LTL 2019 Opening

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LTL 2019 Opening Season
Liga Tica de Leyendas.png
Tournament Information
Riot Games
Sponsor(s)OMEN by HP
FormatRound Robin
Location & Dates
Latin America
Event TypeOnline
Costa Rica
Start Date2019-02-02
End Date2019-03-17
ScheduleSpoiler-Free Schedule
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The 2019 Tica Legends' League (Spanish: Liga Tica de Leyendas 2019) is the biggest League of Legends championship and one of the most important esports events in Costa Rica, furthemore is the first season of the league endorsed by Riot Games. Teams compete for a prize pool and a spot in the LLA.



  • Eight teams participate
  • 7 weeks.
  • Double Round Robin.
  • Each match is best of one.
  • Regular Season Placement:
    • 1st-6th place advance to the Playoffs, with 1st and 2nd receiving byes.


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LTL 2019 Opening Standings
1Infinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.pngInfinity Esports Costa Rica113 - 193%3W
2TopHard Esportslogo std.pngTopHard Esports11 - 379%1W
3Vortex Gaming (Latin American Team)logo std.pngVortex Gaming10 - 471%2W
4OG Esportslogo std.pngOG Esports27 - 847%4W
5Unknowns Gamerslogo std.pngUnknowns Gamers6 - 940%3L
6Another Troll Teamlogo std.pngAnother Troll Team36 - 940%1W
7Dark Qualitylogo std.pngDark Quality5 - 1033%2L
8Kokoro No Senshilogo std.pngKokoro No Senshi4,50 - 140%14L
1 Week 6: Infinity Esports Costa Rica did not show up.
2 Week 6: Original Gangsters was forced to surrender due to league client problems.
3 Week 7: Another Troll Team did not show up.
4 Week 6: Kokoro No Senshi did not show up.
5 Week 7: Kokoro No Senshi did not show up.

Match Schedule[edit]

