LLA 2020 Closing

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LLA 2020 Closing Season
Liga Latinoamérica 2020.png
Tournament Information
OrganizerRiot Games
FormatRound Robin
Location & Dates
 Latin America
Event TypeOffline
CountryMexico Mexico
Start Date2020-??-??
End Date2020-??-??
Streams Twitch
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The 2020 Latin America League (Spanish: Liga Latinoamérica 2020) is the fourth season of Latin America's unified fully professional League of Legends league. In the closing season, eight teams compete in a two-phase round robin league, with the top 4 teams continuing to playoffs.



  • Phase 1
    • Eight teams participate
    • Double Round Robin
    • Each match is best of one
    • Winning a match grants one point
    • Top five teams advance to Phase 2
  • Phase 2
    • Five teams participate
    • Single Round Robin
    • Each match is best of one
    • Teams keep their points from Phase 1
    • Winning a match grants two points
    • Top four teams advance to Playoffs

Prize Pool[edit]

PlacementIcon1.png 1-PlayoffsTBDlogo std.pngTBD
PlacementIcon2.png 2-PlayoffsTBDlogo std.pngTBD
PlacementIcon3.png 3-PlayoffsTBDlogo std.pngTBD
4-PlayoffsTBDlogo std.pngTBD
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5100TBDlogo std.pngTBD
650TBDlogo std.pngTBD
725TBDlogo std.pngTBD
80TBDlogo std.pngTBD
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Show RostersHide Rosters
All Knightslogo square.png
Azules Esportslogo square.png
Furious Gaminglogo square.png
Infinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo square.png
Isuruslogo square.png
Pixel Esports Clublogo square.png
Rainbow7logo square.png
XTEN Esportslogo square.png


LLA 2020 Closing Phase 1 Standings
1All Knightslogo std.pngAll Knights00 - 00%
1Azules Esportslogo std.pngAzules Esports00 - 00%
1Furious Gaminglogo std.pngFurious Gaming00 - 00%
1Infinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.pngInfinity Esports00 - 00%
1Isuruslogo std.pngIsurus00 - 00%
1Pixel Esports Clublogo std.pngPixel Esports Club00 - 00%
1Rainbow7logo std.pngRainbow700 - 00%
1XTEN Esportslogo std.pngXTEN Esports00 - 00%

Phase 2[edit]

LLA 2020 Closing Phase 2 Standings

Match Schedule[edit]

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VODs & Match Links[edit]

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May 20, 2020 - Match histories are currently not loading for anyone, even logged in.
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Individual Awards[edit]

"Player of the Game" Standings[edit]

MVP Standings



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