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The International e-Sports Federation (IeSF) was founded by 9 national e-Sports associations from europe and asia in a bold move to promote e-Sports and ensure that eSports is accredited as any other sport.


The International e-Sports Federation was established by nine national e-Sports association from europe and asia in an attempt to create an international sports federation for the e-Sports communities around the world.

The porpuse of IeSF is to get e-Sports accredited as any other sports, and to get its players participating in tournament held within real-sport events (like the Asian Indoor-Martial Art Games). In order to do so, the IeSF is working to create standarts for e-Sports, and cooperating with e-Sports event organizers and e-Sports titles developers in order to unite all of the e-Sports communities under one jurastriction and move towards the real sports field.

From its humble beginnings, a number of other nations quickly applied for membership. Starting from 9 nations in 2008, the IeSF now has more than 48 member nations (as of 23/11/2013).

After it's establishment, IeSF was able to hold its own world championships. IeSF challenge in 2009, IeSF Grand Final in 2010, and IeSF World Championship from 2011 and onwards.

2012 saw a massive breakthrough for eSports and the IeSF, as for the first time ever, World Championships were introduced for women.

Since 2013, IeSF World Championship hosts a League of Legends tournament as part of the main event.


Starting from 2008, the International e-Sports Federation is annually holding its international championships.
In 2013, a League of Legends championship was introduced for the first time.

Name Date Location Total Prize Winner Runner-Up
IeSF 2013 World Championship 1-3 November, 2013
Bucharest, Romania
$ 28,000~ South Korea South Korea South Korea Netherlands Netherlands
IeSF 7th e-Sports World Championship 2-5 December, 2015
Seoul, South Korea
TBD South Korea South Korea South Korea China China
IeSF 8th e-Sports World Championship 6-9 October, 2016
Jakarta, Indonesia
$ 20,000 South Korea South Korea South Korea Philippines Philippines
IeSF 9th e-Sports World Championship 9-12 November, 2017
Busan, South korea
₩ 20,000,000 South Korea South Korea South Korea Serbia Serbia
IeSF 10th e-Sports World Championship 9-11 November, 2018
Kaohsiung, Taiwan
$ 20,000 South Korea South Korea South Korea Macao Macao

Member Nations[edit]

Europe Asia Africa Americas Oceania
Austria Austria Bangladesh Bangladesh Egypt Egypt Brazil Brazil Australia Australia
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan China China Namibia Namibia Canada Canada
Belgium Belgium Taiwan Taiwan South Africa South Africa Costa Rica Costa Rica
Bulgaria Bulgaria India India Tunisia Tunisia Mexico Mexico
Denmark Denmark Indonesia Indonesia
Finland Finland Iran Iran
France France Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
Georgia Georgia South Korea South Korea
Israel Israel Macao Macao
Italy Italy Malaysia Malaysia
North Macedonia North Macedonia Maldives Maldives
Netherlands Netherlands Mongolia Mongolia
Norway Norway Philippines Philippines
Portugal Portugal Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
Romania Romania Singapore Singapore
Russia Russia Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
Serbia Serbia Tajikistan Tajikistan
Spain Spain Thailand Thailand
Sweden Sweden Vietnam Vietnam
Switzerland Switzerland
Turkey Turkey
Ukraine Ukraine