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Launch Predictions
Patch: 9.2
Week 1
Sat 2 Feb - Sun 3 FebSun 3 Feb - Mon 4 FebSun 3 Feb - Mon 4 Feb2019,2,03,00,30 - 2019,2,04,03,30
Sat 2019-02-02
Sun 2019-02-03
Sun 2019-02-03
OGEOG Esportslogo std.png01Infinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.pngINF.CR
KNSKokoro No Senshilogo std.png01Vortex Gaming (Latin American Team)logo std.pngVTX
ANTAnother Troll Teamlogo std.png10Unknowns Gamerslogo std.pngUKG
THTopHard Esportslogo std.png10Dark Qualitylogo std.pngDQT
Sun 2019-02-03
Mon 2019-02-04
Mon 2019-02-04
KNSKokoro No Senshilogo std.png01OG Esportslogo std.pngOGE
UKGUnknowns Gamerslogo std.png10Dark Qualitylogo std.pngDQT
VTXVortex Gaming (Latin American Team)logo std.png01TopHard Esportslogo std.pngTH
INF.CRInfinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.png10Another Troll Teamlogo std.pngANT
Patch: 9.3
Week 2
Sat 9 Feb - Sun 10 FebSun 10 Feb - Mon 11 FebSun 10 Feb - Mon 11 Feb2019,2,10,00,30 - 2019,2,11,03,30
Sat 2019-02-09
Sun 2019-02-10
Sun 2019-02-10
ANTAnother Troll Teamlogo std.png01TopHard Esportslogo std.pngTH
OGEOG Esportslogo std.png01Vortex Gaming (Latin American Team)logo std.pngVTX
INF.CRInfinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.png10Unknowns Gamerslogo std.pngUKG
KNSKokoro No Senshilogo std.png01Dark Qualitylogo std.pngDQT
Sun 2019-02-10
Mon 2019-02-11
Mon 2019-02-11
INF.CRInfinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.png10Dark Qualitylogo std.pngDQT
KNSKokoro No Senshilogo std.png01TopHard Esportslogo std.pngTH
ANTAnother Troll Teamlogo std.png01OG Esportslogo std.pngOGE
VTXVortex Gaming (Latin American Team)logo std.png10Unknowns Gamerslogo std.pngUKG
Patch: 9.3
Week 3
Sat 16 Feb - Sun 17 FebSun 17 Feb - Mon 18 FebSun 17 Feb - Mon 18 Feb2019,2,17,00,30 - 2019,2,18,03,30
Sat 2019-02-16
Sun 2019-02-17
Sun 2019-02-17
VTXVortex Gaming (Latin American Team)logo std.png10Dark Qualitylogo std.pngDQT
KNSKokoro No Senshilogo std.png01Another Troll Teamlogo std.pngANT
OGEOG Esportslogo std.png01Unknowns Gamerslogo std.pngUKG
INF.CRInfinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.png10TopHard Esportslogo std.pngTH
Sun 2019-02-17
Mon 2019-02-18
Mon 2019-02-18
INF.CRInfinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.png10Vortex Gaming (Latin American Team)logo std.pngVTX
KNSKokoro No Senshilogo std.png01Unknowns Gamerslogo std.pngUKG
ANTAnother Troll Teamlogo std.png10Dark Qualitylogo std.pngDQT
THTopHard Esportslogo std.png10OG Esportslogo std.pngOGE
Patch: 9.4
Week 4
Sat 23 Feb - Sun 24 FebSun 24 Feb - Mon 25 FebSun 24 Feb - Mon 25 Feb2019,2,24,00,30 - 2019,2,25,03,30
Sat 2019-02-23
Sun 2019-02-24
Sun 2019-02-24
UKGUnknowns Gamerslogo std.png01TopHard Esportslogo std.pngTH
VTXVortex Gaming (Latin American Team)logo std.png10Another Troll Teamlogo std.pngANT
INF.CRInfinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.png10Kokoro No Senshilogo std.pngKNS
OGEOG Esportslogo std.png01Dark Qualitylogo std.pngDQT
Sun 2019-02-24
Mon 2019-02-25
Mon 2019-02-25
DQTDark Qualitylogo std.png01TopHard Esportslogo std.pngTH
UKGUnknowns Gamerslogo std.png10Another Troll Teamlogo std.pngANT
VTXVortex Gaming (Latin American Team)logo std.png10Kokoro No Senshilogo std.pngKNS
INF.CRInfinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.png10OG Esportslogo std.pngOGE
Patch: 9.4
Week 5
Sat 2 Mar - Sun 3 MarSun 3 Mar - Mon 4 MarSun 3 Mar - Mon 4 Mar2019,3,03,00,30 - 2019,3,04,03,30
Sat 2019-03-02
Sun 2019-03-03
Sun 2019-03-03
OGEOG Esportslogo std.png01TopHard Esportslogo std.pngTH
Sun 2019-03-03
Mon 2019-03-04
Mon 2019-03-04
THTopHard Esportslogo std.png01Infinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.pngINF.CR
UKGUnknowns Gamerslogo std.png01OG Esportslogo std.pngOGE
ANTAnother Troll Teamlogo std.png10Kokoro No Senshilogo std.pngKNS
DQTDark Qualitylogo std.png01Vortex Gaming (Latin American Team)logo std.pngVTX
Patch: 9.4
Week 6
Sat 9 Mar - Sun 10 MarSun 10 Mar - Mon 11 MarSun 10 Mar - Mon 11 Mar2019,3,10,00,30 - 2019,3,11,02,30
Sat 2019-03-09
Sun 2019-03-10
Sun 2019-03-10
UKGUnknowns Gamerslogo std.png01Vortex Gaming (Latin American Team)logo std.pngVTX
1OGEOG Esportslogo std.pngFFWAnother Troll Teamlogo std.pngANT
THTopHard Esportslogo std.pngWFFKokoro No Senshilogo std.pngKNS2
DQTDark Qualitylogo std.png01Infinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.pngINF.CR
Sun 2019-03-10
Mon 2019-03-11
Mon 2019-03-11
DQTDark Qualitylogo std.png10Kokoro No Senshilogo std.pngKNS
UKGUnknowns Gamerslogo std.pngWFFInfinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.pngINF.CR3
VTXVortex Gaming (Latin American Team)logo std.png01OG Esportslogo std.pngOGE
THTopHard Esportslogo std.png10Another Troll Teamlogo std.pngANT
Patch: 9.5Disabled:
Week 7
Fri 15 Mar - Sun 17 MarSat 16 Mar - Mon 18 MarSat 16 Mar - Mon 18 Mar2019,3,16,02,00 - 2019,3,18,02,30
Fri 2019-03-15
Sat 2019-03-16
Sat 2019-03-16
UKGUnknowns Gamerslogo std.pngWFFKokoro No Senshilogo std.pngKNS2,4
DQTDark Qualitylogo std.png10Another Troll Teamlogo std.pngANT4
Sat 2019-03-16
Sun 2019-03-17
VTXVortex Gaming (Latin American Team)logo std.png01Infinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.pngINF.CR4
Sun 2019-03-17
5ANTAnother Troll Teamlogo std.pngFFWInfinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.pngINF.CR
THTopHard Esportslogo std.png01Vortex Gaming (Latin American Team)logo std.pngVTX
DQTDark Qualitylogo std.png10Unknowns Gamerslogo std.pngUKG
OGEOG Esportslogo std.png10Kokoro No Senshilogo std.pngKNS
Sun 2019-03-17
Mon 2019-03-18
Mon 2019-03-18
DQTDark Qualitylogo std.png01OG Esportslogo std.pngOGE
KNSKokoro No Senshilogo std.png01Infinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.pngINF.CR
ANTAnother Troll Teamlogo std.png01Vortex Gaming (Latin American Team)logo std.pngVTX
THTopHard Esportslogo std.png10Unknowns Gamerslogo std.pngUKG
Patch: 9.5Disabled:
Sun 17 MarMon 18 MarMon 18 Mar2019,3,18,05,00 - 2019,3,18,06,00
Sun 2019-03-17
Mon 2019-03-18
Mon 2019-03-18
ANTAnother Troll Teamlogo std.png10Dark Qualitylogo std.pngDQT
OGEOG Esportslogo std.png10Unknowns Gamerslogo std.pngUKG
1 Original Gangsters was forced to surrender due to league client problems.
2 Kokoro No Senshi did not show up.
3 Infinity Esports Costa Rica did not show up.
4 Week 5: Matches resheduled from Week 5 due to league client problems.[1]
5 Another Troll Team did not show up.

