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LDL/2018 Season/Grand Finals/Match Details

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Game Information & Links
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Round 1
RoundTeam 1Team 2PBPColorPBGameInterviewWithHLMVPMHSummaryReddit
R1 - WTeam Fighterlogo std.png TFVictorious Gaminglogo std.png VTG--Link----KorolLink--
Victorious Gaminglogo std.png VTGTeam Fighterlogo std.png TF------Sask---
R1 - WMighty Eaglelogo std.png MESinoDragon Gaminglogo std.png SDG--Link----ChanghongLink--
SinoDragon Gaminglogo std.png SDGMighty Eaglelogo std.png ME------Twila---
R1 - WUnlimited Potentiallogo std.png UPMoss Seven Clublogo std.png MSC--Link-----Link--
Moss Seven Clublogo std.png MSCUnlimited Potentiallogo std.png UP----------
Moss Seven Clublogo std.png MSCUnlimited Potentiallogo std.png UP----------
R1 - WYoung Miracleslogo std.png YMOnlyGamelogo std.png OG--Link----weiLink--
OnlyGamelogo std.png OGYoung Miracleslogo std.png YM------Tank---
Young Miracleslogo std.png YMOnlyGamelogo std.png OG------l3est16---
R1 - LMighty Eaglelogo std.png METeam Fighterlogo std.png TF--Link-----Link--
Mighty Eaglelogo std.png METeam Fighterlogo std.png TF----------
R1 - LMoss Seven Clublogo std.png MSCYoung Miracleslogo std.png YM--Link-----Link--
Young Miracleslogo std.png YMMoss Seven Clublogo std.png MSC----------
Round 2
RoundTeam 1Team 2PBPColorPBGameInterviewWithHLMVPMHSummaryReddit
R2 - WVictorious Gaminglogo std.png VTGSinoDragon Gaminglogo std.png SDG--Link-----Link--
Victorious Gaminglogo std.png VTGSinoDragon Gaminglogo std.png SDG----------
R2 - WOnlyGamelogo std.png OGUnlimited Potentiallogo std.png UP--Link-----Link--
Unlimited Potentiallogo std.png UPOnlyGamelogo std.png OG----------
R2 - LMighty Eaglelogo std.png MEVictorious Gaminglogo std.png VTG--Link--------
Mighty Eaglelogo std.png MEVictorious Gaminglogo std.png VTG----------
R2 - LYoung Miracleslogo std.png YMOnlyGamelogo std.png OG--Link--------
OnlyGamelogo std.png OGYoung Miracleslogo std.png YM----------
Young Miracleslogo std.png YMOnlyGamelogo std.png OG----------
Round 3
RoundTeam 1Team 2PBPColorPBGameInterviewWithHLMVPMHSummaryReddit
R3 - LOnlyGamelogo std.png OGVictorious Gaminglogo std.png VTG--Link--------
Victorious Gaminglogo std.png VTGOnlyGamelogo std.png OG------Tank---
OnlyGamelogo std.png OGVictorious Gaminglogo std.png VTG------Korol---
Round 4
RoundTeam 1Team 2PBPColorPBGameInterviewWithHLMVPMHSummaryReddit
R4 - WSinoDragon Gaminglogo std.png SDGUnlimited Potentiallogo std.png UP--Link--------
SinoDragon Gaminglogo std.png SDGUnlimited Potentiallogo std.png UP----------
Unlimited Potentiallogo std.png UPSinoDragon Gaminglogo std.png SDG----------
R4 - LVictorious Gaminglogo std.png VTGSinoDragon Gaminglogo std.png SDG--Link----Changhong---
SinoDragon Gaminglogo std.png SDGVictorious Gaminglogo std.png VTG------Changhong---
Grand Final
RoundTeam 1Team 2PBPColorPBGameInterviewWithHLMVPMHSummaryReddit
FinalSinoDragon Gaminglogo std.png SDGUnlimited Potentiallogo std.png UP-------Gala---
SinoDragon Gaminglogo std.png SDGUnlimited Potentiallogo std.png UP-------Xiaopeng---
Unlimited Potentiallogo std.png UPSinoDragon Gaminglogo std.png SDG-------Peng---
SinoDragon Gaminglogo std.png SDGUnlimited Potentiallogo std.png UP-------Gala---