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LGD Gaming (老干爹)
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Team Information
Org LocationChina China
Head CoachYang "UDJ" Shu-Wei
Anda Seat
CreatedFebruary 20, 2012(2012-02-20)
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Current Roster
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LGD Gaming, a Chinese esports organization, picked up a League of Legends team in early 2012. The LGD club also sponsors several other teams and had already achieved success in the competitive DotA 2 scene.


Formation of LGD Gaming

LGD Gaming, one of the most famous esports teams in China, created the League of Legends team in 2012, lead by bug (now NoName). By the result of TGA Grand Prix 2012, LGD qualified for the Season 2 China Regional Finals, but fell short by losing to Invictus Gaming. In the 2013 season, Tencent had formed the Championship Series in China, LPL. LGD was one of the teams which had high hopes to join the league, but they failed in both the 2013 Spring Qualifier aswell as in the 2013 Summer Qualifier . They finally were succesful in the 2014 Spring Season and became a strong team in the LPL.

2015 Season

After failing to qualify for the 2014 World Championship, LGD decided to search for Korean players hoping to be able to qualify in the next season. Acorn from Samsung Blue, imp from Samsung White, and Flame from CJ Entus Blaze were all added to the roster, and LGD started their road to the top of China. Their Regular Season results were mediocre, with only a 7-5-10 record, but they still qualified for playoffs in 6th place. In the playoffs, LGD surprised expectations by beating both Oh My God and Snake Esports, 3rd-place and 2nd-place from the regular season, in back to back 3-0 sweeps to reach the finals to play against EDward Gaming. Although the series was close, EDG won 3 to 2 and advanced to the Mid-Season Invitational, while LGD took second place.

The Summer Season started out with Pyl, the team's captain and shotcaller, not being able to play in the first week. Fan replaced him in those games, but still, Pyl's absence led to underwhelming results. LGD ended the split with a 6-4-12 record, ending the Summer Split in 5th place and advancing to the Summer Playoffs. Despite their Regular Season finish, the team was expected to do well in playoffs, as in the last split they also didn't play particularly well until playoffs arrived. Those expectations proved to be right, as LGD defeated Vici Gaming and Snake Esports both 3 to 1 to advance to the Semifinals, where they beat heavy favorites EDward Gaming in a rematch of the Spring Split playoffs finals 3 to 0 against many predictions. They then played in the finals against Qiao Gu beating them 3 to 2, taking the first place finish in the 2015 Summer Playoffs and advancing as first seed from china to Worlds 2015. At Worlds, LGD disappointed heavily in week one, failing to win a single game. They bounced back slightly in week 2, taking games off of Team SoloMid and Origen but failing to beat KT Rolster. They were knocked out of worlds after placing third in their group.

2016 Preseason

LGD were the fan-voted team to attend IEM San Jose. They were knocked out in the first round, losing 2-0 to Team SoloMid.

2016 Season

With Flame and TBQ leaving in December of 2015, LGD entered the 2016 Season after signing MaRin and Eimy for the top lane and jungle positions respectively. They hoped to bounce back from their rough Worlds and post-Worlds performances and went into the 2016 LPL Spring Season with high hopes. Being placed in Group A, LGD struggled in the first several weeks of play. Despite having good players in every position, they couldn't really play as a team. In the second half of the season however, they performed better and finished 4th in their group with an 8-8 record. They would face off against Vici Gaming in Round 1 of the Playoffs but would go on to lose 1-3 and finished the Spring Split in 7th-8th. Summer was a rough split for LGD as the team finished 5th place in their group. As a result of this, they would attend the 2017 LPL Spring Promotion but were able to re-qualify for the LPL after a 3-1 win over Newbee.

2017 Season

Despite a promising year on the horizon, LGD continued to struggle and finished the 2017 LPL Spring Season last place in their group. Although they had to attend the Summer Promotion tournament, they re-qualified for the LPL with a 3-0 win over Young Miracles. At the 2017 Demacia Cup the team lost 1-3 to Royal Never Give Up in the Quarterfinals and finished 5th-8th. Their summer season was similar to their spring one as the team finished last place in their group again.