VODs & Match Links[edit]

As of November 2019, to view Riot's Match History pages, log into your League of Legends account; if you are logged out, the page will display a 500 error.

[show allhide all]
VODs & Match Links
Week 1
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorBlueRedVODsMVP
OG Esportslogo std.pngOGEInfinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.pngINF.CR0 - 1TimberCaveiraOGEINF.CRPBStartPostJauny
Kokoro No Senshilogo std.pngKNSVortex Gaming (Latin American Team)logo std.pngVTX0 - 1TimberCaveiraKNSVTXPBStartPostAibreik
Another Troll Teamlogo std.pngANTUnknowns Gamerslogo std.pngUKG1 - 0KauxtromCaveiraANTANTPBStartPostDelawen
TopHard Esportslogo std.pngTHDark Qualitylogo std.pngDQT1 - 0KauxtromCaveiraTHDQTPBStartPostVexZuss
Kokoro No Senshilogo std.pngKNSOG Esportslogo std.pngOGE0 - 1KauxtromCaveiraKNSOGEPBStartPostInkCrow
Unknowns Gamerslogo std.pngUKGDark Qualitylogo std.pngDQT1 - 0KauxtromCaveiraUKGDQTPBStartPostZutter
Vortex Gaming (Latin American Team)logo std.pngVTXTopHard Esportslogo std.pngTH0 - 1KauxtromCaveiraVTXTHPBStartPostVexZuss
Infinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.pngINF.CRAnother Troll Teamlogo std.pngANT1 - 0KauxtromCaveiraINF.CRANTPBStartPostXpontaneous
Week 2
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorBlueRedVODsMVP
Another Troll Teamlogo std.pngANTTopHard Esportslogo std.pngTH0 - 1TimberCaveiraANTTHPBStartPost
OG Esportslogo std.pngOGEVortex Gaming (Latin American Team)logo std.pngVTX0 - 1TimberCaveiraOGEVTXPBStartPostAibreik
Infinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.pngINF.CRUnknowns Gamerslogo std.pngUKG1 - 0TimberCaveiraINF.CRUKGPBStartPostJauny
Kokoro No Senshilogo std.pngKNSDark Qualitylogo std.pngDQT0 - 1TimberCaveiraKNSDQTPBStartPostHide on bronze
Infinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.pngINF.CRDark Qualitylogo std.pngDQT1 - 0KauxtromEraoINF.CRDQTPBStartPostMadBlade
Kokoro No Senshilogo std.pngKNSTopHard Esportslogo std.pngTH0 - 1KauxtromEraoKNSTHPBStartPostZombix
Another Troll Teamlogo std.pngANTOG Esportslogo std.pngOGE0 - 1KauxtromPaul AlrodANTOGEPBStartPostFonck
Vortex Gaming (Latin American Team)logo std.pngVTXUnknowns Gamerslogo std.pngUKG1 - 0KauxtromPaul AlrodVTXUKGPBStartPostChucknight
Week 3
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorBlueRedVODsMVP
Vortex Gaming (Latin American Team)logo std.pngVTXDark Qualitylogo std.pngDQT1 - 0TimberCaveiraVTXDQTPBStartPostZefdi
Kokoro No Senshilogo std.pngKNSAnother Troll Teamlogo std.pngANT0 - 1TimberCaveiraKNSANTPBStartPostDelawen
OG Esportslogo std.pngOGEUnknowns Gamerslogo std.pngUKG0 - 1TimberCaveiraOGEUKGPBStartPostDeku
Infinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.pngINF.CRTopHard Esportslogo std.pngTH1 - 0TimberCaveiraINF.CRTHPBStartPostZorek
Infinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.pngINF.CRVortex Gaming (Latin American Team)logo std.pngVTX1 - 0KauxtromBurritoINF.CRVTXPBStartPostMadBlade
Kokoro No Senshilogo std.pngKNSUnknowns Gamerslogo std.pngUKG0 - 1KauxtromBurritoKNSUKGPBStartPostForyax
Another Troll Teamlogo std.pngANTDark Qualitylogo std.pngDQT1 - 0KauxtromBurritoANTDQTPBStartPostDelawen
TopHard Esportslogo std.pngTHOG Esportslogo std.pngOGE1 - 0KauxtromBurritoTHOGEPBStartPostTeddy
Week 4
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorBlueRedVODsMVP
Unknowns Gamerslogo std.pngUKGTopHard Esportslogo std.pngTH0 - 1TimberCaveiraUKGTHPBStartPostMaggatt
Vortex Gaming (Latin American Team)logo std.pngVTXAnother Troll Teamlogo std.pngANT1 - 0TimberCaveiraVTXANTPBStartPostAibreik
Infinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.pngINF.CRKokoro No Senshilogo std.pngKNS1 - 0TimberBurritoINF.CRKNSPBStartPostJauny
