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The following chart shows up to the most recent 200 games available. Unlike the Match History tab, scoreboards are not required to be present on the wiki for games to show up here. Click toggles to show-hide games based on the side that this team was on or result.



DateEventRoundTeam 1Team 2SideResultScore
2019,8,31,19,00SGC OQ 4Round 1Harrisburg Universitylogo std.pngHarrisburg UniversityMaryville Universitylogo std.pngMaryville UniversityBlueLoss0 - 1
2019,8,17,19,00SGC OQ 3Round 1Illinois Wesleyan Universitylogo std.pngIllinois WesleyanHarrisburg Universitylogo std.pngHarrisburg UniversityRedLoss1 - 0
2019,8,10,19,00SGC OQ 2Round 1Logo std.pngDawn Blaze 2Harrisburg Universitylogo std.pngHarrisburg UniversityRedLoss1 - 0
2019,7,13,21,00SGC OQ 1Round 3Harrisburg Universitylogo std.pngHarrisburg UniversityMirage Sport Électroniquelogo std.pngMirage EsportsBlueLoss0 - 1
2019,7,13,20,00SGC OQ 1Round 2Harrisburg Universitylogo std.pngHarrisburg UniversityPaleo Tundralogo std.pngPaleo TundraBlueWin1 - 0
2019,7,13,19,00SGC OQ 1Round 1Harrisburg Universitylogo std.pngHarrisburg UniversityTBDlogo std.pngTBDBlueWin1 - 0
2019,6,29,21,00BIG League Season 2 OQ 2QuarterfinalsSuper Nova Sentinelslogo std.pngSN SentinelsHarrisburg Universitylogo std.pngHarrisburg UniversityRedLoss1 - 0
2019,6,29,20,00BIG League Season 2 OQ 2Round 2Logo std.pngRoman EsportsHarrisburg Universitylogo std.pngHarrisburg UniversityRedWin0 - 1
2019,6,29,19,00BIG League Season 2 OQ 2Round 1Logo std.pngDiamonds in the RoughHarrisburg Universitylogo std.pngHarrisburg UniversityRedWin0 - 1
2019,6,22,21,00BIG League Season 2 OQ 1QuarterfinalsHarrisburg Universitylogo std.pngHarrisburg UniversityLotus Esports (2019 North American Team)logo std.pngLotus BloomBlueLoss0 - 1
2019,6,22,20,00BIG League Season 2 OQ 1Round 3CONQUEROR Gaminglogo std.pngCONQUEROR 2Harrisburg Universitylogo std.pngHarrisburg UniversityRedWin0 - 1
2019,6,22,19,00BIG League Season 2 OQ 1Round 2Harrisburg Universitylogo std.pngHarrisburg UniversityANEW Esportslogo std.pngANEW HopeBlueWin1 - 0
2019,3,23,19,002019 East PlayoffsSemifinalsHarrisburg Universitylogo std.pngHarrisburg UniversityUniversity of Western Ontariologo std.pngWestern UniversitySeriesLoss1 - 3
2019,3,16,19,002019 East PlayoffsQuarterfinalsHarrisburg Universitylogo std.pngHarrisburg UniversityRochester Institute of Technologylogo std.pngRochester ITSeriesWin3 - 0
2019,2,09,20,00East Conference 2019Week 3Harrisburg Universitylogo std.pngHarrisburg UniversityBaruch Collegelogo std.pngBaruch CollegeSeriesWin2 - 0
2019,2,02,20,00East Conference 2019Week 2Harrisburg Universitylogo std.pngHarrisburg UniversityBrown Universitylogo std.pngBrown UniversitySeriesWin2 - 0
2019,1,26,20,00East Conference 2019Week 1Harrisburg Universitylogo std.pngHarrisburg UniversityCazenovia Collegelogo std.pngCazenovia CollegeSeriesWin2 - 0