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  • 2012
  • January 16, team officially moves the home venue from LGD Gaming C & E Center to LGD Allied Esports Stadium.[1]
  • January 20, Aris rejoins from VP Game.[2]
  • January 25, RD moves to support.
  • May 15, Eimy leaves.[3]
  • May 21, DoRun joins. Ian leaves.[4]
  • May 24, Aris leaves.[5]
  • June 18, Kui joins.[6] Condi is banned from all tournaments for 18 competitive months for match-fixing. Hesitate receives a lifetime ban from all tournaments for match-fixing.[7][8]
  • June 24, Eimy rejoins.[9]

Player Roster


R C ID Name Role Contract Ends Joined

DoRun Lee Soo-min (이수민) 2Top Laner - 2019-05-21

Lies Guo Hao-Tian (郭昊天) 3Top Laner 2020-11-17 2018-12-15

Eimy Xie Dan (谢丹) 4Jungler - 2019-06-24

Kui Ding Zi-Hao (丁子豪) 5Jungler - 2019-06-18

Yuuki Hu Hao-Ming (胡浩明) 6Mid Laner 2021-11-16 2017-12-21

Kramer Ha Jong-hun (하종훈) 7Bot Laner 2020-11-17 2018-11-28

RD Liang Teng-Li (梁騰勵) 8Support 2020-11-17 2018-12-16

Pyl Chen Bo (陈博) 9Support 2021-11-16 2012-09-07


R C ID Name Role Next Team Joined Left

Condi Xiang Ren-Jie (向人杰) 12Jungler Suspendedlogo std.pngSuspended 2018-12-162018-12-16 2019-06-182019-06-18

Aris Wei Hao-Jin (魏浩晋) 11Top Laner VP Gamelogo std.pngVP Game 2019-01-202019-01-20 2019-05-242019-05-24

Ian An Jun-hyeong (안준형) 13Mid Laner Vicilogo std.pngVici Gaming 2018-11-282018-11-28 2019-05-212019-05-21

Eimy Xie Dan (谢丹) 12Jungler Lgdlogo std.pngLGD Gaming 2015-12-092015-12-09 2019-05-152019-05-15

1ntruder Tang Sheng (唐圣) 22Sub/Jun VP Gamelogo std.pngVP Game 2018-03-112018-03-11 2018-12-272018-12-27

Fdy Fu Ding-Yuan (伏鼎源) 24Sub/Bot VP Gamelogo std.pngVP Game 2017-12-212017-12-21 2018-12-272018-12-27

Adia0 Wei Hao-Jin (魏浩晋) 90Trainee/Top VP Gamelogo std.pngVP Game 2018-05-312018-05-31 2018-12-272018-12-27

Jinoo Lim Jin-woo (임진우) 11Top Laner Victory Fivelogo std.pngVictory Five 2015-12-292015-12-29 2018-12-162018-12-16

y4 Wang Nong-Mo (王弄墨) 14Bot Laner Victory Fivelogo std.pngVictory Five 2018-06-222018-06-22 2018-12-162018-12-16

ReGank Song Yong-hoon (송용훈) 22Sub/Jun Asura (Korean Team)logo std.pngAsura 2018-05-222018-05-22 2018-12-162018-12-16

Newt Kim Jin (김진) 25Sub/Sup None 2018-05-312018-05-31 2018-12-162018-12-16

Nanzhu Luo Jia-Rong (罗镓荣) 90Trainee/Mid Gama Dreamlogo std.pngGama Dream 2017-12-212017-12-21 2018-12-162018-12-16

Creep Liu Zhe (刘哲) 90Trainee/Bot None 2018-05-312018-05-31 2018-12-162018-12-16

Banana Guo Yu-Tong (郭宇同) 21Sub/Top None 2017-07-102017-07-10 2018-05-222018-05-22

Imp Gu Seung-bin (구승빈) 14Bot Laner Welogo std.pngTeam WE 2014-11-272014-11-27 2018-05-212018-05-21

Cool Yu Jia-Jun (余家俊) 13Mid Laner FunPlus Phoenixlogo std.pngFunPlus Phoenix 2017-05-202017-05-20 2017-12-192017-12-19

GodV Wei Zhen (韦朕) 13Mid Laner Retiredlogo std.pngRetired 2014-05-282014-05-28 2017-10-092017-10-09

