Latin America

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Date Team/Tournament Text
2019-02-18 FroztFire Teamlogo std.pngFroztFire Team Kvothe joins.
2019-02-18 Feint Gaminglogo std.pngFeint Gaming Daku leaves coaching role.
2019-02-18 Anáhuac Esportslogo std.pngAnáhuac Esports Ormarus joins as head coach. Mozart leaves coaching role.
2019-02-18 MAD Lions E.C. Mexicologo std.pngMADL Mexico Jabbers joins as head coach.
2019-02-11 Infinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.pngInfinity Costa Rica Sly Fox joins as head coach.
2019-02-08 Valorouslogo std.pngValorous Schmerz leaves coaching role. Howlin moves to Head coach.
2019-02-07 Undead Gaminglogo std.pngUndead Gaming Ackerman joins.
2019-02-06 Valorouslogo std.pngValorous Eximus moves to starting jungler. Ominick leaves.
2019-02-05 MAD Lions E.C. Mexicologo std.pngMADL Mexico Fiction leaves coaching role.
2019-02-01 Dark Qualitylogo std.pngDark Quality Keisch joins as a sub.
2019-01-31 Dark Qualitylogo std.pngDark Quality Porito joins as a sub.
2019-01-30 Dark Qualitylogo std.pngDark Quality Gato Mojado joins. xmaikaO joins as a sub.
2019-01-29 Dark Qualitylogo std.pngDark Quality Top sin tp, Hide on bronze, and Trip join.
2019-01-28 Dark Qualitylogo std.pngDark Quality Airdex joins.
2019-01-28 Vortex Gaming (Latin American Team)logo std.pngVortex Gaming Aibreik, Okazuki, Drev, Zefdi, Chucknight, and Guske join.
2019-01-26 Kokoro No Senshilogo std.pngKokoro No Senshi CREDATOR, Bless, Enzor, Chilly Willy, and Aphrowatch join. Cerdas96, XSonic, and Nicolico join as subs.
2019-01-25 TopHard Esportslogo std.pngTopHard Esports Magaña and Maick join. ShyKid and Teddy join as subs. Fonsi joins as head coach.
2019-01-25 Another Troll Teamlogo std.pngAnother Troll Team Doppel, Zidonia, Roski, Delawen, and Monaco join. LocoDan and 870 join as subs.
2019-01-24 TopHard Esportslogo std.pngTopHard Esports Maggatt joins.
2019-01-22 Furious Gaminglogo std.pngFurious Academy Peluca, Jara, F3NIX, SryNotSry, and Gastruks join. Syuchan and Shales join as subs. SrVenancio joins as head coach.
2019-01-21 Universidad de Chile Esportslogo std.pngU de Chile Esports Lance joins as head coach.
2019-01-21 Valorouslogo std.pngValorous Schmerz joins as head coach. Howlin joins as strategic coach.
2019-01-21 Royal Penguinslogo std.pngRoyal Penguins Schmerz leaves coaching role.
2019-01-18 Universidad de Chile Esportslogo std.pngU de Chile Esports Rakyl and Destiny join as subs.
2019-01-18 Coliseo Dragonslogo std.pngColiseo Dragons Sunblast, Neylan, Lhazurt, and Tsunami join. Alfred rejoins. LaGrange joins as head coach. Neoz joins as strategic coach.