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Kane (Li Chi Hung)

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Player has retired.
WY kane 2016 Spring.jpg
Background Information
NameLi Chi Hung (李智鴻)
Country of Birth
Hong Kong
BirthdayJuly 20, 1994 (age 26)
Favorite Champs

Competitive IDsBat
Soloqueue IDseP kane(TW)ePkane4357
Social Media & Links
Infobox Facebook Fanpagelogo std.png
Infobox Twitchlogo std.png
Infobox pubglogo std.png
Team History
Dec 2012 - Apr 2013
HKCs std.pngHong Kong Carries
Apr 2013 - Jun 2014
Energy Pacemakerlogo std.pngEnergy Pacemaker.HK
Jun 2014 - May 2015
Energy Pacemakerlogo std.pngEnergy Pacemaker
Dec 2015 - Jan 2016
Assassin Sniperlogo std.pngAssassin Sniper
Feb 2016 - Apr 2016
Wan Yoologo std.pngWan Yoo
May 2016 - Jun 2016
Taoyuan Cougar E-Sportlogo std.pngCougar E-Sport
Jun 2016 - ??? 2016
Alpha Teamlogo std.pngAlpha Team
??? 2016 - ??? 2017
PandaCutelogo std.pngPandaCute

Li "Kane" Chi Hung (Hanzi: 李智鴻) is a retired League of Legends esports player, previously coach for PandaCute. He was previously known as Bat.

There is a disambiguation page associated with the name Kane. Two other players share this ID.



  • He was the MVP of the PTT-ACE Champion League.
  • Kane's grandfather was from the United Kingdom.
  • He often plays The Binding of Isaac while streaming.
  • He has a manager named Sandy.
  • After he retired from League of Legends, he became a professional PUBG player for PandaCute.

Tournament Results[edit]

This table shows up to the 10 most recent results. For complete results, click here.

Minimum place

Kane (Li Chi Hung) Tournament Results
DatePlEventLast ResultRoster
2017-06-301 HKXP Female Invitational 2017
2 : 1Team Dream Forcelogo std.pngTDF
PandaCutelogo std.pngPDQ Deer,  Momo,  Dream,  GodLai,  Rispy,  kane
2016-08-143 ECS 2016 Summer
6-3-5Blanklogo std.pngRR
Alpha Teamlogo std.pngAPT ATM,  Epic,  Aries,  Tinky,  Kane,  Coool
2016-05-22NQ LMS 2016 Summer Promotion
0 : 3Flash Huskylogo std.pngFH
Taoyuan Cougar E-Sportlogo std.pngCougar COOLG,  EmIya,  KuKu,  Bat,  Skywalk
2016-04-11NQ LSPL 2016 Spring Relegation
0 : 3Star Horn Royal Clublogo std.pngSHR
Wan Yoologo std.pngWY yueyueyue,  sixsix9,  KaKAO,  Poems,  SLEEK,  Destiny,  kane
2016-04-0613 LSPL 2016 Spring
12 - 18Blanklogo std.pngRR
Wan Yoologo std.pngWY yueyueyue,  z1hao,  Sixsix9,  KaKAO,  Seok1,  Poems,  SLEEK,  kaneCh,  Maps9,  Destiny
2015-12-26NQ LMS 2016 Spring Promotion
2 : 3Logo std.pngDEFT
Assassin Sniperlogo std.pngAS pk,  MiHanna,  KuKu,  Kane,  Candy
2015-04-19NQ LPL 2015 Summer Promotion
0 : 3Master3logo std.pngM3
Energy Pacemakerlogo std.pngEP AmazingJ,  Drizzle,  Raphael,  ZangAo,  kane,  x1u
2015-04-129 - 12 LPL 2015 Spring
1-9-12Blanklogo std.pngRR
Energy Pacemakerlogo std.pngEP AmazingJ,  Captain57,  Drizzle,  Luo,  Raphael,  kane,  ZangAo,  x1u,  Ana2k,  KangQui
2015-03-099 - 16 Demacia Cup 2015 Spring
1 : 3Snake Esportslogo std.pngSS
Energy Pacemakerlogo std.pngEP AmazingJ,  Drizzle,  Raphael,  kane,  x1u
2014-12-072 International e-Culture Festival 2014
0 - 2Blanklogo std.pngRR
Energy Pacemakerlogo std.pngEP AmazingJ,  Xing,  XiaoLuoLuo,  kane,  Ikkyu


  • 2015
  • 2013


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