LST 2019 Spring Philippines National Qualifier

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LST 2019 Spring
Philippines National Qualifier
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Tournament Information
Riot Games
FormatRound Robin
Location & Dates
Event TypeOnline
CountryPhilippines Philippines
Start Date2019-03-13
End Date2019-03-21
Streams YouTube
ScheduleSpoiler-Free Schedule
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The 2019 League of Legends SEA Tour (LST) is the professional League of Legends tournament for the Southeast Asia region. The best teams from 4 minor regions participate to determine which team is the best in the region.


  • 16 teams divided into four groups
    • 4 teams are invited
    • Top 12 teams from Ranked Online Qualifier at Philippines server
  • Double Round Robin
  • Best of one
  • Top team in each group advance to Philippines National Minor

Prize Pool[edit]

QNational MinorLiyab Esportslogo std.pngLiyab Esports
TNC Pro Teamlogo std.pngTNC Pro Team
SteelWolves Gaialogo std.pngSteelWolves Gaia
ArkAngellogo std.pngArkAngel
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NQISC Pro Teamlogo std.pngISC Pro Team
Imperium Pro Teamlogo std.pngImperium Pro Team
Hey Gaming 1logo std.pngHey Gaming 1
Sponsor plEZlogo std.pngSponsor plEZ
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1 GH NorthWest rename to JaPiVille.


Group A
1Liyab Esportslogo std.pngLiyab Esports6 - 0100%6W
2GH SouthEastlogo std.pngGH SouthEast3 - 350%2L
3Teletigers Esports Clublogo std.pngTeletigers Esports Club2 - 433%1L
4Ruyal Esportslogo std.pngRuyal Esports1 - 517%1W
Group B
1TNC Pro Teamlogo std.pngTNC Pro Team5 - 183%3W
2MAMs eSportslogo std.pngMAMs eSports3 - 350%1W
2Sponsor plEZlogo std.pngSponsor plEZ3 - 350%1L
4ISC Pro Teamlogo std.pngISC Pro Team1 - 517%3L
Group C
1SteelWolves Gaialogo std.pngSteelWolves Gaia5 - 183%5W
2CROSSFIVElogo std.pngCROSSFIVE4 - 267%1L
3Hey Gaming 1logo std.pngHey Gaming 13 - 350%1W
4Dont Mindlogo std.pngDont Mind0 - 60%6L
Group D
1ArkAngellogo std.pngArkAngel4 - 267%2W
2Imperium Pro Teamlogo std.pngImperium Pro Team4 - 267%1W
3JaPiVillelogo std.pngJaPiVille4 - 267%1L
4Royal Zonelogo std.pngRoyal Zone0 - 60%6L

Group D Tiebreaker[edit]

Round 1
Round 2

Match Schedule[edit]

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Launch Predictions
Highlight Matches In|
Thu 21 MarThu 21 MarFri 22 Mar2019,3,21,15,00 - 2019,3,21,16,00
Thu 2019-03-21
Thu 2019-03-21
Fri 2019-03-22
AAArkAngellogo std.png10JaPiVillelogo std.pngJPV
IPTImperium Pro Teamlogo std.png01ArkAngellogo std.pngAA

VODs & Match Links[edit]

As of November 2019, to view Riot's Match History pages, log into your League of Legends account; if you are logged out, the page will display a 500 error.

