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Individual Awards[edit]

Player of the Week[edit]

Week Player
1 Snake WuDulogo std.pngkeke
2 Young Glorylogo std.pngCarl
3 Legend Esport Gaminglogo std.pngAssqssin
4 Triumphant Song Gaminglogo std.pngIrma
5 Young Miracleslogo std.pngxiaolongbao
6 FunPlus Phoenix Blazelogo std.pngmingjing
7 Rogue Warriors Sharklogo std.pngCaocao

"Man of the Match" Standings[edit]

MVP Standings
111Young Glorylogo std.png Carl
29Shu Dai Xiong Gaminglogo std.png Avenger0
29FunPlus Phoenix Blazelogo std.png Cepted
48Team WE Academylogo std.png fortunate
48King of Futurelogo std.png Photic
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48Shu Dai Xiong Gaminglogo std.png ShaDow
77Bilibili Gaming Juniorlogo std.png Alielie
77Oh My Dreamlogo std.png Curse
77Snake WuDulogo std.png dzs
77Snake WuDulogo std.png Light
77V5 87logo std.png XC
77Young Glorylogo std.png xin
77Young Miracleslogo std.png Zhuang
146Legend Esport Gaminglogo std.png Assqssin
146Scorpio Gamelogo std.png CH1rry
146Young Miracleslogo std.png CJJ
146Joy Dreamlogo std.png clx
146Oh My Dreamlogo std.png Guoguo
146Joy Dreamlogo std.png Xiaohan
146Bilibili Gaming Juniorlogo std.png xiaoliulian
146Young Miracleslogo std.png xiaolongbao
146EDward Gaming Youth Teamlogo std.png yimeng
146LinGan e-Sportslogo std.png ZBB
245SinoDragon Princelogo std.png Aitong
245Legend Esport Gaminglogo std.png catjug
245Unlimited Potentiallogo std.png Cube
245Gama Dreamlogo std.png Enjoy
245Team WE Academylogo std.png hy
245SinoDragon Princelogo std.png melody
245Triumphant Song Gaminglogo std.png sixsix9
245V5 87logo std.png X41007
245Unlimited Potentiallogo std.png Ytt
245Rogue Warriors Sharklogo std.png Zhanzhao
344LinGan e-Sportslogo std.png BadeMan
344Snake WuDulogo std.png chenlun17
344Triumphant Song Gaminglogo std.png Closer
344VP Gamelogo std.png Fdy
344Bilibili Gaming Juniorlogo std.png HanXuan
344Team WE Academylogo std.png hardgirl
344Rogue Warriors Sharklogo std.png Holder
344Young Glorylogo std.png huanfeng
344Triumphant Song Gaminglogo std.png Irma
344King of Futurelogo std.png Mantouz
344Star Horn Royal Clublogo std.png Moon
344Vici Gaming Potentiallogo std.png noble
344Legend Esport Gaminglogo std.png shanji
344Team WE Academylogo std.png spunk
344Rogue Warriors Sharklogo std.png WeiYan
344Gama Dreamlogo std.png xinnu
344Legend Esport Gaminglogo std.png YanXuan
513VP Gamelogo std.png 1ntruder
513Victorious Gaminglogo std.png 997
513King of Futurelogo std.png AK
513EDward Gaming Youth Teamlogo std.png BBD
513Suning-Slogo std.png bin
513Rogue Warriors Sharklogo std.png Caocao
513Scorpio Gamelogo std.png JDM
513Snake WuDulogo std.png keke
513FunPlus Phoenix Blazelogo std.png Mingjing
513Joy Dreamlogo std.png Morgan
513Gama Dreamlogo std.png nanzhu
513Unlimited Potentiallogo std.png Steel
513Vici Gaming Potentiallogo std.png Strive
513Gama Dreamlogo std.png Till
513Unlimited Potentiallogo std.png Typhoon
513Legend Esport Gaminglogo std.png Viod
513Scorpio Gamelogo std.png Wuyou
513Scorpio Gamelogo std.png XPZ
692Joy Dreamlogo std.png A02
692V5 87logo std.png Aliez
692FunPlus Phoenix Blazelogo std.png April
692VP Gamelogo std.png Aris
692EDward Gaming Youth Teamlogo std.png Brave
692LinGan e-Sportslogo std.png Captain
692Scorpio Gamelogo std.png CHange
692Triumphant Song Gaminglogo std.png Cherub
692Oh My Dreamlogo std.png Eric
692Young Glorylogo std.png Fate
692Snake WuDulogo std.png Feng
692Shu Dai Xiong Gaminglogo std.png Godlou
692LinGan e-Sportslogo std.png JiuMeng
692Rogue Warriors Sharklogo std.png Killua
692King of Futurelogo std.png Like
692SinoDragon Princelogo std.png LiLian
692LinGan e-Sportslogo std.png Lwandy
692Bilibili Gaming Juniorlogo std.png M1anhua
692Bilibili Gaming Juniorlogo std.png Moonlight
692Triumphant Song Gaminglogo std.png New
692VP Gamelogo std.png Pang
692Unlimited Potentiallogo std.png Roysen
692Scorpio Gamelogo std.png Try9
692Suning-Slogo std.png View
692VP Gamelogo std.png Wuy
692FunPlus Phoenix Blazelogo std.png Xiao7
692FunPlus Phoenix Blazelogo std.png Yoghurt
961Young Glorylogo std.png 705
961Star Horn Royal Clublogo std.png Able
961LinGan e-Sportslogo std.png Alun
961SinoDragon Princelogo std.png Amaj
961EDward Gaming Youth Teamlogo std.png beige
961Star Horn Royal Clublogo std.png Cake
961Team WE Academylogo std.png Clever9
961Suning-Slogo std.png Cruel
961Vici Gaming Potentiallogo std.png Dustwind
961Victorious Gaminglogo std.png Fishball
961Gama Dreamlogo std.png h1rb
961Unlimited Potentiallogo std.png Hang
961Legend Esport Gaminglogo std.png Helper
961Victorious Gaminglogo std.png Kay
961Shu Dai Xiong Gaminglogo std.png Kiy1n9
961V5 87logo std.png Kore
961Shu Dai Xiong Gaminglogo std.png L1n
961Scorpio Gamelogo std.png L1zzie
961Suning-Slogo std.png Lilac
961Snake WuDulogo std.png lxlyc
961LinGan e-Sportslogo std.png Martin
961FunPlus Phoenix Blazelogo std.png Mingren
961Young Miracleslogo std.png Puzzle
961Young Miracleslogo std.png rat
961LinGan e-Sportslogo std.png Rikka
961Gama Dreamlogo std.png Rin
961Suning-Slogo std.png shark
961EDward Gaming Youth Teamlogo std.png sleepy
961Star Horn Royal Clublogo std.png Sora
961Team WE Academylogo std.png Teacherma
961Gama Dreamlogo std.png TheFan
961Shu Dai Xiong Gaminglogo std.png unicorn
961Joy Dreamlogo std.png up
961Young Miracleslogo std.png WEI
961Star Horn Royal Clublogo std.png XiaoBai
961V5 87logo std.png Xiaomin
961Oh My Dreamlogo std.png Xmq
961Victorious Gaminglogo std.png XXD
961V5 87logo std.png Y1TT
961Triumphant Song Gaminglogo std.png Ye
961King of Futurelogo std.png Yuyanjia
961Vici Gaming Potentiallogo std.png Zdz

Note: MVPs are only available from games broadcasted on the main stream. The second stream doesn't show any MVPs.