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VVT LeX 2018 Split 2.png
Background Information
NameAlexei Chitac
Country of BirthMoldova Moldova
BirthdayMay 12, 1995 (age 25)
Bot Laner
Social Media & Links
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Team History
Jul 2014 - Oct 2014
Team Empirelogo std.pngTeam Empire
Nov 2014 - Sep 2015
Hard Randomlogo std.pngHard Random
Jan 2016 - Oct 2016
GG.CISlogo std.pngGambit Esports
Oct 2016 - Aug 2017
Vega Squadronlogo std.pngVega Squadron
Jun 2017 - Aug 2017
Tricksterslogo std.pngTricksters
Jan 2018 - Jan 2019
Vaevictis eSportslogo std.pngVaevictis eSports
Jan 2020 - Jun 2020
Dragon Armylogo std.pngDragon Army

Alexei "LeX" Chitac is a League of Legends esports player, previously bot laner for Dragon Army.


Lex was born in Chișinău. He joined to Hard Random on November 2014. Before it he played for Team Empire [10][11]


  • LeX's has a really great Jinx, which showed up at SLTV Season V. His winrate at tournament for Jinx is 100%.
  • SLTV season V was LeX's first LAN and then he went to IWCI right after wining Moscow 5 at grand finals.


SLTV Challenger 2016 SpringGG.CISlogo std.pngTeam Justlogo std.png
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Tournament Results[edit]

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Minimum place

LeX Tournament Results
DatePlEventLast ResultRoster
2020-04-127 LCL 2020 Spring
3 - 11Blanklogo std.pngRR
Dragon Armylogo std.pngDA Aoi Haru,  ItsCortez,  Paranoia,  Arnax,  LeX,  Dimonko
2020-03-193 - 4 LCL 2020 Spring Open Cup
0 : 3Unicorns Of Lovelogo std.pngUOL
Dragon Armylogo std.pngDA Aoi Haru,  ItsCortez,  Paranoia,  LeX,  Dimonko
2018-08-197 LCL 2018 Summer
3 - 11Blanklogo std.pngRR
Vaevictis eSportslogo std.pngVS Dark Solece,  ItsCortez,  boom gg,  Fomko,  LeX,  Dimonko,  Sanctum,  dayruin
2018-06-17NQ LCL 2018 Open Cup Qualifier
0 : 2The Largest Salarylogo std.pngSalary
Vaevictis eSportslogo std.pngVS Dark Solece,  ItsCortez,  boom gg,  LeX,  Dimonko
2018-03-29Q LCL 2018 Summer Promotion
3 : 0Comanchelogo std.pngCMCE
Vaevictis eSportslogo std.pngVS Dark Solece,  Ippon,  Lukezy,  LeX,  Dimonko,  Madneps
2018-03-118 LCL 2018 Spring
1 - 13Blanklogo std.pngRR
Vaevictis eSportslogo std.pngVS Dark Solece,  Ippon,  Lukezy,  LeX,  Dimonko,  Madneps
2017-08-27NQ LCL 2018 Spring Promotion
2 : 3Natus Vincerelogo std.pngNV.CIS
Tricksterslogo std.pngTRX Charger,  Ippon,  Milica,  LeX,  Dimonko
2017-08-18Q CIS CL 2017 Summer Playoffs
3 : 1Dragon Armylogo std.pngDA
Tricksterslogo std.pngTRX Charger,  Ippon,  Milica,  LeX,  Dimonko
2017-08-123 CIS CL 2017 Summer
10 - 4Blanklogo std.pngRR
Tricksterslogo std.pngTRX Charger,  Ippon,  Milica,  LeX,  Dimonko
2017-04-093 - 4 LCL 2017 Spring Playoffs
1 : 3Vaevictis eSportslogo std.pngVS
Vega Squadronlogo std.pngVEG NoNholy,  Zanzarah,  Drobovik123,  LeX,  EDward,  Invi
LeX 1v1 Tournament Results
DatePlEventPrizeTeamLast Result
2015-12-135 - 8All-Star 2015 Los AngelesTeam Icelogo std.pngIce0 : 1 ⁠Team Firelogo std.pngPraY


  • 2014
  • 2015

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