Knight's Vow

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Knight's Vow
ItemSquareKnight's Vow.png
UNIQUE - Sacrifice: While your Worthy ally is nearby, redirect 15% of the damage they take to you, stops if you are below [+30% your max], and if they are below [+50% their max], gain 35% bonus movement speed while moving towards them.
UNIQUE - Pledge: Designate an allied champion as Worthy (90 second cooldown).


300% Base Health Regen

Additional Information
Map AvailabilityALL
ItemSquareCrystalline Bracer.png + ItemSquareRejuvenation Bead.png + ItemSquareKindlegem.png + 700 Goldcurrency.png
Total Cost: 2300 Goldcurrency.png
Sold For: 1610 Goldcurrency.png


  • Knight's Vow's active allows to link to a target that is already linked by your
    Zeke's Convergence
    . The two items even have complementary VFX.

Similar Items[edit]

Patch History[edit]


Cost decreased. Health decreased.

Support items are at a lower price point than other tank items, so we can make them very gold efficient without making them appealing to other classes. In Knight’s Vow’s case, the overall stats on the item were high enough to still entice more farmed tanks, so we’re toning that efficiency down. By bringing the price point and the stats down, we can make Knight’s Vow more clearly a low-budget item that’s focused on it’s unique effects.

TOTAL COST : [2300] 2200 gold
COMBINE COST : [700] 600 gold
HEALTH : [350] 250

Health decreased.

The baseline stats on Knight’s Vow make it a tad too effective when champions aren’t taking advantage of its partner bonuses. We’re taking its health down a notch.

HEALTH : [400] 350


Tanks like cooldown reduction, right?

BUILD PATH : Chain Vest + [Crystalline Bracer + 850 gold] Kindlegem + 700 gold
HEALTH REGEN No longer grants +100% base health regen

Build path simplified.

A support’s inventory quickly fills up with multiple items like Sightstone, gold items, boots, and wards, leaving little room for components. We want supports to feel comfortable building towards Knight’s Vow, so we’re simplifying its build path.

BUILD PATH : [Crystalline Bracer + Crystalline Bracer + Cloth Armor + 700 gold (2300 total)] Crystalline Bracer + Chain Vest + 850g (2300 total)
ARMOR : [20] 40
TETHER RANGE : [900] 1000

Cost down.

Even among protector-types like Braum, Knight’s Vow isn’t seeing much play at the moment. This might just be because everyone’s buying Redemption (see above), so we want to see how this patch shifts the support item landscape before making substantive changes to Knight’s Vow. That said, a lower price point should help encourage supports to make the switch.

COMBINE COST : [800] 700
TOTAL COST : [2400] 2300


Wardens have a lot of tools to control teamfights, throwing crowd control left and right. But when it comes to protecting a single target from damage, they often find themselves unable to help out (unless their name is Braum). We want to give those champions the ability to pick one single teammate and work overtime to keep them alive, even when their spells are on cooldown.

TOTAL COST : 2100 gold
BUILD PATH : Crystalline Bracer + Cloth Armor + Crystalline Bracer + 500 gold
HEALTH : 400
ARMOR : 20
BUDDY SYSTEM : UNIQUE Active: Designate an allied champion as your Partner (90 second cooldown)
ON MY WAY : UNIQUE Passive: If your Partner is nearby, gain + 15% movement Speed when moving towards them and + 40 additional armor.
I GOTCHU FAM : UNIQUE Passive: If your Partner is nearby, heal for 12% of the damage your Partner deals to champions and redirect 12% of the damage your Partner takes from champions to you as true damage (healing and damage redirection are reduced by 50% if you are ranged). (Champions can only be linked by one Knight’s Vow at a time.)