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LST 2019 Spring MY & SG National Qualifier

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LST 2019 Spring
MY & SG National Qualifier
LST logo.png
Tournament Information
Riot Games
FormatRound Robin
Location & Dates
Event TypeOnline

Start Date2019-03-27
End Date2019-04-04
ScheduleSpoiler-Free Schedule
Calendar Export
QualifiedClimaxlogo std.pngClimax
Team Empire (Malaysian Team)logo std.pngTeam Empire
Impunitylogo std.pngImpunity
Resurgencelogo std.pngResurgence


The 2019 League of Legends SEA Tour (LST) is the professional League of Legends tournament for the Southeast Asia region. The best teams from 4 minor regions participate to determine which team is the best in the region.


Prize Pool

QNational MinorClimaxlogo std.pngClimax
Team Empire (Malaysian Team)logo std.pngTeam Empire
Impunitylogo std.pngImpunity
Resurgencelogo std.pngResurgence
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NQSovereignlogo std.pngSovereign
Sigma Rebirthlogo std.pngSigma Rebirth
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Show RostersHide Rosters
1 Kirin Gaming, DestralGasm, and Climax replace Washed Up Jungle, Kuala Lumpur Hunters, and The One.
2 NoelHandsome is acquired by Pasukan Single Doggo.


Group A
1Climaxlogo std.pngClimax5 - 183%2W
2Ah Bob n Friendlogo std.pngAh Bob n Friend4 - 267%1W
3DestralGasmlogo std.pngDestralGasm2 - 433%1L
4PathFinderlogo std.pngPathFinder1 - 517%4L
Group B
1Team Empire (Malaysian Team)logo std.pngTeam Empire5 - 183%1L
2Sigma Rebirthlogo std.pngSigma Rebirth3 - 350%2L
3Kirin Gaminglogo std.pngKirin Gaming2 - 433%2W
3What is teamlogo std.pngWhat is team2 - 433%1W
Group C
1Impunitylogo std.pngImpunity5 - 183%5W
2Rayning Jelly Bearslogo std.pngRayning Jelly Bears5 - 183%2W
3Athena Gaminglogo std.pngAthena Gaming1 - 517%5L
3Hybrid Corelogo std.pngHybrid Core1 - 517%2L
Group D
1Resurgencelogo std.pngResurgence5 - 183%5W
2Sovereignlogo std.pngSovereign5 - 183%2W
3MXGlogo std.pngMXG1 - 517%5L
3Pasukan Single Doggologo std.pngPasukan Single Doggo1 - 517%2L
Group C Tiebreaker
Group D Tiebreaker

Match Schedule

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Thu 4 AprThu 4 AprFri 5 Apr2019,4,04,15,00 - 2019,4,04,16,00
Thu 2019-04-04
Thu 2019-04-04
Fri 2019-04-05
IPNImpunitylogo std.png10Rayning Jelly Bearslogo std.pngRJB
SVRSovereignlogo std.png01Resurgencelogo std.pngRSGC

