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The IPL LoLympics is a special showmatch series which utilizes all four of the League of Legends maps - Summoner's Rift, Twisted Treeline, The Crystal Scar, and Proving Grounds.


  • Teams play on Twisted Treeline, The Crystal Scar, and Summoner's Rift. Each victory grants them points
    • Twisted Treeline and Crystal Scar grant one point each while Summoner's Rift grants two points
  • After the first three maps, if the points score is tied, a final blind pick game on Proving Grounds will determine the winner


Team CurseTeam Curselogo std.png vs. Monomaniaclogo std.pngMonomaniac Ferus Team LegionLegionlogo std.png vs. Orbitlogo std.pngOrbit Gaming
Game 1 Game 1
Game 2 Game 2
Game 3 Game 3
Team DynamicTeamdynamiclogo std.png vs. 4notlogo std.pngTEAM4NOT.NA MeetYourMakersMymlogo std.png vs. ALTERNATE aTTaXlogo std.pngALTERNATE aTTaX
Game 1 Game 1
Game 2 Game 2
Game 3
Team FeaRTeamfearlogo std.png vs. Logo std.pngNick Allen is better than Red Baron vs.
Game 1
Game 2
Game 3