with Counter Logic Gaming, Flash Wolves, and paiN Gaming. They placed second, ending with a 4-2 record. They beat KT Rolster 3-1 and Fnatic 3-0 to make it to the finals against SKT. However, they finally fell in the finals with a 3-1 loss.

2016 Preseason

Soon after Worlds, Koo dropped the team as a sponsor and they renamed to the Tigers. The Tigers played in the 2015 LoL KeSPA Cup but they were upset in the first round 2-0 by SBENU Sonicboom. The Tigers renamed to ROX Tigers in January.

2016 Season

During the 2016 LCK Spring Split, the ROX Tigers dominated domestically in similar fashion to 2015. They finished the regular season with a 16-2 match record, losing only to KT Rolster and Samsung Galaxy. Earning first place in the regular season gave them a bye to the finals of the Spring Playoffs, where they faced SK Telecom T1. ROX entered as the favorites this time, but still lost 3-1, earning themselves second place for the spring split.

During the 2016 LCK Summer Split, the Tigers once again placed first in the regular season with an impressive 15-3 scoreline in Bo3s, with two losses to SK Telecom T1 and one loss to Samsung Galaxy. This seeded them in the 2016 LCK Summer Playoffs directly into their third domestic finals, where they eventually met KT Rolster. In an epic series, the ROX Tigers won the set 3-2, claiming 1st place in the Summer Split and giving them Korea's first seed into the 2016 Season World Championship.

At the 2016 Season World Championship, the ROX Tigers were placed into Group A, along with G2 Esports, Counter Logic Gaming, and Albus NoX Luna.


  • Chose the username "GorillA" because apparently he looks like gorilla.
  • Known as an extremely humble and respectful person
  • Known as one of the best  Lulu and  Thresh supports in Korea.
  • Known for having a very large support champion pool
  • Re-popularized  Janna as a top-tier support in season 4.
  • Selected by caster MonteCristo and Thorin in Summoning Insight as the 2015 Player of the Year.
  • Invented  Miss Fortune support in season 6 World Championship semi-final against SKT.



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