VODs & Match Links

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VODs & Match Links
Day 1
Team 1Team 2ScoreBlueRedVODs
DestralGasmlogo std.pngDESClimaxlogo std.pngCLX0 - 1DESCLXStart
Ah Bob n Friendlogo std.pngBOBPathFinderlogo std.pngPF1 - 0BOBPFStart
Team Empire (Malaysian Team)logo std.pngEMPKirin Gaminglogo std.pngKG1 - 0EMPKGStart
What is teamlogo std.pngWITSigma Rebirthlogo std.pngSR0 - 1WITSRStart
Rayning Jelly Bearslogo std.pngRJBImpunitylogo std.pngIPN1 - 0RJBIPNStart
Athena Gaminglogo std.pngAGHybrid Corelogo std.pngHC1 - 0AGHCStart
Resurgencelogo std.pngRSGCSovereignlogo std.pngSVR0 - 1RSGCSVRStart
Pasukan Single Doggologo std.pngPSDMXGlogo std.pngMXG0 - 1PSDMXGStart
PathFinderlogo std.pngPFDestralGasmlogo std.pngDES1 - 0PFDESStart
Ah Bob n Friendlogo std.pngBOBClimaxlogo std.pngCLX0 - 1BOBCLXStart
Sigma Rebirthlogo std.pngSRTeam Empire (Malaysian Team)logo std.pngEMP0 - 1SREMPStart
What is teamlogo std.pngWITKirin Gaminglogo std.pngKG1 - 0WITKGStart
Day 2
Team 1Team 2ScoreBlueRedVODs
Hybrid Corelogo std.pngHCRayning Jelly Bearslogo std.pngRJB0 - 1HCRJBStart
Athena Gaminglogo std.pngAGImpunitylogo std.pngIPN0 - 1AGIPNStart
MXGlogo std.pngMXGResurgencelogo std.pngRSGC0 - 1MXGRSGCStart
Pasukan Single Doggologo std.pngPSDSovereignlogo std.pngSVR0 - 1PSDSVRStart
Climaxlogo std.pngCLXPathFinderlogo std.pngPF1 - 0CLXPFStart
DestralGasmlogo std.pngDESAh Bob n Friendlogo std.pngBOB0 - 1DESBOBStart
Kirin Gaminglogo std.pngKGSigma Rebirthlogo std.pngSR0 - 1KGSRStart
Team Empire (Malaysian Team)logo std.pngEMPWhat is teamlogo std.pngWIT1 - 0EMPWITStart
Impunitylogo std.pngIPNHybrid Corelogo std.pngHC1 - 0IPNHCStart
Rayning Jelly Bearslogo std.pngRJBAthena Gaminglogo std.pngAG1 - 0RJBAGStart
Sovereignlogo std.pngSVRMXGlogo std.pngMXG1 - 0SVRMXGStart
Resurgencelogo std.pngRSGCPasukan Single Doggologo std.pngPSD1 - 0RSGCPSDStart
Day 3
Team 1Team 2ScoreBlueRedVODs
PathFinderlogo std.pngPFAh Bob n Friendlogo std.pngBOBFF - W
Climaxlogo std.pngCLXDestralGasmlogo std.pngDES0 - 1CLXDESStart
Sigma Rebirthlogo std.pngSRWhat is teamlogo std.pngWIT1 - 0SRWITStart
Kirin Gaminglogo std.pngKGTeam Empire (Malaysian Team)logo std.pngEMP0 - 1KGEMPStart
Hybrid Corelogo std.pngHCAthena Gaminglogo std.pngAG1 - 0HCAGStart
Impunitylogo std.pngIPNRayning Jelly Bearslogo std.pngRJB1 - 0IPNRJBStart
MXGlogo std.pngMXGPasukan Single Doggologo std.pngPSD0 - 1MXGPSDStart
Sovereignlogo std.pngSVRResurgencelogo std.pngRSGC0 - 1SVRRSGCStart
Climaxlogo std.pngCLXAh Bob n Friendlogo std.pngBOB1 - 0CLXBOBStart
DestralGasmlogo std.pngDESPathFinderlogo std.pngPFW - FF
Kirin Gaminglogo std.pngKGWhat is teamlogo std.pngWIT1 - 0KGWITStart
Team Empire (Malaysian Team)logo std.pngEMPSigma Rebirthlogo std.pngSR1 - 0EMPSRStart
Day 4
Team 1Team 2ScoreBlueRedVODs
Impunitylogo std.pngIPNAthena Gaminglogo std.pngAG1 - 0IPNAGStart
Rayning Jelly Bearslogo std.pngRJBHybrid Corelogo std.pngHC1 - 0RJBHCStart
Sovereignlogo std.pngSVRPasukan Single Doggologo std.pngPSD1 - 0SVRPSDStart
Resurgencelogo std.pngRSGCMXGlogo std.pngMXG1 - 0RSGCMXGStart
Ah Bob n Friendlogo std.pngBOBDestralGasmlogo std.pngDES1 - 0BOBDESStart
PathFinderlogo std.pngPFClimaxlogo std.pngCLXFF - W
What is teamlogo std.pngWITTeam Empire (Malaysian Team)logo std.pngEMP1 - 0WITEMPStart
Sigma Rebirthlogo std.pngSRKirin Gaminglogo std.pngKG0 - 1SRKGStart
Athena Gaminglogo std.pngAGRayning Jelly Bearslogo std.pngRJB0 - 1AGRJBStart
Hybrid Corelogo std.pngHCImpunitylogo std.pngIPN0 - 1HCIPNStart
Pasukan Single Doggologo std.pngPSDResurgencelogo std.pngRSGC0 - 1PSDRSGCStart
MXGlogo std.pngMXGSovereignlogo std.pngSVR0 - 1MXGSVRStart
Team 1Team 2ScoreBlueRedVODs
Impunitylogo std.pngIPNRayning Jelly Bearslogo std.pngRJB1 - 0IPNRJBStart
Sovereignlogo std.pngSVRResurgencelogo std.pngRSGC0 - 1SVRRSGCStart



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