Funny Li Yuan-Hui (李元辉) 11Top Laner Gama Dreamlogo std.pngGama Dream 2016-12-182016-12-18 2017-05-202017-05-20

Croc Park Jong-hoon (박종훈) 12Jungler Rampagelogo std.pngRampage Quintet 2016-12-182016-12-18 2017-05-202017-05-20

Intruder Tang Sheng (唐圣) 12Jungler Young Glorylogo std.pngYoung Glory 2016-06-292016-06-29 2017-05-202017-05-20

SukiM Chen Zhi-Yuan (陈智远) 24Sub/Bot Vortex Teamlogo std.pngVortex Team 2016-12-182016-12-18 2017-05-202017-05-20

yiw Hu Zi-Qi (胡子奇) 13Mid Laner None 2016-05-192016-05-19 2016-12-182016-12-18

Yu Li Xin-Nan (李鑫男) 15Support None 2016-02-242016-02-24 2016-12-182016-12-18

LaCo Seol Jang-han (설장한) 25Sub/Sup None 2016-05-112016-05-?? 2016-12-182016-12-18

MaRin Jang Gyeong-hwan (장경환) 11Top Laner Afreeca Freecslogo std.pngAfreeca Freecs 2015-12-102015-12-10 2016-12-022016-12-02

Acorn Choi Cheon-ju (최천주) 11Top Laner Saint Club Girlslogo std.pngSaint Gaming 2014-12-102014-12-10 2016-05-162016-05-16

xiaoxi Li Sheng-Wei (李盛维) 12Jungler ZTR Gaminglogo std.pngZTR Gaming 2015-07-112015-07-?? 2016-05-162016-05-16

YeLuo Chen Li-Bin (陈立彬) 23Sub/Mid KeyMedialogo std.pngKeyMedia 2015-05-212015-05-21 2015-11-112015-??-??

Fan Liu Yi-Fan (刘益帆) 25Sub/Sup None 2015-05-212015-05-21 2015-11-112015-??-??

TBQ Zhu Yong-Quan (朱永权) 12Jungler Oh My Godlogo std.pngOh My God 2013-10-112013-10-?? 2015-12-052015-12-05

Flame Lee Ho-jong (이호종) 11Top Laner Incredible Miraclelogo std.pngIncredible Miracle 2014-12-232014-12-23 2015-12-032015-12-03

Star Fu Yang (付阳) 21Sub/Top Energy Pacemakerlogo std.pngEP.Eternal 2013-11-112013-11-?? 2015-12-112015-12-??

XQ Li Ying-Jie (李英杰) 24Sub/Bot Hyper Youth Gaminglogo std.pngHyper Youth Gaming 2014-05-112014-05-?? 2015-05-112015-05-??

Rena Chan Dick-Kay (陳迪祺) 23Sub/Mid Dream or Realitylogo std.pngDream or Reality 2013-07-222013-07-22 2015-11-112015-??-??

17 Xu Zhao (徐曌) 11Top Laner PositiveEnergyLogo std.pngPositive Energy 2014-06-112014-06-?? 2014-12-172014-12-17

Styz Qu Zi-Liang (屈梓良) 14Bot Laner Energy Pacemakerlogo std.pngEnergy Pacemaker ??? 2014-06-112014-06-??

Senou Zhou Shi-Qi (周世祺) 11Top Laner None ??? ???

Heroic Yin Yong (殷勇) 12Jungler Lgdlogo std.pngLGD Gaming Academy 2013-03-142013-03-14 ???

Woyue 14Bot Laner None 2013-03-142013-03-14 ???

Tyrant Fan Chen-Gang (范晨剛) 26Substitute Doran e-Sports Clublogo std.pngDoran e-Sports Club 2012-08-112012-08-?? 2013-11-112013-??-??

MagicWindom Leung Tsz Fung 11Top Laner None 2013-07-222013-07-22 2013-10-112013-10-??

Stonylol So Dung Fu (蘇東富) 14Bot Laner YouCantStopMelogo std.pngYouCantStopMe 2013-07-222013-07-22 2013-10-112013-10-??

Victor Chen Wei (陈威) 14Bot Laner None ??? 2013-11-112013-??-??

