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Background Information
NameQiu Ji-Xiang (邱吉祥)
Country of BirthTaiwan Taiwan
TeamGarena Teamlogo std.pngGarena Team
Social Media & Links
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Team History
Jan 2013 - Present
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Garena Teamlogo std.pngGarena

Qiu "Gshan" Ji-Xiang (Hanzi: 邱吉祥) is a League of Legends esports personality who is the analyst for Garena Team.


Gshan was a pro player under the team AllLaneCarry (ALC). The team lost to Corsair (former ahq e-Sports Club) in the semi-final of Season 2 Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau regional qualifier. While he was still a pro player, he would skip class for team practice/ Solo Queue. He didn't give up until his colleague, LuciferRT told him to as he saw Gshan's crappy gameplay on livestream and got owned by TPS Zonda. LuciferRT also said that Gshan had no talent but do speak well so encouraged Gshan to join him in casting for Garena.


  • The symbol of turn around game and pause. When he is casting, many of the matches will be pause for a long time.
  • If there is a turn around team-fight or pause, the other caster will shout, "吉祥啦! (It's Gshanned!)".
  • Gshan would sometimes place his pet dog: 吉利, besides him and his viewers would jokingly say that the dog is elo boosting for Gshan and the actual streamer is the dog.

Notable Events Cast[edit]



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