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Hecarim/Gallery/Splash Screens

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Classic Hecarim
Blood Knight Hecarim - 975 RpPoints.png
Reaper Hecarim - 975 RpPoints.png
Headless Hecarim - 975 RpPoints.png
Arcade Hecarim - 1350 RpPoints.png
Elderwood Hecarim - 1350 RpPoints.png
Worldbreaker Hecarim - 750 RpPoints.png
Lancer Zero Hecarim - 10 Gemstone.png
High Noon Hecarim - 1350 RpPoints.png
Chroma Pack (875 RpPoints.png)
290/290/Special/290/Special RpPoints.png
Amethyst Swatch.png Emerald Swatch.png Nomad Swatch.png Obsidian Swatch.png Ruby Swatch.png


Classic Hecarim (2012-04-18 - 2016-04-06)


Reaper Hecarim

Former Chinese[edit]

Classic Hecarim