Bug Zhou Qi-Lin (周祺琳) 12Jungler Royal Club Tian Cilogo std.pngRoyal Club Tian Ci 2012-07-112012-07-?? 2013-05-112013-05-??

Zw Zhang Wei (张威) 11Top Laner Vicilogo std.pngVici Gaming ??? 2012-09-072012-09-07

Ayaya Li Linzhi (李凌志) 12Jungler Coachlogo std.pngCoach ??? ???



ID Name Position

Pan Fei (潘飞) Chief Executive Officer

Bigbiao Hu Biao (胡彪) Vice President

UDJ Yang Shu-Wei (楊書瑋) 90Head Coach

DP Zhang Han-Xiang (张汉湘) Assistant Coach

Cammly Choi Won-ho (최원호) 90Assistant Coach

HyoMin Choi Hyo-min (최효민) Translator

Formerly On Loan

ID Name Role Loaned From Duration

UDJ Yang Shu-Wei (楊書瑋) 40Coach JD Gaminglogo std.pngJD Gaming Jun 2018 - Sep 2018


ID Name Position Next Team

Hesitate Song Zi-Yang (宋子洋) Manager Suspendedlogo std.pngSuspended

Qwert Qin Wei (秦炜) Leader None

Vbow Wang Yu-Bo (王钰博) Translator VP Gamelogo std.pngVP Game

Doyeon Ding Dao-Ran (丁道然) Translator None

Acorn Choi Cheon-ju (최천주) 90Head Coach Kingzone DragonXlogo std.pngKingzone DragonX

Ruru Pan Jie (潘婕) Chief Executive Officer None

Nicholas Yang Shun-Hua (杨舜华) Manager None

quanquan Zhou Cong-Jian (周丛健) Manager None

Dgc Chen Xu (陈旭) 90Coach Victorious Gaminglogo std.pngVictorious Gaming

Younnnnnn Yin Peng (尹鹏) Translator None

Mo Mo Jin (莫晋) Leader JD Gaminglogo std.pngJD Gaming

Heart Lee Gwan-hyung (이관형) 90Head Coach Royal Never Give Uplogo std.pngRoyal Never Give Up

Acorn Choi Cheon-ju (최천주) 90Analyst Saint Club Girlslogo std.pngSaint Gaming

Homme Yoon Sung-young (윤성영) 90Coach Vicilogo std.pngVici Gaming

FireFox Huang Ting-Hsiang (黃鼎翔) 90Analyst EDward Gaminglogo std.pngEDward Gaming

Amaranth Gao Yu (高宇) Coach None

Mint Li Jing-Yuan (李静媛) Leader None

Chris Siu Keung (蕭強) 90Coach Invictus Gaminglogo std.pngInvictus Gaming

BSYY Luo Sheng (罗盛) 90Coach/Manager Oh My Godlogo std.pngOh My God

insence He Bin (何斌) Coach Energy Pacemakerlogo std.pngEnergy Pacemaker

Ayaya Li Linzhi (李凌志) Coach TMOriginLogo std.pngTM.Origin

Tournament Results

This table shows up to the 10 most recent results. For complete results, click here.

LGD Gaming Tournament Results - Show Prize as (LocalUSDEuros)
DatePlPrizeEventLast ResultRoster
2019-04-250090169 - 16
NEST 2019
2 : 3JD Gaminglogo std.pngJDG

LPL 2019 Spring
5 - 10Blanklogo std.pngRR

2018-11-150050085 - 8
NEST 2018
0 : 2Topsports Gaminglogo std.pngTOP

NEST 2018 Qualifiers
2 : 0Oh My Godlogo std.pngOMG

LPL 2018 Summer - East
9 - 10Blanklogo std.pngRR

2018-04-150030043 - 4
2018 Xinhua E-Sports Conference
1 - 1Blanklogo std.pngRR
LPL 2018 Spring - East
6 - 13Blanklogo std.pngRR

2018-01-070090159 - 15
Demacia Championship 2017
1 : 2JD Gaminglogo std.pngJDG

NESO 2017
0 : 2Game Talentslogo std.pngGMT

2017-11-190030003¥80,000$ 12,000€ 10,160
NEST 2017
0 : 2JD Gaminglogo std.pngJDG

Total Prize:CNY 120,000


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