OG Esportslogo std.pngOGEDark Qualitylogo std.pngDQT0 - 1TimberBurritoOGEDQTPBStartPostKiller
Dark Qualitylogo std.pngDQTTopHard Esportslogo std.pngTH0 - 1KauxtromZindanaDQTTHPBStartPostMaggatt
Unknowns Gamerslogo std.pngUKGAnother Troll Teamlogo std.pngANT1 - 0KauxtromZindanaUKGANTPBStartPostDeku
Vortex Gaming (Latin American Team)logo std.pngVTXKokoro No Senshilogo std.pngKNS1 - 0KauxtromCaveiraVTXKNSPBStartPostChucknight
Infinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.pngINF.CROG Esportslogo std.pngOGE1 - 0KauxtromCaveiraINF.CROGEPBStartPostSandroxx
Week 5
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorBlueRedVODsMVP
OG Esportslogo std.pngOGETopHard Esportslogo std.pngTH0 - 1SagaCaveiraOGETHPBStartPostTeddy
TopHard Esportslogo std.pngTHInfinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.pngINF.CR0 - 1SagaCaveiraTHINF.CRPBStartPostJauny
Unknowns Gamerslogo std.pngUKGOG Esportslogo std.pngOGE0 - 1KauxtromBurritoUKGOGEPBStartPost7Aster
Another Troll Teamlogo std.pngANTKokoro No Senshilogo std.pngKNS1 - 0SagaCaveiraANTKNSPBStartPostDelawen
Dark Qualitylogo std.pngDQTVortex Gaming (Latin American Team)logo std.pngVTX0 - 1KauxtromBurritoDQTVTXPBStartPostTarima
Week 6
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorBlueRedVODsMVP
Unknowns Gamerslogo std.pngUKGVortex Gaming (Latin American Team)logo std.pngVTX0 - 1SagaCaveiraUKGVTXPBStartPostZefdi
OG Esportslogo std.pngOGEAnother Troll Teamlogo std.pngANTFF - W
TopHard Esportslogo std.pngTHKokoro No Senshilogo std.pngKNSW - FF
Dark Qualitylogo std.pngDQTInfinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.pngINF.CR0 - 1DQTINF.CRPBStartPostSandroxx
Dark Qualitylogo std.pngDQTKokoro No Senshilogo std.pngKNS1 - 0SagaBurritoDQTKNSPBStartPostTop sin tp
Unknowns Gamerslogo std.pngUKGInfinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.pngINF.CRW - FF
Vortex Gaming (Latin American Team)logo std.pngVTXOG Esportslogo std.pngOGE0 - 1KauxtromBurritoVTXOGEPBStartPost7Aster
TopHard Esportslogo std.pngTHAnother Troll Teamlogo std.pngANT1 - 0KauxtromBurritoTHANTPBStartPostTeddy
Week 7
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorBlueRedVODsMVP
Unknowns Gamerslogo std.pngUKGKokoro No Senshilogo std.pngKNSW - FF
Dark Qualitylogo std.pngDQTAnother Troll Teamlogo std.pngANT1 - 0SagaCaveira, BurritoDQTANTPBStartPostHide on bronze
Vortex Gaming (Latin American Team)logo std.pngVTXInfinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.pngINF.CR0 - 1SagaCaveiraVTXINF.CRPBStartPostAcez
Another Troll Teamlogo std.pngANTInfinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.pngINF.CRFF - W
TopHard Esportslogo std.pngTHVortex Gaming (Latin American Team)logo std.pngVTX0 - 1SagaZindanaTHVTXPBStartPostChucknight
Dark Qualitylogo std.pngDQTUnknowns Gamerslogo std.pngUKG1 - 0TimberBurritoDQTUKGPBStartPostTop sin tp
OG Esportslogo std.pngOGEKokoro No Senshilogo std.pngKNS1 - 0SagaCaveiraOGEKNSPBStartPostFonck
Dark Qualitylogo std.pngDQTOG Esportslogo std.pngOGE0 - 1SagaBurritoDQTOGEPBStartPostFonck
Kokoro No Senshilogo std.pngKNSInfinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.pngINF.CR0 - 1SagaBurritoKNSINF.CRPBStartPostXpontaneous
Another Troll Teamlogo std.pngANTVortex Gaming (Latin American Team)logo std.pngVTX0 - 1KauxtromBurritoANTVTXPBStartPostTarima
TopHard Esportslogo std.pngTHUnknowns Gamerslogo std.pngUKG1 - 0KauxtromBurritoTHUKGPBStartPostTeddy
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorBlueRedVODsMVP
Another Troll Teamlogo std.pngANTDark Qualitylogo std.pngDQT1 - 0SagaBurritoANTDQTPBStartPostRoski
OG Esportslogo std.pngOGEUnknowns Gamerslogo std.pngUKG1 - 0SagaKauxtromOGEUKGPBStartPostFonck


