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MAD K 2019 Split 2.PNG
Background Information
NameKe Kai-Sheng (柯凱盛)
Country of BirthTaiwan Taiwan
BirthdayMay 20, 1996 (age 24)
Prev Residencies
Soloqueue IDsHoHotDoG, 084K (KR)
Social Media & Links
Infobox Facebook Fanpagelogo std.png
Team History
??? 2013 - Sep 2013
Logo std.pngXinSoul
Sep 2013 - ??? 2014
Hong Kong Attitude Priestlogo std.pngHK Attitude Priest
May 2014 - Oct 2014
Hong Kong Attitude Magelogo std.pngHK Attitude Mage
Oct 2014 - Oct 2014
AHQLogo std.pngahq eSports Club
Oct 2014 - Mar 2015
Log Slogo std.pngLogitech G Snipers
Mar 2015 - Jun 2015
Logo std.pngDonate Me Please
Jun 2015 - Jul 2015
Log Slogo std.pngLogitech G Snipers
Dec 2015 - Dec 2015
Gamania Bearslogo std.pngGamania Bears
Dec 2015 - Jun 2016
GashBearslogo std.pngGashBears
Jun 2016 - Oct 2016
Team Mistlogo std.pngTeam Mist
Oct 2016 - Feb 2017
Wayispiderlogo std.pngWayi Spider
Feb 2017 - Mar 2017
Wayispiderlogo std.pngWayi Spider
Mar 2017 - Nov 2017
Wayispiderlogo std.pngWayi Spider
Nov 2017 - Dec 2019
MAD Teamlogo std.pngMAD Team

Ke "K" Kai-Sheng (Hanzi: 柯凱盛) is a League of Legends esports player, previously support for MAD Team. He was previously known as HoHotDoG.



  • Has played all five roles competitively.
  • Was forbidden from using his Facebook Fanpage by the MAD Team management team due to him constantly posting weird obscure content.
  • Was vocal about the frequent hacking incidents in Garena, as one of his accounts were hacked as well.[5]

Tournament Results[edit]

This table shows up to the 10 most recent results. For complete results, click here.

Minimum place

K Tournament Results
DatePlEventLast ResultRoster
2019-09-063 - 4 LMS 2019 Regional Finals
1 : 3G-Rexlogo std.pngGRX
MAD Teamlogo std.pngMAD Liang,  Kongyue,  Uniboy,  Breeze,  K,  TL
2019-08-234 LMS 2019 Summer Playoffs
1 : 3Hong Kong Attitudelogo std.pngHKA
MAD Teamlogo std.pngMAD Liang,  Kongyue,  Uniboy,  Rock,  K,  TL
2019-08-044 LMS 2019 Summer
6 - 6Blanklogo std.pngRR
MAD Teamlogo std.pngMAD Rock,  Liang,  Kongyue,  Uniboy,  Breeze,  K,  TL
2019-04-202 LMS 2019 Spring Playoffs
0 : 3Yoe Flash Wolveslogo std.pngFW
MAD Teamlogo std.pngMAD Liang,  Kongyue,  Uniboy,  Breeze,  K,  TL
2019-03-311 LMS 2019 Spring
11 - 3Blanklogo std.pngRR
MAD Teamlogo std.pngMAD Liang,  Rock,  Kongyue,  Benny,  Uniboy,  Breeze,  K,  TL
2018-10-1613 - 16 Worlds 2018
0 - 6Blanklogo std.pngRR
MAD Teamlogo std.pngMAD Liang,  Kongyue,  Benny,  Uniboy,  Breeze,  K,  GreenTea
2018-09-152 LMS 2018 Summer Playoffs
0 : 3Yoe Flash Wolveslogo std.pngFW
MAD Teamlogo std.pngMAD Liang,  Kongyue,  Uniboy,  Breeze,  K,  GreenTea
2018-08-172 LMS 2018 Summer
10 - 4Blanklogo std.pngRR
MAD Teamlogo std.pngMAD Liang,  Rock,  Kongyue,  Uniboy,  Breeze,  K,  GreenTea
2018-07-083 Rift Rivals 2018 LCK-LPL-LMS
0 : 3LCK Allstarslogo std.pngLCK
MAD Teamlogo std.pngMAD Liang,  Benny,  Uniboy,  Breeze,  K,  GreenTea
2018-04-153 LMS 2018 Spring Playoffs
0 : 3G-Rexlogo std.pngGRX
MAD Teamlogo std.pngMAD Liang,  Benny,  Kongyue,  Uniboy,  Breeze,  K,  GreenTea


Post-Match Interviews

2019-03-02LMS 2019 Spring
HKAHong Kong Attitudelogo std.png
MAD Teamlogo std.pngMAD
2019-01-19LMS 2019 Spring
FWYoe Flash Wolveslogo std.png
MAD Teamlogo std.pngMAD



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