Late Night League

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Late Night League
General Information
Mark "MarkZ" Zimmerman

"Late Night League" is a talk show hosted by Travis Gafford and Mark "MarkZ" Zimmerman and produced by Yahoo! Esports. The show describes itself as "a show that combines the passion and excitement of LCS games with the light-hearted feel of a late night talkshow. Only, it’s at 3pm in the afternoon."

Episode List[edit]

# Date Link Length Guest
11 2016-12-07 VOD 23m48s YoonA
10 2016-11-30 VOD 33m48s scarra
9 2016-11-28 VOD 29m11s Meteos
8 2016-11-16 VOD 33m42s Crumbz
7 2016-11-02 VOD 25m15s Darshan
6 2016-10-27 VOD 34m37s Saintvicious
5 2016-10-10 VOD 28m55s Pobelter
4 2016-10-05 VOD 22m45s David Lim
3 2016-09-26 VOD 30m07s Sjokz
2 2016-09-20 VOD 31m55s Locodoco
1 2016-09-13 VOD 27m24s Kobe

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