Week 1
1Infinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.png2-02-0
1TopHard Esportslogo std.png2-02-0
3Another Troll Teamlogo std.png1-11-1
3OG Esportslogo std.png1-11-1
3Unknowns Gamerslogo std.png1-11-1
3Vortex Gaming (Latin American Team)logo std.png1-11-1
7Dark Qualitylogo std.png0-20-2
7Kokoro No Senshilogo std.png0-20-2
Week 2
1Infinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.png2-04-0
1TopHard Esportslogo std.png2-04-0
3Vortex Gaming (Latin American Team)logo std.png2-03-1
41OG Esportslogo std.png1-12-2
52Another Troll Teamlogo std.png0-21-3
52Dark Qualitylogo std.png1-11-3
52Unknowns Gamerslogo std.png0-21-3
81Kokoro No Senshilogo std.png0-20-4
Week 3
1Infinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.png2-06-0
21TopHard Esportslogo std.png1-15-1
3Vortex Gaming (Latin American Team)logo std.png1-14-2
41Another Troll Teamlogo std.png2-03-3
41Unknowns Gamerslogo std.png2-03-3
62OG Esportslogo std.png0-22-4
72Dark Qualitylogo std.png0-21-5
8Kokoro No Senshilogo std.png0-20-6
Week 4
1Infinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.png2-08-0
2TopHard Esportslogo std.png2-07-1
3Vortex Gaming (Latin American Team)logo std.png2-06-2
4Unknowns Gamerslogo std.png1-14-4
51Another Troll Teamlogo std.png0-23-5
61Dark Qualitylogo std.png1-12-6
6OG Esportslogo std.png0-22-6
8Kokoro No Senshilogo std.png0-20-8
Week 5
1Infinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.png1-09-0
2TopHard Esportslogo std.png1-18-2
3Vortex Gaming (Latin American Team)logo std.png1-07-2
41Another Troll Teamlogo std.png1-04-5
4Unknowns Gamerslogo std.png0-14-5
6OG Esportslogo std.png1-13-7
71Dark Qualitylogo std.png0-12-7
8Kokoro No Senshilogo std.png0-10-9
Week 6
1Infinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.png1-1110-11
2TopHard Esportslogo std.png2-010-2
3Vortex Gaming (Latin American Team)logo std.png1-18-3
4Another Troll Teamlogo std.png1-15-6
4Unknowns Gamerslogo std.png1-15-6
6OG Esportslogo std.png1-124-82
7Dark Qualitylogo std.png1-13-8
8Kokoro No Senshilogo std.png0-230-113
Week 7
1Infinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.png3-013-1
2TopHard Esportslogo std.png1-111-3
3Vortex Gaming (Latin American Team)logo std.png2-110-4
42OG Esportslogo std.png2-06-8
4Unknowns Gamerslogo std.png1-26-8
62Another Troll Teamlogo std.png0-345-94
61Dark Qualitylogo std.png2-15-9
8Kokoro No Senshilogo std.png0-330-143
1Infinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.png0-013-1
2TopHard Esportslogo std.png0-011-3
3Vortex Gaming (Latin American Team)logo std.png0-010-4
4OG Esportslogo std.png1-07-8
51Unknowns Gamerslogo std.png0-16-9
6Another Troll Teamlogo std.png1-06-9
71Dark Qualitylogo std.png0-15-10
8Kokoro No Senshilogo std.png0-00-14
1 Infinity Esports Costa Rica did not show up.
2 Original Gangsters was forced to surrender due to league client problems.
3 Kokoro No Senshi did not show up.
4 Another Troll Team did not show up.

