League's Next World Champion

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League's Next World Champion
General Information
HostDuncan "Thorin" Shields
Emily Rand
CountryUnited Kingdom
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"League's Next World Champion" is a talk show hosted by Duncan "Thorin" Shields and Emily Rand. The main focus of the show is breaking down all things League Champions Korea, which is touted as historically the best league in competitive LoL.

Episode List[edit]

# Date Link Length Topic Guest
12 2018-06-26 VOD 76m New Season N/A
11 2018-04-13 VOD 82m Original Korean Sith Lord Locodoco
10 2018-04-05 VOD 54m The End of SK Telecom N/A
9 2018-03-30 VOD 76m Play-Off Preview Kelsey Moser
8 2018-03-17 VOD 85m Win Conditions Teams Aren't Understanding Nuddle
7 2018-03-02 VOD 107m Is He Though? Cabramaravilla
6 2018-02-23 VOD 108m Score is a god Brokenshard
5 2018-02-18 VOD 106m SKT Still Exist Croissant
4 2018-02-08 VOD 69m Super Team vs. Good Team N/A
3 2018-01-31 VOD 77m I AM SK Telecom! N/A
2 2018-01-22 VOD 61m The Teddy Show N/A
1 2018-01-16 VOD 95m LCK S8 Spring Preview N/A

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