May 20, 2020 - Match histories are currently not loading for anyone, even logged in.
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VODs & Match Links
Day 1
Team 1Team 2ScoreBlueRedVODs
Liyab Esportslogo std.pngLYBTeletigers Esports Clublogo std.pngTGR1 - 0LYBTGRPBStart
GH SouthEastlogo std.pngGHSRuyal Esportslogo std.pngRUYAL1 - 0GHSRUYALPBStart
TNC Pro Teamlogo std.pngTNCSponsor plEZlogo std.pngSPEZ1 - 0TNCSPEZPBStart
ISC Pro Teamlogo std.pngISCMAMs eSportslogo std.pngMME0 - 1ISCMMEPBStart
SteelWolves Gaialogo std.pngXSWHey Gaming 1logo std.pngHG10 - 1XSWHG1PBStart
CROSSFIVElogo std.pngCFDont Mindlogo std.pngDM1 - 0CFDMPBStart
Royal Zonelogo std.pngRZImperium Pro Teamlogo std.pngIPT0 - 1RZIPTPBStart
ArkAngellogo std.pngAAJaPiVillelogo std.pngJPV1 - 0AAJPVPBStart
Ruyal Esportslogo std.pngRUYALLiyab Esportslogo std.pngLYB0 - 1RUYALLYBPBStart
GH SouthEastlogo std.pngGHSTeletigers Esports Clublogo std.pngTGR1 - 0GHSTGRPBStart
MAMs eSportslogo std.pngMMETNC Pro Teamlogo std.pngTNC0 - 1MMETNCPBStart
ISC Pro Teamlogo std.pngISCSponsor plEZlogo std.pngSPEZ0 - 1ISCSPEZPBStart
Day 2
Team 1Team 2ScoreBlueRedVODs
CROSSFIVElogo std.pngCFHey Gaming 1logo std.pngHG11 - 0CFHG1PBStart
Dont Mindlogo std.pngDMSteelWolves Gaialogo std.pngXSW0 - 1DMXSWPBStart
Imperium Pro Teamlogo std.pngIPTArkAngellogo std.pngAA1 - 0IPTAAPBStart
Royal Zonelogo std.pngRZJaPiVillelogo std.pngJPV0 - 1RZJPVPBStart
Teletigers Esports Clublogo std.pngTGRRuyal Esportslogo std.pngRUYAL1 - 0TGRRUYALPBStart
Liyab Esportslogo std.pngLYBGH SouthEastlogo std.pngGHS1 - 0LYBGHSPBStart
Sponsor plEZlogo std.pngSPEZMAMs eSportslogo std.pngMME1 - 0SPEZMMEPBStart
TNC Pro Teamlogo std.pngTNCISC Pro Teamlogo std.pngISC0 - 1TNCISCPBStart
Hey Gaming 1logo std.pngHG1Dont Mindlogo std.pngDM1 - 0HG1DMPBStart
SteelWolves Gaialogo std.pngXSWCROSSFIVElogo std.pngCF1 - 0XSWCFPBStart
JaPiVillelogo std.pngJPVImperium Pro Teamlogo std.pngIPT1 - 0JPVIPTPBStart
ArkAngellogo std.pngAARoyal Zonelogo std.pngRZ1 - 0AARZPBStart
Day 3
Team 1Team 2ScoreBlueRedVODs
Teletigers Esports Clublogo std.pngTGRLiyab Esportslogo std.pngLYB0 - 1TGRLYBStart
Ruyal Esportslogo std.pngRUYALGH SouthEastlogo std.pngGHS0 - 1RUYALGHSStart
MAMs eSportslogo std.pngMMEISC Pro Teamlogo std.pngISC1 - 0MMEISCStart
Sponsor plEZlogo std.pngSPEZTNC Pro Teamlogo std.pngTNC0 - 1SPEZTNC
Dont Mindlogo std.pngDMCROSSFIVElogo std.pngCF0 - 1DMCFStart
Hey Gaming 1logo std.pngHG1SteelWolves Gaialogo std.pngXSW0 - 1HG1XSWStart
Imperium Pro Teamlogo std.pngIPTRoyal Zonelogo std.pngRZ1 - 0IPTRZStart
JaPiVillelogo std.pngJPVArkAngellogo std.pngAA1 - 0JPVAAStart
Liyab Esportslogo std.pngLYBRuyal Esportslogo std.pngRUYAL1 - 0LYBRUYALStart
Teletigers Esports Clublogo std.pngTGRGH SouthEastlogo std.pngGHS1 - 0TGRGHSStart
Sponsor plEZlogo std.pngSPEZISC Pro Teamlogo std.pngISC1 - 0SPEZISC
TNC Pro Teamlogo std.pngTNCMAMs eSportslogo std.pngMME1 - 0TNCMMEStart
Day 4
Team 1Team 2ScoreBlueRedVODs
Hey Gaming 1logo std.pngHG1CROSSFIVElogo std.pngCF0 - 1HG1CFStart
SteelWolves Gaialogo std.pngXSWDont Mindlogo std.pngDM1 - 0XSWDMStart
JaPiVillelogo std.pngJPVRoyal Zonelogo std.pngRZ1 - 0JPVRZStart
ArkAngellogo std.pngAAImperium Pro Teamlogo std.pngIPT1 - 0AAIPTStart
Ruyal Esportslogo std.pngRUYALTeletigers Esports Clublogo std.pngTGR1 - 0RUYALTGRStart
GH SouthEastlogo std.pngGHSLiyab Esportslogo std.pngLYB0 - 1GHSLYBStart
ISC Pro Teamlogo std.pngISCTNC Pro Teamlogo std.pngTNCFF - W
MAMs eSportslogo std.pngMMESponsor plEZlogo std.pngSPEZW - FF
CROSSFIVElogo std.pngCFSteelWolves Gaialogo std.pngXSW0 - 1CFXSWStart
Dont Mindlogo std.pngDMHey Gaming 1logo std.pngHG10 - 1DMHG1Start
Royal Zonelogo std.pngRZArkAngellogo std.pngAA0 - 1RZAAStart
Imperium Pro Teamlogo std.pngIPTJaPiVillelogo std.pngJPV1 - 0IPTJPVStart
Team 1Team 2ScoreBlueRedVODs
ArkAngellogo std.pngAAJaPiVillelogo std.pngJPV1 - 0AAJPVStart
Imperium Pro Teamlogo std.pngIPTArkAngellogo std.pngAA0 - 1IPTAAStart



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