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Background Information
NameIlya Grom (Илья Гром)
Country of Birth
TeamOne Breath Gaminglogo std.pngOne Breath Gaming
Favorite Champs

Social Media & Links
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Team History
Aug 2015 - Nov 2015
Night Insidelogo std.pngNight Inside
Nov 2015 - ??? 2016
Vaevictis eSportslogo std.pngVaevictis eSports
Dec 2016 - Sep 2017
Jan 2018 - Apr 2019
M19logo std.pngM19
Jun 2019 - Oct 2019
Vega Squadronlogo std.pngVega Squadron
Jan 2020 - Jun 2020
Elements Pro Gaminglogo std.pngElements Pro Gaming
Jun 2020 - Present
One Breath Gaminglogo std.pngOne Breath Gaming

Ilya "Kreox" (▶️ listen) Grom (Cyrillic: Илья Гром) is a League of Legends esports player, currently jungler for One Breath Gaming.


2015 Season[edit]

Night Inside became Ilya's first team. A few months before Kreox leaves, the team won LoL Battle Arena Season One in addition to 2nd place in 2015 SLTV ProSeries Summer Playoffs, this latter point gave them advancing to 2016 SLTV StarSeries Spring Promotion. Night Inside beats Team Dragon 2-0 in the relegation series, having received a spot for StarSeries, which then turned into 2016 LCL Spring Season spot.

In November Night Inside's roster was purchased by Vaevictis eSports. In late December Riot announced replacing StarSeries by LCL. Because of that, Kreox moves to coach position since he couldn't longer playing professionaly due to new competition have an age limit unlike StarSeries.

2016 Season[edit]

Under Kreox' leadership Vaevictis missed the Spring Playoffs after the defeat to Team Just 0-1 in first round of additional tiebreakers of the very first regular season of LCL, but they guaranteeing them a place in the Summer Season, finishing sixth with 7-7 game record in spring split after all. Vaevictis placing fifth in the LCL Summer Season with 7-7 game record.


Tournament Results[edit]

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Minimum place

Kreox Tournament Results
DatePlEventLast ResultRoster
2020-08-153 - 4 LCL 2020 Summer Playoffs
0 : 3Unicorns Of Lovelogo std.pngUOL
One Breath Gaminglogo std.pngOBG Smurf,  Kreox,  xTyLk,  Kinzu,  Jestkui Max,  Smile
2020-08-093 LCL 2020 Summer
9 - 5Blanklogo std.pngRR
One Breath Gaminglogo std.pngOBG Smurf,  Kreox,  xTyLk,  Kinzu,  Jestkui Max,  Wonderful,  Smile
2020-04-183 - 4 LCL 2020 Spring Playoffs
0 : 3Unicorns Of Lovelogo std.pngUOL
Elements Pro Gaminglogo std.pngEPG Smurf,  Kreox,  Kira,  Kinzu,  Jestkui Max,  selfdestruct
2020-04-123 LCL 2020 Spring
7 - 7Blanklogo std.pngRR
Elements Pro Gaminglogo std.pngEPG Smurf,  Kreox,  Kira,  Kinzu,  Jestkui Max,  selfdestruct
2020-03-185 - 8 LCL 2020 Spring Open Cup
1 : 2RoX (2014 CIS Team)logo std.pngRoX
Elements Pro Gaminglogo std.pngEPG Smurf,  Kreox,  Kira,  Kinzu,  JestkuiMax,  selfdestruct
2019-09-152 LCL 2019 Summer Playoffs
2 : 3Unicorns Of Lovelogo std.pngUOL
Vega Squadronlogo std.pngVEG Doxy,  Kreox,  DiscotEkka,  Gadget,  SaNTaS,  Moo
2019-08-253 LCL 2019 Summer
10 - 4Blanklogo std.pngRR
Vega Squadronlogo std.pngVEG Doxy,  Kreox,  DiscotEkka,  Gadget,  SaNTaS,  Moo
2019-08-013 - 4 LCL 2019 Summer Open Cup
0 : 3Gambit Esportslogo std.pngGMB
Vega Squadronlogo std.pngVEG Doxy,  Kreox,  DiscotEkka,  Gadget,  SaNTaS,  Moo
2019-03-303 - 4 LCL 2019 Spring Playoffs
0 : 3Elements Pro Gaminglogo std.pngEPG
M19logo std.pngM19 Smurf,  Kreox,  EkkA,  Blasting,  Lekcycc,  Moo
2019-03-244 LCL 2019 Spring
7 - 7Blanklogo std.pngRR
M19logo std.pngM19 Smurf,  Kreox,  EkkA,  Blasting,  Lekcycc,  Moo



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