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LPLOL/2016 Season/Points

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  • 1st place team of the Split 2 will automatically qualify (AQ) for Grand Final as the first seed.
  • 2nd to 4th that has accrued the most points throughout the season other than the Split 2 winner will also qualify for Grand Final as the second seed.
    • If a team finishes in promotion positions in the Split 2, all points obtained in the Split 1 will be forefeited.


Ranking of the Season
Seed Team Split 1 Split 2 Total
1. K1ck Blacklogo std.pngK1CK eSports Club 90 AQ AQ
2. AlienTech eSportslogo std.pngAlienTech eSports 70 90 160
3. For The Win Esportslogo std 2.pngFor The Win Esports 50 70 120
4. Grow uP eSportslogo std.pngGrow uP Gaming 30 40 70
Doxa Gaminglogo std.pngDoxa Gaming Prime N/A 20 20
Logo std.pngTwitch StreakNation N/A 20 20
Logo std.pngFTW Team Razer 20 0 0
Electronik Generationlogo std.pngElectronik Generation 20 0 0
Logo std.pnguP Diversity 0 N/A 0
Logo std.pngEGN Persistence 0 N/A 0
  • Grow uP Gaming unable to present a full team, failed to be available to appear in the playoffs of the 2nd Split of LPLOL and with that the 4th Seed passed to Doxa Gaming Prime


Qualifies for the LPLOL 2016 Grand Final Event as Split 2 Winner.
Qualifies for the LPLOL 2016 Grand Final Event.
Failed to qualify for LPLOL 2016 Grand Final Event.
Dropped to Promotion Series.
Lost points due to dropping to Promotion Series.

Point distribution[edit]

Place Split 1 Split 2
1 90 AQ
2 70 90
3 50 70
4 30 40
5-6 20 20
7-8 0 0

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