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Week 1
1FunPlus Phoenix Blazelogo std.png2-0 (+4)2-0 (+4)
1LNG Academylogo std.png2-0 (+4)2-0 (+4)
1Shu Dai Xiong Gaminglogo std.png2-0 (+4)2-0 (+4)
1TWELVElogo std.png2-0 (+4)2-0 (+4)
5ThunderTalk Gaming Younglogo std.png2-0 (+3)2-0 (+3)
5Young Miracleslogo std.png2-0 (+3)2-0 (+3)
7Suning-Slogo std.png2-0 (+2)2-0 (+2)
7V5 87logo std.png2-0 (+2)2-0 (+2)
9Joy Dreamlogo std.png1-0 (+1)1-0 (+1)
10Kaisa Gaminglogo std.png1-1 (+1)1-1 (+1)
10Team Pinnaclelogo std.png1-1 (+1)1-1 (+1)
10Team WE Academylogo std.png1-1 (+1)1-1 (+1)
13Bilibili Gaming Juniorlogo std.png1-1 (0)1-1 (0)
13EDward Gaming Youth Teamlogo std.png1-1 (0)1-1 (0)
13Oh My Dreamlogo std.png1-1 (0)1-1 (0)
13Star Horn Royal Clublogo std.png1-1 (0)1-1 (0)
17EStar Younglogo std.png1-1 (-1)1-1 (-1)
18Top Esportslogo std.png0-1 (-2)0-1 (-2)
19Young Glorylogo std.png0-2 (-3)0-2 (-3)
19LGD Gaming Young Teamlogo std.png0-2 (-3)0-2 (-3)
19Rare Atom Periodlogo std.png0-2 (-3)0-2 (-3)
19Rogue Warriors Sharklogo std.png0-2 (-3)0-2 (-3)
19Sheng Jie Gaminglogo std.png0-2 (-3)0-2 (-3)
24All Combologo std.png0-2 (-4)0-2 (-4)
24MAX (Chinese Team)logo std.png0-2 (-4)0-2 (-4)
24WanZhen Esports Clublogo std.png0-2 (-4)0-2 (-4)
Week 2
14Young Miracleslogo std.png2-0 (+3)4-0 (+6)
211EDward Gaming Youth Teamlogo std.png3-0 (+5)4-1 (+5)
32Shu Dai Xiong Gaminglogo std.png1-0 (+1)3-0 (+5)
41ThunderTalk Gaming Younglogo std.png1-0 (+1)3-0 (+4)
55Team WE Academylogo std.png2-0 (+3)3-1 (+4)
61V5 87logo std.png1-1 (0)3-1 (+2)
76FunPlus Phoenix Blazelogo std.png0-1 (-1)2-1 (+3)
73Team Pinnaclelogo std.png1-0 (+2)2-1 (+3)
76TWELVElogo std.png0-1 (-1)2-1 (+3)
103Bilibili Gaming Juniorlogo std.png1-0 (+2)2-1 (+2)
114Suning-Slogo std.png0-1 (-1)2-1 (+1)
125EStar Younglogo std.png1-0 (+1)2-1 (0)
1312LNG Academylogo std.png0-2 (-3)2-2 (+1)
141Oh My Dreamlogo std.png1-1 (0)2-2 (0)
141Star Horn Royal Clublogo std.png1-1 (0)2-2 (0)
162Top Esportslogo std.png1-0 (+1)1-1 (-1)
178Joy Dreamlogo std.png0-2 (-2)1-2 (-1)
186All Combologo std.png1-0 (+1)1-2 (-3)
199Kaisa Gaminglogo std.png0-2 (-3)1-3 (-2)
201Rare Atom Periodlogo std.png1-1 (0)1-3 (-3)
201Sheng Jie Gaminglogo std.png1-1 (0)1-3 (-3)
223Rogue Warriors Sharklogo std.png1-1 (-1)1-3 (-4)
234Young Glorylogo std.png0-1 (-1)0-3 (-4)
234LGD Gaming Young Teamlogo std.png0-1 (-1)0-3 (-4)
251MAX (Chinese Team)logo std.png0-1 (-2)0-3 (-6)
262WanZhen Esports Clublogo std.png0-2 (-4)0-4 (-8)

Team of the Week[edit]

Week Top Jungle Mid ADC Support Best Player
1 TWELVElogo std.png XuanLv

MVP Standings[edit]

MVP Standings
15Team WE Academylogo std.png Stay
24FunPlus Phoenix Blazelogo std.png Beichuan
24Shu Dai Xiong Gaminglogo std.png Kepler
43Suning-Slogo std.png Assum
43Kaisa Gaminglogo std.png corbie
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43Young Miracleslogo std.png Qingtian
43LNG Academylogo std.png Uneasy
43TWELVElogo std.png XuanLv
92EDward Gaming Youth Teamlogo std.png 0909
92Star Horn Royal Clublogo std.png Asura
92Team Pinnaclelogo std.png chel1y
92EStar Younglogo std.png Gaze
92ThunderTalk Gaming Younglogo std.png guigui
92EStar Younglogo std.png GYU
92EDward Gaming Youth Teamlogo std.png JunJia
92Oh My Dreamlogo std.png kane
92ThunderTalk Gaming Younglogo std.png Keaiduo
92Rogue Warriors Sharklogo std.png kelin
92Joy Dreamlogo std.png Lpc
92Suning-Slogo std.png Maggie
92V5 87logo std.png Noble
92Team Pinnaclelogo std.png shanji
92EDward Gaming Youth Teamlogo std.png Sleepy
92Oh My Dreamlogo std.png Sora
92Rare Atom Periodlogo std.png Strive
92LGD Gaming Young Teamlogo std.png TTH
92EDward Gaming Youth Teamlogo std.png Xiaguang
92Young Miracleslogo std.png Xiaocaobao
92ThunderTalk Gaming Younglogo std.png xiaohuangren
92Star Horn Royal Clublogo std.png Xiaoxu
92Young Miracleslogo std.png Xing
92Team WE Academylogo std.png xqw
92Shu Dai Xiong Gaminglogo std.png zaza
341Joy Dreamlogo std.png 705
341Bilibili Gaming Juniorlogo std.png Able
341Rare Atom Periodlogo std.png Ahn
341Sheng Jie Gaminglogo std.png Beige
341Kaisa Gaminglogo std.png Ben4
341All Combologo std.png Chase
341Bilibili Gaming Juniorlogo std.png clx
341Oh My Dreamlogo std.png Crime
341LNG Academylogo std.png Decade
341Bilibili Gaming Juniorlogo std.png demon
341Sheng Jie Gaminglogo std.png fuyao
341Young Miracleslogo std.png Heng
341TWELVElogo std.png Humble
341Rogue Warriors Sharklogo std.png icecoKe
341TWELVElogo std.png Jay
341V5 87logo std.png Jerry
341Top Esportslogo std.png JiaQi
341V5 87logo std.png Joy1
341Sheng Jie Gaminglogo std.png Lilac
341Star Horn Royal Clublogo std.png lovely
341Bilibili Gaming Juniorlogo std.png Myths
341Top Esportslogo std.png Naruto
341Young Glorylogo std.png neny
341Team Pinnaclelogo std.png Novice
341LNG Academylogo std.png pzx
341FunPlus Phoenix Blazelogo std.png River
341EDward Gaming Youth Teamlogo std.png Taiyi
341V5 87logo std.png Windy
341All Combologo std.png xiaohao
341Young Glorylogo std.png xiaoyueji
341Joy Dreamlogo std.png Ye
341V5 87logo std.png ZJJ