Individual Awards[edit]

"Player of the Game" Standings[edit]

MVP Standings
14Another Troll Teamlogo std.pngDelawen
14OG Esportslogo std.pngFonck
14Infinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.pngJauny
14TopHard Esportslogo std.pngTeddy
53Vortex Gaming (Latin American Team)logo std.pngAibreik
Click for Full Standings
53Vortex Gaming (Latin American Team)logo std.pngChucknight
72OG Esportslogo std.png7Aster
72Unknowns Gamerslogo std.pngDeku
72Dark Qualitylogo std.pngHide on bronze
72Infinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.pngMadBlade
72TopHard Esportslogo std.pngMaggatt
72Infinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.pngSandroxx
72Vortex Gaming (Latin American Team)logo std.pngTarima
72Dark Qualitylogo std.pngTop sin tp
72TopHard Esportslogo std.pngVexZuss
72Infinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.pngXpontaneous
72Vortex Gaming (Latin American Team)logo std.pngZefdi
181Infinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.pngAcez
181Unknowns Gamerslogo std.pngForyax
181OG Esportslogo std.pngInkCrow
181Dark Qualitylogo std.pngKiller
181Another Troll Teamlogo std.pngRoski
181TopHard Esportslogo std.pngZombix
181Infinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.pngZorek
181Unknowns Gamerslogo std.pngZutter



On-Air Team[edit]


  • December

Viewership Statistics[edit]

Data sourced from Esports Charts.

Peak Viewership
Total 322
Twitch.TV Streams 322
Total Time Watched 11 798 Hours
Avg Concurrent Viewers 146