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Kaos Latin Gamers

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Kaos Latin Gamers Movistar
LOCATION: Chile Chile
MANAGERS: Francisco "R4vER" Osorio
Ozone Gaming Gear Twitch MSI Gaming Movistar
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CREATED: December 27, 2013(2013-12-27)

Kaos Latin Gamers Movistar is a Latin American League of Legends team formed by the roster of Royal Paladin eSports Eclipse.


On December 27h, 2013, Kaos Latin Gamers was created by picking up the Top, Mid and Support of Royal Paladin eSports Eclipse, Helior, ZeicrØ & Ominator and players chalaa (former AD of Renegades of Hell) and MadafOcker. The team has acquired the RPE's spot in the Liga Samsung (ending 2013) [1]


Player Roster

ID Name Contract
Top Laner Uruguay MANTARRAYA Juan Ignacio Abdon 04/30/2018
Jungler Chile Tierwulf Sebastian Mateluna 05/10/2018
Mid Laner Chile Plugo Joaquin Perez 05/15/2018
AD Carry Argentina Fix Nicolas Sayago 05/02/2018
Support Chile Slow Eduardo Garces 04/30/2018
Sub Jungler Venezuela Frescolita Ibrahim Lopez 05/16/2018
Sub AD Carry Chile Focho Matias Porto 05/10/2018

ID Name Next Team
Support Chile Filopo Eduardo Acuña
Feint Gaming
Top Laner Chile Relenus Jorge Galaz
AD Carry Chile Zealot Rodrigo Guerrero
Jungler Brazil Leozuxo Leonardo Camícia
Infinity eSports
Support Chile LightColors Felipe Treuque
Top Laner Chile Heinsen Ervin Tapia
Support USA Sakuya Maria Creveling
FlyQuest eSports
AD Carry Brazil TheFoxz Renato Souza
Top Laner Argentina Acce Emmanuel Juarez
Furious Gaming
AD Carry Spotted Carlos ibáñez
Support Chile BearJew Manuel Parrochia
Top Laner Brazil element Arlindo Neto Retired.png Retired
Jungler Chile Juliostito Julio Berríos
Furious Gaming
Substitute Chile Primoo Nicolas González
Top Laner Chile Helior Felipe Pastenes
Furious Gaming
AD Carry Argentina WhiteLotus Matías Musso
Last Kings
Substitute Germany Serafin Nicolas Heumann
AD Carry Chile Zeicro Juan Fierro
Isurus Gaming
Jungler Chile Clatos Claudio Navarrete
Dark Horse
Support Chile God Sebastian Mateluna
Last Kings
Mid Laner Venezuela Naguita Arlis Mata
Mid Laner Chile Slash
Support Chile Electra Nancy Rubio
Bencheados de KLG
Support Chile Ominator Luciano Lambelet
Bencheados de KLG
Mid Laner Chile chalaa Camilo Ibañez
Top Laner Chile TurtleGG Cristobal Barra
Jungler Chile MadafOcker Felipe Gómez
Bencheados de KLG


ID Name Position
Puerto Rico Cuballende Jose Martinez Founder & Owner
Chile Fast Iván Orellana General Director
Chile R4vER Francisco Osorio Gaming House Management
Chile N34R Nicolás Sánchez Brand Manager
Chile SCIZOR Samuel Scizor Head Manager
Sweet.Hachi Susana Solares Manager Noir Tentation
Argentina Pierre Misa Di Ciancia Head Coach
RafaP Rafael Pinheiro Analyst
Chile Cynic Nicolas Roa Analyst

ID Name Position Next Team
Brazil Halier Gabriel Garcia Head Coach
Operation Kino
Chile BigMoney Joaquín González Head Analyst
Brazil Piroxz Luis Chavez Coach
KaBuM! e-Sports
Brazil DrPuppet Alexandre Weber Head Coach
Last Kings

Team Achievements

2017 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2017-09-26 Worlds Logosmall.png 21 - 24th 2017 World Championship 1 - 3 Group Stage/Round Robin (W-L) TBD
2017-08-19 2017CLS logo.png 1st 2017 CLS Closing Cup Playoffs 3 : 1
Isurus Gaming
14.000.000 CLP
2017-07-21 2017CLS logo.png 1st 2017 CLS Closing Cup 8-3-1 Group Stage/Round Robin (W-D-L)
2017-03-31 2017CLS logo.png Q 2017 CLS Closing Cup Promo 3 : 1
2017-03-16 2017CLS logo.png 6th 2017 CLS Opening Cup 1-2-6 Group Stage/Round Robin (W-D-L)

2016 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2016-11-04 Torneo de Pre-Copa 2017.png 4th Torneo de Pre-Copa 2017 0 : 3
Last Kings
2016-10-29 Esltumbnail.png NQ IEM XI Oakland Qualifiers 0 : 2
Lyon Gaming
2016-08-29 Worlds Logosmall.png NQ 2016 International Wildcard Qualifiers 1 - 6 Group Stage/Round Robin (W-L)
2016-08-07 2017CLS logo.png 1st 2016 LAS Closing Cup Playoffs 3 : 2
Isurus Gaming
2016-07-13 2017CLS logo.png 3rd 2016 LAS Closing Cup 3-5-2 Group Stage/Round Robin (W-D-L)
2016-03-25 2017CLS logo.png Q 2016 LAS Closing Cup Promo 3 : 0
2017CLS logo.png 6th 2016 LAS Opening Cup 1-3-6 Group Stage/Round Robin (W-L)

2015 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2015-08-31 IWC Chile.png NQ 2015 Desafio Internacional 0 : 3
paiN Gaming
2015-08-08 Copa LatinAm logo.png 1st 2015 Latin America Cup Grand Final 3 : 1
Lyon Gaming
$ 10,000
2015-07-16 Copa LatinAm logo.png 1st 2015 LAS Copa Clausura 3 : 0
Furious Gaming
$ 12,500
2015-04-23 Iwc logo.png 7th 2015 International Wild Card Invitational 1 : 5 Group Stage/Round Robin (W-L)
2015-04-11 Copa LatinAm logo.png 1st 2015 LAC Copa Apertura Final 3 : 0
Lyon Gaming
$ 10,000
2015-03-30 Copa LatinAm logo.png 1st 2015 LAS Copa Apertura Playoffs 3 : 1
Furious Gaming
$ 12,500

2014 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2014-09-07 2nd LAS Circuit of Legends 2014 August 0 : 2
Renegades of Hell
$ 1,000
2014-06-30 3 - 4th LAS Circuit of Legends 2014 June 0 : 2
Pineapple Express
$ 300
2014-04-18 Copa LatinAm logo.png 2nd Riot Latin America Cup 2014 - Chile 0 : 2
Seven Wars Lyon
$ 11,000
2014-01-19 1st Liga Samsung (Ending 2013) 3 : 1
ChiLeanFivE Hopes
$ 2,000
2014-02-23 2nd LAS Circuit of Legends 2014 February 0 : 2
Furious Gaming
$ 1,000


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